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  1. Awesome! I'll read it soon. I was out of town the past weekend.

  2. Oh, that's cool. Haven't heard from you in awhile. But yeah, I cant wait till the next chapter!

  3. It's a bit funny... But just a bit.


    What you been up to?

  4. Hm...


    If I recall you got spanked by Man U recently. Tell me, am I correct or does my memory deceive me? :D

  5. I'll pm you my idea.

  6. Oh, well I knew you didn't draw them, but I thought you maybe used photoshop or something.

  7. CQ, do you use any kind of im service, and you do would it be alright if I contacted you by it. I understand if you'd like to keep you email secret, and would be just fine PM'ing you.




    P.S.- It's Fan-fic related, and involves partnership!

  8. Hey, just wanted to say that I think your Umbral Tide character are Incredible! :D

  9. Well, I just thought it was funny. And awesome...

  10. Glad to here it. :D


    I'm real interested to read the next chapter for the Black Skull!

  11. Haven't started on it yet. I want to finish my current story, the Unknown. The prequel is post in the CEC. First page I think, if your interested.


    Speaking of the CEC, there's been no action there today. I was hoping a new chap to a fic would get released or something...

  12. Not really. I got a bit of writing done last night. And came up with a idea for my next fic, and it's sequel

  13. To reply to you post in Ahto, Yeah, I'm a fan!

  14. Does being myself count?


    Ha, just kidding. Actually, I've been sick since Monday so I've really done nothing.

  15. Cool, I'll check it out. The reason I stopped making commandos was because I couldn't get my program to do what the others also using gimp could. I think it may have been that mine was out of date. I downloaded the newest version though, so it may work now.

  16. So, whens the next Umbral Tide chapter coming?

  17. Bee, your avatar is awesome!

  18. I'm selling some manga on craigslist for a few bucks. Not sure how I'll get the rest...

  19. I know! I'm gonna buy it as soon as I get the money.

  20. Nah, it's fine. I read part 1 anyway... and posted my thoughts.

  21. Well, I'm not a Naruto fan, and I hardly understand who the characters are. But I'll take a look, and give you my feedback. ;)

  22. Do you proofread, or beta?

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