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  1. I got the first KOTOR on PC the other day and now I am stuck on Taris in the lower city. I am up to the part where I have to meet Canderous in the lower city cantina to inform him that I have the sith launch codes. Whenever I go to walk into the cantina the main menu comes up (showing the new game, load game, movies etc) but the buttons are un-clickable. For some reason it also moved my desktop icons and removed my desktop wallpaper, it does this every time I try to go in the cantina. any help would be greatly appreciated as I hate being on Taris
  2. Bastila...because she is just simply interesting. Beauty, attitude and I think the whole being put off by her personality thing is nut because I thought its what made her character great. Plus who knows how she would have acted after KOTOR which ever side you picked. Personally I'd like to know how she acted dark side ^_^
  3. now seeing I am new to KOTOR this year as I bought it 2 weeks ago to play while I recovered from my operation I have became a great fan of the first KOTOR. I now must purchase it on PC and chuck the xbox version away because of all the modding I hear you can do to it. I have decided to make a thread and haven't seen a thread on here about this so.... specify which gender Revan you are and which side you prefer to take Bastila with you on. Also what in your imagination do you believe to have happened as soon as KOTOR finished. Me:I am Female Revan and Bastila convinced me to the darkside. After the ceremony where I am re-introduced as the dark Lord, I train Bastila to become Darth Bastila or whatever a cool title could be for her and have her bring Carth's head back to me on a stake But if I chose Light side what would Bastila and I do, probably run simple errands for the council or such (boring) I shall continue to add more to this after I see some interesting replies that will get me thinking
  4. I totally agree with you. Why? Bastila has so much variety in her character. when you save her in the beginning, or how she thinks she saved you. Typically in most games she would have been like thank you for saving me, thats what you expect when you first played it for the first time. But she debates it which is great. her character is so fascinating, she better be in KOTOR 3 as a playable character, if so i swear a life debt to whoever makes the game
  5. ok well DO have Revan as a PC able to chose gender Have Bastila and the gang as party members Have the ebon hawk make the game longer than the others. More planets more dialogs be able to have more than 2 people accompany you on your mission be able to have romance with any of your party members except droids of course no matter what gender you are. DON'T not do what I have said have the exile in it as I didn't like sith lords I shall think of more....
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