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  1. Note: This post is an assumption based on info known or leaked. After seeing the Taral V flashpoint (Thank You, Jaevyn, I had not seen that before) this is starting to make a lot more sense and the book seems better. For those who had not seen the Taral V flashpoint, please see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I0imBz6y38 I believe the force ghost in the video is the Exile. What we know so far is she dies and turns into a force ghost. When she is talking to Master Oteg she mentions a prisoner, this prisoner is most likely Revan. She says he has been imprisoned for 300 years and is extremely powerful. After doing some research I found other discussion threads regarding this topic. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/991408-Prisioner-in-TARAL-V-(possible-answer-given-via-Revan-novel) A user in the thread (Page 2) says he read the book and at the end Revan and Lord Scourge are kept alive by a Sith Alchemy technique only the Emperor knows, I would assume it also keeps them from aging (Scourge leaked pictures). I think this means that the Emperor had imprisoned Revan alive to consume his power and Lord Scourge ties in with this as he is a Jedi Knight companion. So I think Revan is not dead, and it's the players (end game content? since Taral V is only a level 32 dungeon I don't think Revan will be rescued) who rescue him.
  2. FWIW, Ralph Steinman died September 30th, nevertheless, may he also rest in peace.
  3. True, but what Apple did was the definition of innovation - "to renew or change". Apple may not have been the first to make all those things but they arguably made some of the most attractive and simplistic tech items.
  4. I feel like that in 100 years Apple will clone Steve Jobs.
  5. Wow...I'm in shock. RIP Steve. http://www.apple.com/stevejobs/
  6. If it is legit, which I think it is, considering he posted pictures of a certain major event in the book, it seems terrible.
  7. Something I found interesting from the passage: "Anyway, they go face the Emperor where the three of them go face to face, until Scourge gets a vision of a different Jedi facing the Emperor. Figuring this must be the red skinned bastard's eventual killer, he stabs Meetra in the back with his lightsaber and the Emperor electrocutes Revan into submission." Considering Scourge is a companion for the Knight in TOR, it is possible that the different Jedi he sees facing the Emperor, is you, your character and other Jedi players in TOR, and like in WoW how the Lich King was a raid boss, the Sith Emperor will eventually be one?
  8. http://www.theoldrepublicordie.com/2011/08/31/swtor-lord-scourge-companion-guide/ http://www.hotrodacc.com/swtor/comp.html Just a few links.
  9. I would have thought so, but strangely one of the "True Sith" Jedi Knight companions in The Old Republic is named Darth Scourge. I think it may tie it with that. In the thread link the guy showed pictures of page of the Exile's death.
  10. Basically there was this guy on another forum who had got a copy of Revan by Drew Karpyshyn early, and he pretty much wrote most of the plot in his post, of course naturally, people didn't believe him so he posted pictures of the book and pages, it looks legit. However, too be honest, the book seems terrible, this is how the guy summarized the book. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) After getting and reading a uncorrected proof of this story, pretty sure most people will think it sucks. There are three main characters throughout: Revan, the Exile (now named Meetra Surik,) and a Sith Lord in the Emperor's service named Darth Scourge. Revan's story is pretty simple. His dreams are bothering so he leaves his newly pregnant wife to go find out what's going on. He starts off his quest by visiting a planet the Mandolorians are on and helping Canderous find the old Mandalore's mask. Kills Canderous' wife in the process. The information he finds there leads him to the Emperor's home world, which has been stripped of life and made completely empty of the Force. Revan upon leaving is shot down by Scourge and his master and then drugged for two years so he can't do anything. Scourge is also pretty simple. He's brought to the Imperial capital as part of a political machinations between the council right under the Emperor. He goes around doing things for them, though its pretty painful to read as he likes the tactic of bullrushing shooting enemies while hoping his armor protects him instead of blocking with his lightsaber and cutting people apart. Eventually he learns that the person he's under and a number of the people on the Dark Council are talking about betraying the Emperor because he wants to go after the Republic again. But they're all talk and don't do anything. Eventually they capture Revan and keep him captive for two years. Drugged Revan talks and does him mojo on this guy during this time, none that we actually see, and doesn't actually matter much since it doesn't come to much in the end. Except for the last bit, where he says he has a vision of escape. Then you have the Exile, Meetra Surik. Bastila finds her and sends her after Revan. First thing you should know, is that Karpyshyn takes the game he did not write for and retcons everything interesting out of it. The Exile is a normal