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  1. Caamasi Disciples is a casual Republic guild focused on people who want to play the "Good Guys", not only in playing Jedi/Republic characters, but also in how they treat other players. We have our own site and private forums. We will have voice chat, but it won't be mandatory. Our belief is that the point of playing a game is to have fun. And instead of dictating to our members how they must play, we cooperate with each other. A knowledge of Star Wars lore is also appreciated, but not necessary. (Those who really know Star Wars lore should appreciate our name). I hope you'll consider playing with us. http://caamasi-disciples.com
  2. Well I can't run alliance.exe from CD2 with autoplay, nor alliance.exe in my X-Wing Alliance folder, however if I launch xwingalliance.exe the game works. So I can play, but I just can't start the launcher.
  3. I found that someone else made a custom installer that will install in a x64 windows. I copied CD 1 to XWA_DISK_1 and put the installer in there. The installer seemed to run just fine. I patched to 2.02. I threw in CD2, and kicked off the launcher, and the game won't run. It says "Over Here" and then it says "Please reinstall X-Wing Alliance from it's original location". Any ideas?
  4. Thanks for the link. I am familiar with that site. Should I download Darksaber's craft pack and then use that link for craft not in Darksaber's pack? And are there other good mods out there?
  5. I haven't played any of the X-Wing titles in years and I was thinking of reinstalling XWA. What should I download and install with the game? Google is finding Darksaber's Ultimate Craft Pack. Is that old? It seems like there are a bunch of ships it is missing. The XWA Upgrade Project has tons of individual ships, but it seems like Darksaber's pack also includes sounds and missions. Are there other mods and upgrades I should look into as well?
  6. It has been MANY years since I played any of the X-Wing games, but I think that training course was either in TIE Fighter or XvT.
  7. The VegaStrike engine is open source and pretty nice. http://vegastrike.sourceforge.net/ Then again, Beyond the Red Line is built on a modified Freespace 2 engine, and it looks pretty nifty. http://www.beyondtheredline.net/ That being said, while I'd enjoy a mega-pretty X-Wing title built on open source, I'd be quite happy with an open source engine that can support the existing bevy of X-Wing Alliance models. You can always replace those later with nicer models and nicer textures, but I assume you'll be at a playable state quicker if you can use all the existing models the fan community has made.
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