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  1. Unfortunately, to those that suggested to load a much earlier save, I can't do that because I don't have one. Guess I'm gonna have to start saving them in separate spots, just for this very reason huh?! LOL
  2. I am stuck in KOTOR (the first one). I apparently went to the Nameless World (if it has a name I haven't found out what it is yet) out of turn, when I should have gone to Kashyyk sometime before that. The result is that when I'm outside the Temple, and the elders are doing their chant to get the shield to go down so I can go in, the person that is supposed to run up and cause a cutscene when elder says "Wait, I hear someone coming!" is not even in my party! LOL So, the elder is waiting for someone that isn't coming! I therefore can't get the shields lowered and turn off the disruptors so that I can get off the planet, and go where I need to go. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I pretty much am stuck and can't go anywhere or do anything until I find a way past it.
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