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  1. Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay here!

  2. Nope. I only wish the problem were that simpler. I'm having trouble with files being deleted without me doing such, which I believe is a cause of certain malware. More than likely when I get this straightened our, I'll have to reinstall a lot of programs.

  3. The new sig is boss, man. :)

  4. All the guys from the RC boards I talked to are pretty much gone. The only thing that's keeping that place running is the CCP thread and the signature request thread where the noobs ask for a new sig every couple of days.

  5. I see...Well I've been paying less attention to the Battlefront forum for the same reason, and I don't really post or read a whole lot in the Republic Commando boards anymore because it has been overun by noobs.

  6. So, do you just lurk around here, or do you rarely visit?

  7. Your avatar brings back many memories to my head of a time when cartoons didn't suck.

  8. I assuming you were able to play BF online by you post. Am I right?

  9. I only wish he was related to me! His name is David Livingstone, he was an Irish missionary (to Africa). I recently read about him in history class and I quite admire him. A great man!

  10. Hm, I think I'll look into it after I finish The Road. McCarthy truly is a great writer, which is a rare find for me.

  11. Did you manage to see "The Road" movie? It was out of the theaters in my town before I even realized the book and movie existed!

  12. Your avatar is most pleasing.

  13. Where you been man?

  14. Hey again Commander! Would you mind reading my latest fanfic and giving your thoughts?







  15. Hey, Rtas, I've started another fanfic and I would like for you to read it if you wouldn't mind and give me your thoughts. I know how you like vampires. ;)

  16. Question. I believe I remember reading something a few months ago about posting in old topics that are sticky is allowed. Is this true or does my mind deceive me? :xp: If it is allowed I'd like to revive the wallpaper topic.

  17. I love the avatar! Who is it exactly?

  18. Yes, I see you guys have reskined the clones. But in order to make your mod worth-while, you will need new levels, new dialogue, new weapons, and a new story line.

  19. Hey, would you be interested in joining a clan for Battlefront 2 and Jedi Academy?

  20. Yeah, it would be a good idea with all the games you play.

  21. Do you have an Xfire account?

  22. Oh yeah. That sounds great though.

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