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  1. That really gets on my nerves when that happens and yeah i agree battlefront 3 should fix that
  2. By the way mine is the falcon If anyone thinks i have missed off any important ones just list them in your posts
  3. I would like to know what is everyones fave vehicle is so i can get a feel of what everyones opinions are
  4. Ill take that as advice but im new and all so yeah ill remember that next time im doing a post
  5. True after a while you just get fed up with killing everyone as jedi, and you just want to have a bit of a challenge without that unfair advantage But Jedi are still a nice addition to the game
  6. Oh thats good erm this may sound like a stupid question but do you mean hazel grove in england you never know
  7. Going back to that idea doesnt anyone agree that there should be a bit more choice
  8. Yeah I actually agree that was a stupid suggestion but i still think you should customize the looks of the faction you are.
  9. Name: Luke Brundrett Location:Hazel grove England Hobbies: PS2 and sport talking to people on this Favourite game: destroy all humans 2 Most awaited game: SWB3 Occupation: erm...........
  10. Yeah you dont get the same satisfaction by cheating
  11. Who do you think is a better Admiral? Ackbar or Thrawn Myself well I prefer Thrawn he is one of the only alien species in the empire despite their anti-alien policies and he is a tactical genius,also he took advantage of Jorus C'baoth very easily.
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