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    Well every time I try click the system checker it shows this. And when I click play it tells me something about OpenGL Game: Jedi Knights II:Jedi's Outcast Item Required Your Machine Hard Drive 665 MB C:7132 MB Post Install (N/A) Hard Drive 655 MB D:3343 MB Post Install (N/A) help plz
  2. ok thanks, since it really doesn't give me more improvement then I shall not install it.my bad I meant Battlefront I, sorry for posting in the wrong section... So does BF I gets any changes from 1.3?
  3. I need one plz if anyone could tell me any clan that has an lot of members and is for the pc.
  4. well I got th Best Of PC pack and I installed 1.2 for Battlefront but I cannot install 1.3 it saids that I need 1.2 but I already have it. help me
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