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  1. It's NOT ! look AFTER the parody... havnt you see there's the program of the web TV on the right? if you dont like the broadcast, switch to the next one !
  2. http://www.moobtv.com/tv/web/tv.php?id=427 have a lok at that people ! this webTV not only features parodies and news but also live SWbf2 commented matches. check it out !
  3. hey people ... The Eradicators Commandos }EraD{ are currently recruiting... our main server is LostPlannet, formerly known as ninjaserver, after 2 days the clan has 5 members... We have inner tournaments, good relationships with top clans, and a reputation of ass kickers.. check out our website http://www.geocities.com/eradclan go to the forums and post your oath if you wish to join here's my xfire for more informations ssblackdiamond
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