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    We are 2 jedi Knights who follow the Light and we are In Love
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    Serving the Light, Protecting others and eachother,......atc.
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    Jedi Knights
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  1. oh i have.... refresh rate:70 Graphics:High Disable Movies:Check Disable Sound:Check i have the ram needed and everything but i dont understand the problem!!!
  2. No it did not.... Well now it won't even let me play the game.....it lets me create a new character but wen i press play, u here the noise of the Ebon Hawk in the prologue then it takes me off and gives me a small black screen that takes up half of my desktop......its happened b4 but that was long ago i dont know wat the {Snip} is going on!!!!!!!!!!!! RevanBastila, I realise you are stressed but please keep your posts clean. Thanks. -RH
  3. lol, wow......u like to put em there dont ya lol
  4. U guys are wierd lol.....but hey im also wierd too in my special way hehehe
  5. aright then...but i tried a different saved game and it didnt work but i tried the same words.....im going to try ur idea.
  6. lol funny......but seriously the screen goes black but no Atton....*crying* *sniffle* i need help.....not mentle help tho, thats on thursday...lol jk jk
  7. hmmm.....puzzleing, hey Clone, i love ur pic.....lol
  8. I always click the first option..."who are u?" then at the end i click....."very well then, i didnt come to do battle"
  9. ya i kno Atris isnt but in some terms she hangs with them, trains them and well if u didnt kno anybetter she could impersonate one of em....
  10. hey this is a VERY random pole but i wanted to kno which Echani females do any guy or grl (depending on ur sexual orrientation) do u like or think is the best.... Me? i go for Atris i love that accent of hers and just........her.
  11. Hey sry...there was supposed to be a pole but i accidently didnt add it.... It was supposed to be........ Visas Bastila Mission Kreia Juhani Atris Mira Exile(female) revan(female) Brianna(handmaiden) = = = = = None!!! But i fixed it now so no probs here now!
  12. Hey i wanted to see from the peeps in these Forums about who would win in a fight....and i mean all the main females in KOTOR 1 and 2....I vote ummmmmmm all lol.
  13. If i had to choose which i am givin that chance id say they both would kill eachother.....why, by the facts ive read in this HUGE thread it looks like Revan with his brilliant thinking might have not known about Nihilus's Force Life sucking something or w/e....and Nihilus never actually met revan so knowing that He would die from the Pure strength in physical fighting.... Nihilus=Force Master Revan=Physical Master I like both of em but thats just ME!!!!
  14. Hey my KOTOR 2 game is not letting me continue after i get to the Ebon Hawk at the Telos academy.....It'll do the scene were the 2 echani grls talk to Atris but then the screen goes black but i can here the game, like if i point the mouse(cursor) up to the map area and click it takes me to the map and the bottom actions buttons and the menu icons at top its like the game continues is play mode but i cant see anything.... What im trying to say is that it wont continue to where Atton says..."i think we should burn sky till we see lines." Can anyone help me out here.?!?!?!?!?!
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