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  1. So what have you been up to?

  2. You'll need a avatar change.

  3. It's Pingu! I'd join.

  4. The penguins? Is that a social group?

  5. I love the beard and hat, LiWar! :xp:

  6. I don't follow Italian soccer that much, but I pull for Inter. :D

  7. I wouldn't argue with that. Beating out Inter won't be easy.

  8. Wow, Man U took it all this year. Champions of England, Europe, and now the world.

  9. This will be the last contest of '08. Its only my first time entering, since I've only been following the CEC for a few months.

  10. I couldn't be certain. If I had to guess I would say some time between tonight or early tomorrow morning.

  11. I'll watch the A-league occasionally, if it shows on FSC.

  12. I'm talking with JM12 about it. Thanks anyway, Bee. :D

  13. Me, neither. No continent can touche Europe in football.

  14. I hope Man U can pull it together in the Club World Cup.

  15. Hows the comic going, link?

  16. Yeah, well. Don't get used to it, ok. :p

  17. You callin' Toshiro a Fish-Face? How dare you! :xp:

  18. Well, now that Liverpool have tied with Hull, you guys mite just snag first place.

  19. I'm not sure this, "deltagundamops222," guy is of age.

  20. I like your avatar, Rev. I believe it was taken with the Hubble Telescope, which is the name of my dog!

  21. Alright then. I'll give you hint, it's NSW.

  22. Thanks, and good night!

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