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  1. yah, technology progresses. I know that is a big shock to everyone here but its true. If you really needed this thread to enlighten you, then you are already quite beyond help. What really is interesting, are the things that film did NOT predict. Who would have though that at one point, we would have in invisible limbo which housed not only all the information in the world, but those whom choose to seek it.
  2. http://www.massassi.net/ Yeah, the place for Jedi Knight Enthusiasts, and regular jokes. Its a pretty cool community, that totally does not condone rape jokes.... Never the less, they would totally love a bunch of new people, trying to post on the forum and get jedi knight battles lined up. If your from massassi and your seeing this, **** you. You forced me to do this... Really though, I do still wanna play JK....
  3. **** yes. JK is the king of star wars games. Lets play... NOW!! e-mail: heavy_goth_rock@yahoo.com If anyone is EVER interested in playing you know where to find me.
  4. Solo projject you MUST support http://www.Myspace.com/iaminverted this is where its at. Music everyone will enjoy!!!!!!
  5. This is what all the cool kids are doing.... http://www.Myspace.com/iaminverted this is my solo project plez comment and post and everything, just listen to all the songs all the way htrough PLEZZ!?
  6. TONIGHT and EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT JKDF2 WILL BE PLAYED!! Im starting a revolution, and i would like all who are interested to contact me im in central time zone and tonight at 11:45 and every friday night, KILLING!! Aim = Rockmentel E-mail = Heavy_goth_rock@yahoo.com
  7. DUDE!!!!!! I am looking for a place to play Jediknight 2 online and noone knows where to go i need to play onlinf someone PLEZZZ HELP ME!!!!!!! E-mail Heavy_goth_rock@yahoo.com AIm: rockmentel SOMEONE PLEZZ E-MAIL ME HELP ME!!!
  8. Im looking for a place to play Darkforces 2 online myself with no luck if anyone knows something e-mail me at Heavy_goth_rock@yahoo.com
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