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  1. you can change the difficulty on your current playthrough, but it won't get you any achievements what i did was max out all my stats on Apprentice, then played that file through on Master to get a feel for it. By the time I started a new file to get the Master, Lord, and Warrior achievements, it went by easier since i'd gotten used to the difficulty level with a stronger character.
  2. The beginning is from the ANH soundtrack, the rest is from a TFU track (Drexl's Raiders, i think).
  3. actually, it's much more difficult because of the extreme diversity in the PC "platform". GTA IV's euphoria is a less robust version, iirc. not entirely sure but that could be part of the reason. don't forget DMM either, lol.
  4. Most is, yes. That doesn't prevent the pros from taking a nose-dive off a cliff though.
  5. there were client mods for SWG? o.O anyway, if it somehow doesn't make it in, i'd definitely hope for a set of Sith armor like Revan's troops used.
  6. MMMMMM! Star-Pringles! *flips switch* GAAAAAGH MY HAND!
  7. how many professional writer's manage to write utter crap? just think of any movie, game, or book you've ever hated and you'll know a few. when it comes to anything involving creativity, being "professional" doesn't mean jack...
  8. i still don't understand why WoW is successful at all in the first place...i can only assume it's the IP, cuz i've played a friend's account (one of like ninety million of his profiles, lol) and it wasn't even interesting...
  9. Ah, but this clears that bit up at least. There is no unknown Darth. Revan's Sith died with the Triumvirate on Malachor V. The Sith Order to which Sidious and Bane belong would almost certainly be formed from the True Sith empire that's come into the spotlight in TOR. At least that's wrapped up in a neat package, even if most everything else still isn't. What did they do to SWG now? lol
  10. never seen this, but it sounds funny, lol easiest way to beat Shaq: Grip, toss into Sarlacc, repeat. ^.^ it's lame, but also really funny...
  11. actually reading that Sith Empire description again, there's no way the Emperor could be Revan (unless someone messed up, lol), since the Sith Emperor was alive before Revan's "Sith" Empire was even formed. Still, Revan could be that unknown Sith Lord carbon frozen with Sith Troopers in some undisclosed location from the end of Empire at War: Forces of Corruption, lolz. 'Course he'd have to fall to the Dark side...again... see, that's what I mean...what would not be awesome if that was KotOR III? Sure, we know they failed to stop the Sith, but it would still be epic!
  12. that's what I'm saying though. Revan, the Exile: they ARE the main protagonists, and they've been swept off the board almost as if they were never there. I can see not talking much about, say, Mission and Zaalbar. But what about Admiral Carth Onasi? Canderous Ordo, now Mandalore the Preserver? What about Atton Rand and the other turned-Jedi companions of the Exile who had to rebuild the Jedi Order basically from scratch? Where's Bastila, one of few, if any, original Jedi who survived besides the Exile and Revan? All I'm saying is that key historical events and figures seem to have been utterly forgotten. Hell, there's not even any mention of what Revan or the Exile even did in the Unknown Regions.
  13. except that the prime story plot, the emergence of the True Sith and their empire, is nothing less than a continuance of what began in the KOTOR series (K1, K2, and the comics). The difference is that now most if not all of the characters are gone, so their story isn't complete. They just drop off the galactic record with no explanation. Sure the overarching story continues, but what about the personal stories for which it served as a background? Even the main factions are very different or completely gone. Hopefully the comic or a novel sheds some light on what happened in the Unknown Regions, both before and after the Jedi Civil War.
  14. the relative certainty of "Revan and the Exile got themselves uber-pwnt and we're not telling how" is making me mad...if they failed (which seems certain), I'd at least like to see how!
  15. amen on that note, who wants to place bets as to the identity of the as-yet-unnamed Sith Emperor? XD
  16. Singleplayer. Revan and the Exile are too important to just eliminate with no information.
  17. Carbon Freeze.... also, if you read the entry on the Sith Empire, it mentions that the Sith Emperor has been keeping himself alive apparently since the time of Revan/Exile through Sith magics. plenty of ways to live longer in SW, heck just being a Force user increases your natural life expectancy a few decades...
  18. only if: Graphics get a SERIOUS overhaul, especially lightsaber hilts (wtf?) Either no monthlies or relatively cheap monthlies. Or a single lifetime payment as an option would be fine too.
  19. yeah, that would work. Plus, they could always be a little divergent from the usual Sith...I mean, they probably want as much cannon-fodder Sith as possible for the war, after all. XD
  20. it was a joke, but now that you bring that up.... how exactly would the constant struggle against your Sith associates work when everyone respawns? You might beat one guy in a fair fight, beat a second, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere the first guy comes in and whollops your severely weakened self...the Sith mentality kinda requires perma-death to function properly or it's just an endless civil war. Maybe they'll judge by the number of victories or something...
  21. i think most of us knew that, we just weren't waiting in anticipation...dread maybe...lol Just based on some of the things in the Sith Empire descriptions, I've got what will likely be a common theory as to the identity of this shady Emperor...who knows, lol.
  22. uuuhhhh...I'm pretty sure it is...they're not using Aurora for this you know.
  23. The Imperials that've shattered the Republic in this setting are the True Sith, at least if I've read the premise on the game's site right.
  24. am i the only person who liked that late SWG better than the original? hated the original...
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