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  1. I actually had some decks made up a couple years ago. I had been meaning to do so for a long time, but couldn't get good graphics for the cards. http://imgur.com/a/6LvJz Here is a link to my album If there is interest in the cards. I had to improvise with the card backing, so it kind of sucks. The cards are faithful to the in-game graphics too. Hope that between these and the Original Poster's work this makes Pazaak cards easier to get. I had mine printed here: http://www.printerstudio.com/personalized/custom-playing-cards-gifts.html
  2. I came back to see what was going on here and am glad to see that there is finally some real discussion about this. I would love to see this network become a popular Star Wars forum again. As much as I love the feel of coming back to such a nostalgic place that brings me back to younger years, I also think that we can become a relevant place for the future. Most of the Star Wars places I have visited recently are just not the same interest level as this place once was. This place really just needs an updated style and forum set. I love the old games too, but some are really old now and not warranting the same level of discussion as they once did.
  3. A recent post on reddit, This is my post. I made cards that looked a little more game accurate.
  4. I picked up Chivalry Portal 1 & 2 Space Engineers Garry's Mod About $50 for the haul, not terrible. All on steam. I believe the most expensive was space engineers at about 15.
  5. I would be interested in where he places characters from TSL. He labels a lot of people as neutral and it would sad if he labeled most of the characters in TSL like that as well. Most of Kotor's characters are relatively neutral but if you really dig into TSL characters they are a bit more definite at their core.
  6. So I bought the limited edition of this the other day. No regrets. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/The_Bounty_Hunter_Code:_From_the_Files_of_Boba_Fett
  7. Deadpool, he does what he wants and basically uses his massive plot armour to be invulnerable.
  8. I won't lie though. Sometimes I rate other games against them. That ruins some games pretty fast.
  9. I would agree with this, I would usually not play them all the time. It always seems that I come back to them at some point. A game that requires this many hours is not something that you start just for a good few minutes of gameplay.
  10. Now I just finished a full play through of KOTOR and upon realizing later this evening that it was over 10 years old It had little effect. Despite having all the modules memorized and much of the dialogue worked out, it still has a sort of beauty to me. The games have always been something that is more than what they were created for to me. They taught me things, made me consider the morality of the universe, along with many other things. So here is my question. What is it about these two games that makes them so special, so endlessly re-playable, to you?
  11. agreed, I just think that even as stupid as they are they will eventually come into the 'issue' that the US and Russia had during the cold war. If they press that button then they start a war where they risk all of humanity, not just their country.
  12. keeping in mind that north korea has an alliance with china that wouljd render The US and China effectively at war. unless they defied the truce china would be at war as well. I have a feeling that given The debt China is owed that NK probably gets a silent slap from china telling them to grow up
  13. I would think it would not be attached with the 4 moniker. Because of the fact that Shepard has basically no possibility of being in it effectively. My thought is that a prequel would be pretty likely, easier to pull off. The ambiguity of the ending would make a sequel type much harder, people that chose synthesis would want to know were the relays had gone or the other way if they wanted the destroy or control.
  14. Another option would be to explore the time period that is much farther in the future with an rpg. It would open up a way to move past all the current muddle of canon.
  15. As I understand the reason that these first round sith kept with traditionally jedi colours is because they both had no time to change them and they didnt care. The traditional red saber probably didnt come until the more united sith closer to revan's time
  16. the zabrak and mando rifles are generally the strongest, the plasma projector is also very powerful but cannot be upgraded(i Believe). I used to give Hk the thing and let him destroy everything.
  17. I have long since been of the opinion that a solid Star Wars game is best set in a relatively unexplored space of time. THat is part of the reason people bought KOTOR. ~Greggomonkey
  18. Keeping in mind that Taris would definitely still be in bad shape still, its not very long since it was bombed. Also While Tatooine sounds like a good idea you would have to find somewhere to go. It says in most books that anchorhead was abandoned about the time the exile was out looking. I think that the exile would probably head to onderon as well though, nothing had been happening there so it would seem like a safe first choice.
  19. OOC:Oh, well whatever. looked interesting.
  20. "Master, Pardon my disturbance. I wished to discuss some findings." Malak announces, the metallic tone rings in the empty chamber. It seems as though it was only yesterday that I had found the last star map, when in fact it was several days earlier. Since then we had arrived on the Star Forge, a station exceedingly large and advanced. It courses with power and yet is deceptively confusing in it's devices, it baffles every technician in the fleet but a mere hour of meditating reveals its power to one who looks. Malak steps up just beside Revan and waits.
  21. Name: Darth Malak Species: Human Gender: male Alliance: sith empire Position: sith apprentice to revan Appearance: Wookieepedia Backstory: wookieepedia OOC: I have rping experience.
  22. Granted, but it is cancelled before the first episode finishes. I wish I had a big knoife.
  23. greggj jb nret Close. got most of it. Lemme try again. gregginibjer Nope....
  24. Granted: That locker is your own. I wish that I had the power. (He man reference)
  25. Hey J7 I'll be sending you another mod for uploading, good and simple but nice in my opinion.



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