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  1. OK before I ask the question, I didn't know where to put this but since it isn't related to the main game, I've put it here. OK, so I've got the game and made a character, but, I don't want my LucasForums name anymore. I was wondering if a mod or admin could change it to Diableos Auros. I mean, I couldn't get onto here for a few days once and I asked my mate to make an account called that and set the e-Mail to mine but, I never got the Activation e-Mail. If you can't change my name because of this, just delete that account and re-name this please. Thanks. -Diableos
  2. Yeah, that happened to me. Don't worry though, some times it'll be high, and some times it'll be low. It'll probably take around 4-5 hours.
  3. OK, so my mate begged me over and over to install SWG. But since I don't have it, he gave me a 14-Day Free Trial disk to install. So I installed it, started playing, created a character and BOOM! I accidently forgot about the height etc, and soon realised it was wrong, so I logged out, deleted my character in the hope of re-making it. But, as I went to choose the same name, it said it was already chosen, and I was like, "What the hell? I just deleted it!" So, I'm a bit confused. I mean, I used the name, then got rid of it, tried to re-make it, but now I can't. Please help and if you can give a reason for this please say. Oh, it was also on the same Galaxy. Oh, if I can't get it back, if I made another character, and then if it's possible get someone to change the name to Diableos Auros? Because that's the name I want and can't have it anymore. Edit: AHH! It happened again! It eventually accepted the name again, but I forgot the Height stuff again! :@
  4. You know what, I guess I would have to just download it ¬.¬...
  5. What do you mean? Nope, its because it takes WAY TOO long.
  6. Yeah ok but as I said I live in England... Like I said if you check Amazon.co.uk they're all really expensive.
  7. Ok from now on I can't download the free-trial and then choose to pay because the first part takes nearly 4 hours and the 2nd takes quite a bit and I don't even want to find out how long it takes to download the actual game. So can you suggest or post sites that have 'Star Wars Galaxies:An Empire Divided' and the expansion 'Jump To Lightspeed' as I only need them to begin with.
  8. Guys...As the only thing I can find are the expansions and 'An Empire Divided'...Would it be just the same if I bought all the expansions instead of buying 'The Complete Online Adventures'? Obviously without starting with a free 'AT-RT' but other than that would it be the same?
  9. Yeah thanks han sala but like I said I want the Complete Online Adventures and everything else plus it takes the free trial ages to install and DMUK its the same becuase all sites and shopes normally have it out of stock becuase one time I just missed it as I went to HMV in Norwich and it wasn't there and then the next day it came in stock as one of my other friends bought it but they didn't say untill the next week >.<.
  10. Hey everyone as I want to buy SWG I was gonna' buy it off of the internet but I do live in England in the UK and I can only find Star Wars Galaxies The Complete Online Adventure, as it has everything on it, on Amazon.co.uk which is £48.75 and I was wondering if anyone could find it on a website which has it in stock,it is in pounds and its not too expensive and it is from the UK.So if anyone can help me out I would appreciate it.
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