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  1. I can help you. I speak both Korean and English. For converting JPEG to PNG, you can use DDS Converter 2. It allows you to convert any texture format into any other format. http://files.filefront.com/DDS+Converter+21/;4470512;/fileinfo.html
  2. Master Hoc's server is the only server I join because it always have some action and i played with bots for longer than i played with humans. ever tried clogging the bridge with sentry turrets and wait for someone to show up while slaughtering those bots? I tried. Tried sniping them to death before the sentry got them. Works up your reflex. And indeed, some dedicated servers run Jedi Master clogged with at least 8 bots, and whenever they are up, there's at least a single human player at any given time playing with them. Artemis in for the bot improvement.
  3. I dont see the heads-up-display in the latest version.
  4. I was thinking when someone would suggest that each saber forms be made more expensive.. Balance should start from there. Very unimaginable that after just 13 points you are uber already in saber wielding.
  5. might be that you can just make different bots that has different presets. I dont think its possible to equip your bots ingame. I hadnt tried the presets yet, but i know it is possible, because force mod has already done it. Different classes have different weapons. In MB2, just make many varieties, like for example, one jedi goes anti gunner with push, speed, and deflect, while another jedi gets preset of defense, attack, and force block to fight sith. Then name the bots like 'anti-gunner jedi' and 'duel jedi'.
  6. yes just get rid of the effect from gfx
  7. I was doing the same thing.... but i used FM mod bots instead of OJP tabbots. They have better intelllgence regarding what weapon to use. In my opinion if tabbots hadnt got sabers they'd go melee in MB2. And imagine the way they'd maneuver if they do get a saber. 10:1 sidewhacked in first 5 seconds. They are built to fight OJP way, not MB2, which is just swing, block, swing, block, slap, circle around, whacked, die, trash talk, etc. FM bots would be better. At least they will be circling the enemy around in running mode. Might last more than 10 seconds. From there, modifiy slowly the behavior. The biggest difficulty? Maually pinpointing navpoints for the bots for each map.. holy crap.
  8. Spawning bots manually is the problem. And they are still completely dumb. Even with considerations, their supporting skill is very poor. And in some cases as soon as you choose your team, it hangs up. I messed up with the dll to solve it. It seems that OJP siege gets broken when the dll is changed after playing base JKA or another mod.
  9. That's a code work more massive than Sophia Cathedral you are talking about. But be reminded that flamethrower shares fuel with jetpack. 1.5 second duration is too short. Canonically, jet packs have 20 3-second bursts. Enough to propel the user few hundred feet. It is logical that flamethrower will last longer than 3 seconds, because it uses less fuel per second.
  10. Either there or OJP Code Server because the latter is smaller. I will be available for just 2 more hours.
  11. Jeez. The hurricane broke some power conduit in our geothermal plant so we had temporary power failure. Anyway, I can play right now.
  12. The hilt problem is with not only with us. It's also with the bots. the SmallAssassin bot, for example, has a ninja sword instead of a lightsaber. Whenever it's dropped, C+++ error occurs. The clanging sound reverberates madly.
  13. The amount of ammo you are talking about is assuming that a gunner has level 3 on weapons he is using. And you sure as hell wont be able to kill 25 jedi with ammo you carry, even if you duel them one-by-one. And don't think that infiniteness of some of a gunner's gadgets hasnt occurred to me. The problem is that it makes the gunner very dependent on seeker and sentry. But let's talk about this when we are dueling each other. I have time right now. I will be available during work days from 5 a.m. - 11 a.m., US time. During weekends i will have whole day. Right now a hurricane 230 km away chickened our school administrators off so we are staying home.
  14. Jedi Customization Plus, Hapslash Jedi Customization Pack, Yoda and Vader VM, Jango Fett by Izanagi, Mars Marshall's clone models, Some other various minor skins, and MB 2, though I cant use most of them. I got them all from JK3file except MB 2 ones. I transferred the models from MB 2 folder to base folder. Most of them will not be selectable from the profile, you will need console to do that, although Im not sure how.
  15. I was just drawing comparison between a jedi's ability to fight, and a gunner's ability fight. Basically, after just 1 point on shiicho and 9 point on saber defense, and level 3 pull and jump, the jedi is ready to go. Three key combat capabilities, Move(jump), Compromise(pull and saber defense), and Kill(lightsaber), are fulfilled that way. But not for gunner. It is extremely hard to kill a jedi with just blaster rifle, even at max level. Jump pack and flame thrower will be mandatory. And to give them chance to stun a jedi for a moment, an explosive gadget will be needed. And unlike jedi, a gunner's usage of points does not increase DP. Sometimes it feels much better to just have flamethrower + jet pack + pistol level 2 + seeker alone, because shield seems to function better than DP. Unless if you put shield there just as a show and i am having biased ideas. The point is getting moot, though, because we cannot test which class is better powered unless there will be a duel between equally skilled jedi and gunners. And I didn't mean that saber forms are modifying deflection capability; i was saying that they SHOULD modify deflection capability. But since it involves scrapping of saber defense and massive editing of OJP code, it will be very difficult to apply. And right, saber forms are strategic tools, but only against another saber. To outsiders, it 'looks' as if applying OJP system on gunner vs. jedi situation was made as an after thought. Whatever your saber form maybe, as long as you have level 3 saber defense and much dp, you will be very much protected. And another point. Unlike jedi, gunners do not have infinite ammo. To replenish ammo, they must die.
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