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  1. Happy Turkey Day!

  2. I understand. RL occupies me a LOT.

  3. Hey LordDeathRay,


    i hope you understand my answer. At the moment the real life occupies me.

  4. Though I'm 1/4 German, I can't speak German? What is this heresy?! Hey Queen, how's the modding been? Haven't talked to you in a while.

  5. I think it is this mod on kotorfiles. Look out there at times.
  6. @LordDeath: I'm looking forward to this planet. The Video is nice. How have you shot this video? And what does it do?
  7. I believe this Mod there is already. Look around sometimes on kotorfiles.
  8. There is for the female Revan a romance with Bastila, Carth or Juhani. Either by Mods or them exist in the play. But for Canderous there is no romance, would have to a desire to make this? Please, then this would be then something else and this romance could be exclusively only for Darksider. Mission she does not go there too young is, however, also for Jolee one could insert a romance, maybe for Bastila? Or the Female Revan? Thank you for reading.
  9. Actually, I just wanted to edit my post because standing on the side of the modders Although there is not a complete download. too bad I would have also interested. http://cmgsccc0.tripod.com/id3.html @Chainz: Can you or you must give the beta version? if so I would also ask them have. Thank you Sent you a PM - Cz
  10. I myself am not so well in planet production although I sometimes has tried and I had some problems. Hence, my suggestion for other Modder is one challenge look (laughs).
  11. To me just an idea has come as me Kotor1 played. How would it be with Endor? So a planet with nice small fuzzy Ewoks. So who feels like, here this idea can take up. (laughs)
  12. I would make with pleasure for you such a thing, however, I have never made such a thing, hence, ask best of all sometimes the Modder of the Brotherhood of Shadow has done handicraft, because I believe this idea it seemed there in it. Maybe he makes for you this. Sorry I have none better answer for you.
  13. Here's my suggestion: A whip. It would be nice to walk around with a whip in the game. I've looked everywhere for a tutorial, but found nothing, so even then someone can try yourself.
  14. @Kreia001: I think I've found what you were looking for, here is the link: http://www.lucasfiles.com/?s=&action=file&id=1476
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