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  1. Ready for the fight on Legcy! :D

  2. Chaos. It was chaos. Thousands of Sith soldiers stood on the field, all of them clad in ebony and fighting to the death. Volley after volley of blaster fire met the Ysanna tribe members, bringing down many. The Shadow Dwellers, Sethos's Elite, and their leaders, the Bloodbringers, were all scattered around the field, clashing with the elite of the Ysanna. The crimson lightsabers clashed with the Ysanna ceremonial weapons, as many on both sides fall. And atop the battle site, near a tall hill, stood Sethos, eagerly watching the battle from afar. Around him, the wind blows stronger. Small stones and debris flew around him, circling the Sith Lord in a most clandestine fashion. "Spirits of the Sith, I call upon you to do your Dark Lord the bidding he requires of you. I command that you endow on this battlefield your presence!" And with that, a huge tornado flew across the battlefield, claiming Ysanna and Sith alike. It ravaged through the Ysanna lines, killing the advanced forces unfortunate enough to be there as well. Sethos smiled, then jumped into battle.
  3. Still waiting on Sethos. :)

  4. wanna join my new SW RP?

  5. Darth Sethos stood in front of a crowd of tens of thousands of Sith soldiers, all under his command, and all awaiting his next move. They were gathered in marching columns, ready to move out and annihilate the enemy. No one dared flinch or show any sign of weakness. "Today," Sethos began, "a dark legacy will be forged. Today, we take Ossus, and annihilate the elusive Ysanna tribe. Today, we will massacre every single sentient on this plain." "We have been gone far too long. We have remained idle far longer. But today, we make our mark on this unsuspecting galaxy once more! They have thought us dead, let us prove them wrong!" The troops broke out in a chorus, "All hail Lord Sethos!"
  6. Now, thousands of warriors stood on the grounds of Ossus, wanting eagerly to serve their Lord and Master. They were grouped in columns, as hordes more joined them from the unloading ships. It was a busy sight. About to land in it is the ship of Sethos, Dark Lord. As he looked on, the scene continued. Orderly chaos. Mindless fools, he thought. To the slaughter. The end is near. The landing ramp of his large ship set down, and disciplined formations of Bloodbringers exited. A soldier approached the bridge where Sethos stood, and bowed down before him. Sethos sensed him coming, then turned around. "My lord," said the Bloodbringer, "Ossus awaits your footsteps." "I shall follow. Leave me." "Yes, my lord." And with that the Bloodbringer departed. Sethos lifted his hand up, and his lightsaber came flying to it. He clenched it tightly before igniting it, during which he savored the smell of the blade. He turned it off, then stepped out...
  7. "Rise my pawns, rise from the depths. The time for reckoning is now!" Sethos shouted to nothing, and everything. And with that, from every direction, above Ossus, hundreds of ships and fighters came out of the sky, all adorned with the logo of Sethos. The Bloodbringers, the Shadow Dwellers. They were all there. And as Sethos watched the spectacular sight from the helm of his flagship, he could not help but smile. The end of everything is very close at hand. "To Ossus, my sons. As Sethos said the word, the ships flew and touched down on the rugged, lush world. And Sethos followed.
  8. Where's Sethos, Betrayer? :(

  9. I'll send it through PM. :)


    You read my last visitor message concerning Legacy RP?

  10. Well I wouldn't mind getting it. :p

  11. Skywalker, do you have MSN or Yahoo Messenger? :p

  12. Tysy, do you have MSN or Yahoo Messenger? :p

  13. Oh! Also, since Sethos use to be a Jedi, Halana Ysanna, Sasha's mom and Lyna's grandmother, trained with Sethos before. She always expected the Dark Side in him. And when they were young adults, they use to duel each other a lot. :lol:


    So once Sethos and his fleet comes to Ossus, and a battle starts between the Sith and the Ysanna tribe with their Jedi allies, could he and Halana duel each other? If you're cool with that. :)

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