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  1. Just wondering if its possible to make it so that you can get HK on Taris... There are quite a few places he could be found on Taris, there is the Droid Shop and Keblas shop in the upper city to start with, and there are also a few empty appartments around... I first got the idea (again) after seeing a background picture on steam when i go to start K1 there...
  2. I'm hoping someone can make a mod that lets me have the option of hunting down Carth and killing him when darkside... Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Jolee and Juhani you can kill at the temple... Mission you can kill at the beach, and Zaalbar you can kill on the Starforge... But Carth? Him you just let run off without going after? Makes no sense to me...
  3. That does explain some things, as there was a gate in the graveyard that i had to light two torches to open... and i thought there might be a hidden switch to find there as well...
  4. I've just now found the third Vox Code Book, i find the Bank Of The Prophet... Only to find the door leading further into the Bank barred... So my questions are... When, Where and How do i finish the last code?
  5. Anyone know why Awakenedd keeps freezing? It kept freezing on the Terra Nova after an encounter with the cultists, i finally get beyond that... only for the game to freeze in a different location...
  6. Cool, that gives me plenty of time to get the DLC... and even try it on SP... And, as i'm going on vacation... i'll have nothing but time... )) Btw, i'm loving the Planet Cracker Pistol...
  7. I'll be up for that in a day or two as i have to get more Live points first... I'll give you a call/message as soon as i've DL'ed the DLC...
  8. I must say that i'm liking the interactive map at IGN... Makes it so much easier to complete the challenges...
  9. It is very cool... It has a place of Honor in my collection...
  10. I have an xbox, and i do want to give the co-op thing a try... and as i don't have a job atm i have plenty of time... Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) my screen name is pederskomsvold Btw, does anyone know if the mines on the spacewalking part of the game re-spawn? i can't find any more of them... its too much fun using stasis on them and then watching them go nova after i shoot them...
  11. That does make a bit of sense as the first DLC for DS3 is called 'Awakened'... And its supposed to bit much darker than the game...
  12. *grumbles* I seem to have corrupted a save somehow, every friggin time i get to a certain point on the same friggin elevator trip the game freezes... This is *really* annoying as its now happened 4-5 times... Edit: And now it froze while loading after i did a save/quit, after progress save... Edit2: aww screw this, none of my progress was saved... i'm right back where i started... i'm just gonna delete that save and start over again... ((
  13. Ooh, being able to take cover would've been nice... Edit: Btw, listening to the sarcastic scavenger bots can be quite fun...
  14. So Isaac lives after all? That is good news.... I wonder what Dead Space 4 is gonna be like...
  15. Just learned of something pretty cool during my replay of DS3... Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) During the spacewalk parts, if you use stasis on those annoying mines that keep trying to kill you and you then shoot said mine while it is under stasis... it looks like a super-nova... ))
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