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  1. Because the goblins keep getting in the way. Say, do you miss Balatro?
  2. Being a historian, what can I say except: :D
  3. Your cookies have just been deleted. 3, muffin 4, ice cream
  4. Yes. LOL. Why have all those nifty windows gizmos been seen elsewhere first?
  5. Nope. 'Mona Lisa' (with Bob Hoskins) is an English film from 1986 while 'Mona Lisa Smile' is a 2003 US film. FIXED
  6. 1, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed. 2, Nicole Kidman was married to our fave loon, t0M kerr-ooze, once, supposedly at the time the quwstion was asked. 3, The film was Mona Lisa. 4, The first opera house ever was the Teatro San Cassiona in Venice, opened in 1637. For further funny reading on the opera and its madness, try 'Maskerade' by Terry Pratchett.
  7. MEGS ??? There was a time when the happy chappies behind the vista couldn't imagine they'd ever get past the KILObyte barrier.
  8. OK, spoilsports, I'll scrap it. Revelations wins.
  9. For work, Linux only. For games, XP. My comp time consists of 96% work, so there.
  10. Welcome back! btw, this magical gizmo is said to attract singers and audience:
  11. Hey Negs, you have to give them some time to get the latest stable kernel running properly in their distro. I mean, they're n00bs, so we really can't expect them to flawlessly run KDE 4.0 right away.
  12. I'm busy with work, hence the long list, and it's very very far from complete. I'll let you take out two each go. If you must. UP THE IRONS!!!
  13. T-Mobile has a bicycle team in pink shirts, so they get kicked for good measure. -> Verizon wins. What's your favourite Iron Maiden song? 1, Transylvania 2, Running Free 3, Phantom of the Opera 4, Sanctuary 5, Prowler 6, Iron Maiden 7, Remember Tomorrow 8, Charlotte the Harlot 9, Strange World 10, Ides of March 11, Murder in the Rue Morgue 12, Wrathchild 13, Purgatory 14, Another Life 15, Genghis Khan 16, Killers 17, Innocent Exile 18, Prodigal Son 19, Drifter 20, Twilight Zone 21, Women in Uniform 22, Total Eclipse 23, Run to the Hills 24, Invaders 25, 22 Acacia Avenue 26, Children of the Damned 27, The Prisoner 28, The Number of the Beast 29, Gangland 30, Hallowed Be Thy Name 31, Where Eagles Dare 32, Revelations 33, Flight of Icarus 34, The Trooper 35, Die With Your Boots On 36, Still Life 37, Quest for Fire 38, To Tame a Land 39, Sun and Steel 40, King of Twilight 41, Aces High 42, Two Minutes to Midnight 43, The Duellists 44, Losfer Words 45, Flash of the Blade 46, Back in the Village 47, Powerslave 48, Rime of the Ancient Mariner 49, Rainbow's Gold 50, Mission from 'Arry That's the drill till 1985 - more to come.
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