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  1. This sort of thing happened to me, though not entirely the same. I had the error message whenever i just tried to start up. I have a dual core also, my expert friend says the message is about the dual core. I downloaded a cd-crack (Not illegal because i own the game) and it was fixed =/. To me it seems like the .exe got corrupted at somepart of doing stuff on my machine.
  2. Give us more details, "it still wont work" doesnt explain it well. Is there an error message? Does your computer fully have the minimum requirements, if so does it reach the recommended ones? Details like this are important.
  3. I'm not sure if im allowed to post it, thats why i asked people to message me. But now that i think about it, its probably fine. Anyway, i fixed it by using a cd-crack, (btw this isnt illegal because i actually own the game)
  4. i've sorted it out, it was having conflict with the cd, if anyone gets this problem please feel free to message me.
  5. That can't be it because I have never got it to work even once. I've restarted, re-installed, disabled on of my CPUs and done a clean boot with no success at all.
  6. You could try exiting it differently, Depending on what OS you have, you could Alt+tab it then use windows task manager to delete the process, if you cant find the process, right click the app in the app window and select "go to process" worth a try, see if that works.
  7. is there an error message, anything in particular happen, and what OS are you using?
  8. make sure you have latest drivers, try lower graphic settings.
  9. i think you get a setting for it to happen, i dunno, check the settings to be sure
  10. make sure your firewall lets it through, make sure the connection settings are right. Hopefully that will help :/
  11. It will either be saved in "program files/lucasarts/[whatever game]) or it may not be automatically saved in which case you would have to go onto an image editing program (E.g. MS paint) and paste it into there.
  12. Unless it says in the settings. probably not.
  13. it's probably not a virus. Check your keyboard settings on the PC, if you can, check it in the game. otherwise im not sure
  14. Whenever i try to start republic commando it comes up with an error saying: Runtime Error! Program: ...Republic Commando\GameData\System\SWRepublicCommando.exe abnormal program termination And then i can't eject my drive until I reboot. I use XP and meet all the recommended requirements and have patched Republic Commando. I've made sure i have all the latest updates and drivers, i use Nvidia GeForce 7300 LE graphics card, so uh... anyone know how you can fix it? P.S: I've looked around the internet and i've noticed a lot of people with the same problem. Most of them had a Dell (I think) so it might have something to do with Dell computers, but i dunno
  15. i dunno what the drivers do about pixel shading, but they'll probably help you anyways. go here "http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us" select: Product type: Legacy Product series: geforce4 MX series Operating system: whatever you have Language: English (US) or English (UK) or whatever.
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