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  1. I'm looking for a mod that makes all skills class skills for all jedi classes. I want to roleplay the way i want to, and I would like a mod that does this. Any help is appreciated. I thought there was a balance mod that did this but i'm not sure if i want all of the other changes in the balnace mod. Thanks -Jahgro
  2. I haven't played the first two games, will i be missing a bunch of stuff that is crucial to the story? or will i be ok to play through without knowing what happens in the first two games? does anybody know of a detailed synopsis for the first two games?
  3. Hello, i'm using Star Wars The Best of PC version of kotor. It runs fine, but when i upgrade it to version 1.03, it says wrong disk inserted. Now i'm guessing that is because the update is based off of the original version of the game. Are there any workarounds for this problem? has anybody else had this problem? -Thanks Jahgro EDIT:: Problem Solved
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