Jedi who was cut off from the Force and became a normal Jedi when she got it back. The Sith Lords are barely even mentioned aside from the fact that they hunted down the Jedi. Oh, Nihilus' power doesn't exist, in fact it can't exist. A big deal is made that the Emperor does the same thing and its something nobody has ever experienced before. The planet he stripped of the force to empower himself is very traumatic to Meetra, despite her in the game being the same thing. So, that part of the story of KOTOR 2 is retconned. Along with everything that came with it. Anyway, she goes and finds this world and eventually ends up on the Imperial Capital. She finds Scourge, gets him to help her rescue Revan since he was told by him that a rescue would be coming and go and face the Emperor. Oh, Meetra is completely overwhelmed by Scourges master Sith through the use of Sith Lighting until Revan comes out and murderizes her to save the damsel. Anyway, they go face the Emperor where the three of them go face to face, until Scourge gets a vision of a different Jedi facing the Emperor. Figuring this must be the red skinned bastard's eventual killer, he stabs Meetra in the back with his lightsaber and the Emperor electrocutes Revan into submission. He locks Revan up in cryo to spend time plumbing his mind for information to help with his takeover of the Republic. Meetra's spirit refuses to join the Force and sticks with Revan to help him resist. Revan puts thoughts of caution into the Emperor's head, which is how he delays the coming invasion. The end. I wish I was describing satire or fanfiction, but I'm not so lucky. Oh no.... Link for original post http://forums.spacebattles.com/showthread.php?t=202146 EDIT: In a blog post by Drew Karpyshyn on Sept 30, he mentions he knows that this person from the spacebattles forum had got the book early, and he mentioned how people started emailing him about the book, it's a good read. Here's the link. http://drewkarpyshyn.com/c/?p=302#more-302
  11. To Shem, I can see the reasons as to why someone would not want to pay monthly fees to play a video game, but just think about it this way. Say you get a new game every couple of months, that's around $60. Meaning it's around $500-600 a year. When a TOR membership would be around $240 a year or so. I played pay to play MMO's and found that since there is a lot of new content and a live environment, that it was one of the only few games I was playing, and it kept me playing for a long time. I also wished for a KotOR 3, but I guess this will be satisfying. It seems like a different MMO from others, such as World of Warcraft. For one, BioWare has continued it's tradition of having story based games with dialogue options. When you are questing you could make the choice whether a character lives or dies, like in KotOR. The whole "dark side, light side" points thing is still there too. You also get companions, just like in KotOR. The outdated graphics are linked to the economic recession. As you stated, you don't wish to get a new computer and spend money for upgrades. Which is why BioWare made the graphics, for lack of a better term, crappy. They want as many people to play as possible, and when they have games with high end graphics, not as many people will be playing. I would believe you can explore the world on your own pace. In many of the MMO's I've played, there was barely any group questing. The group quests were mainly for dungeons or for killing and higher level creature, that you can't solo. Most of the quests other than that were solo. You would get through quests faster if had were questing with others however. And you must also understand, much of the footage online for TOR is from 2009. TOR also had a moderate graphics update and combat update since then. TOR, like many MMO's will have guilds. These are sometimes restricted for people of a certain age group or region, and you may have to apply in order to get invited. That could be one of the ways you could get away from the 10 year old fanbase. I don't believe that PC Gaming is dying. I do believe many newer gamers are going to consoles first as you could get a Xbox 360 for $200, while you can get a gaming PC for $1,500. I am a PC gamer, as well as a console gamer. I prefer console for online and PC for singleplayer. The mod community is a big reason why people still buy for PC, and I just think the PC community is better overall. TOR couldn't have worked on consoles, not at all. A big part of the game is talking to other players, which would be hard on consoles. In the end, MMO's just work best on PC's. I must ask the question of whether or not you have played a MMO before. If you have not I recommend playing a free one, or try a free trial to one, and you could know what you might expect in TOR.
  12. You could still do everything after you are on the Leviathan, except for anything involving Bastila (Bastila's Mother quest) Taris, or Dantoonie. You can still go to every other planet.
  13. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Awesome mod, however when I am at the crash site there is no General, instead, Mandalore is there with no dialog options.
  14. I don't know if user's will have the ability to mod TOR, but I would think you could develop addons that change the UI ect.
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