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  1. you click ex. training and it goes to windows? Try to disable sound, if it works update drivers for youre sound decive. And shut down all programs using microphone or else.
  2. Hi I got SWBF2 just now and first it was are fine i played missions but now when i start game it crashes whit no reason, disabling sounds helps i can play but whit out sound ofcourse . If you know what i can do plz help. i'am using win2k Ps sry my english EDIT: i get it work but my Teamspeak 2 crashes it agen (i cant play if it is on)
  3. No i mean cheats to all. I and my frend want god mode on because we are making movie and if we die we must reply the seen all over agen.
  4. How i can enable cheats in my server? I'm running forcemod 3.
  5. how i hide hud? console command? mod?
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