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  1. Ok, if you have heard or have got a theory when Star Wars Battlefront III probably will release, please post it in this thread!
  2. MAPS AND OTHER THINGS Great Sith War Battlefronts *Onderon: Iziz *Basilisk: Barrens *Koros Major: Space *Deneba: Mount Meru *Koros Major: Cinnagar *Kuar: Plains of Harkul *Thule: Sith Temple *Foerost: Space *Coruscant: Space *Coruscant: Galactic City *Vento: Space *Coruscant: Senate Hall *Kemplex IV: Space *Kemplex IV: Station *Ossus: Space *Ossus: Jedi Temple *Al’Har: Space *Yavin IV: Space *Yavin IV: Jungle *Yavin IV: Temple Clone Wars Battlefronts *Troiken: Pirate Base *Troiken: Space *Troiken: Forest *Alaris Prime: Jungle *Alaris Prime: Trade Federation Fortress *Lok: Space *Lok: Wasteland *Lok: Nym's Stronghold *Eos: Droid Foundry *Eos: Space *Droid Control Ship: Interior *Naboo: Theed (Naboo: Palace) *Naboo: Swamp (Naboo: Otoh Gunga) *Naboo: Core *Naboo: Space *Tatooine: Mos Espa (Tatooine: Boonta Eve) *Zonama Sekot: Surface *Zonama Sekot: Space *Maramere: Space *Maramere: Spaceport *Maramere: Mt. Meraken *Nod Katha: Space *Nod Katha: Bio-Weapon Factory *Coruscant: Galactic City (Coruscant: Uscuru District) *Kamino: Cloning Facility *Geonosis: Space *Geonosis: Spires (Geonosis: Droid Foundry) *Tatooine: Dune Sea *Geonosis: Arena *Geonosis: Dust Plains *Bakura: Hidden Fortress *Rhen Var: Harbor *Tatooine: Mos Osnoe *Eredeen: Weapons Production Facility *Alaris Prime: Research Facility *Raxus Prime: Wasteland *Raxus Prime: CIS Fortress *Bespin: Platforms *Bespin: Cloud City *Rhen Var: Citadel *Sivvi: Shield Generator *Thule: Kessia *Thule: Sith Temple *Sarapin: Space *Sarapin: Mt. Corvast *Sarapin: Power Facility *Aereen: Mining Facility *Krant: CIS Fortress *Muunilist: Space *Muunilist: Harnaidan *Mon Calamari: Oceans *Mon Calamari: City *Datooine: Space *Dantooine: Plains *Ilum: Temple *Ilum: Outpost *Yavin IV: Jungle *Yavin IV: Temple *Hypori: Space *Hypori: Droid Foundry *Hypori: Fallen Spaceships *Coruscant: Jedi Temple *Jabiim: Mud Field *Duro: Space *Duro: Jyvus City *Honoghr: Space *Honoghr: Temple *Saleucami: Space *Saleucami: Clone Facility *Cato Nemodia: Space *Cato Nemodia: Bridge City *Cato Nemodia: Gunray’s Palace *Mygeeto: War-Torn City *Felucia: Marshland *Coruscant: Space *Invisible Hand: Interior *Kashyyyk: Space *Kashyyyk: Beachhead *Utapau: Sinkhole *Coruscant: Senate Hall *Mustafar: Bunker *Mustafar: Refinery Galactic Civil War Battlefronts *Kashyyyk: Beachfront *Kashyyyk: Rwookrrorro *Naboo: Theed *Mustafar: Space *Mustafar: Refinery *Kamino: Cloning Facility *Sulon: Barons Hed *Death Star I: Detention Block *Dantua: Space *Dantua: Imperial Facility *Polis Massa: Medical Facility *Tatooine: Space *Tantive IV: Interior *Tatooine: Dune Sea *Tatooine: Mos Eisley *Rhen Var: Citadel *Yavin IV: Arena *Yavin IV: Space *Death Star I: Space *Fondor: Space *Fondor: Shipyards *Yavin IV: Jungle *Yavin IV: Temple *Talay: Tak Base *Talay: Space *Executor: Interior *Corellia: Capitol *Jabiim: Mud Fields *Kessel: Strip Mines *Kessel: Prison *Dantooine: Plains *Hoth: Ice Plains *Hoth: Echo Base *Hoth: Space *Dagobah: Swamp *Bespin: Cloud City *Maw: Space *Gall: Imperial Enclave *Bakura: Space *Geonosis: Space *Geonosis: Dust Plains *Coruscant: Space *Tatooine: Jabba’s Palace *Endor: Bunker *Endor: Space *Death Star II: Emperor’s Quarters *Death Star II: Space *Death Star II: Reactor Core *Bakura: Capitol *Coruscant: Galactic City *Nyklon: Space *Nyklon: Nomad City *Mykyr: Jungle *Mykyr: Hyllyard City *Sluis Van: Maintenance Station *Sluis Van: Space *Myrkr: Space *Bilbringi: Space *Mon Calamari: Ocean *Da Soocha V: Pinnacle Base *Da Soocha V: Space *Byss: Space *Byss: Emperor’s Citadel *Mon Calamari: Space Yuzhaan Vong Invasion Battlefronts *Helska: Space *Helska: Tundra *Datooine: Space *Dantooine: Plains *Ithor: Space *Ithor: Mother Jungle *Karbala: Space *Karbala: Karbala City *Hosk Station: Interior *Duro: Space *Duro: Jyvus City *Mykyr: Jungle *Coruscant: Space *Coruscant: Galactic City *Borleias: Space *Borleias: Rainforest *Bakura: Space *Bakura: Capitol *Ylesia: Space *Ylesia: Peace City *Ebaq 9: Space *Ebaq 9: Tunnels *Sartinaynian: Space *Sartinaynian: Imperial HQ *Esfandia: Space *Esfandia: Barrens *Bilbringi: Space *Mandalore: Space *Mandalore: Kedalbe *Zonama Sekot: Surface *Zonama Sekot: Space Battlefronts by Alphabetical Order *Aereen: Mining Facility *Alaris Prime: Jungle *Alaris Prime: Research Facility *Alaris Prime: Trade Federation Fortress *Al’Har: Space *Bakura: Capitol *Bakura: Hidden Fortress *Bakura: Space *Basilisk: Barrens *Bespin: Platforms *Bespin: Cloud City *Bilbringi: Space *Borleias: Space *Borleias: Rainforest *Byss: Space *Byss: Tranquil Plains *Byss: Emperor’s Citadel *Cato Nemodia: Bridge City *Cato Nemodia: Gunray’s Palace *Cato Nemodia: Space *Corellia: Capitol *Coruscant: Galactic City (Coruscant: Uscuru District) *Coruscant: Senate Hall *Coruscant: Space *Dagobah: Swamp *Dantua: Space *Dantua: Imperial Facility *Da Soocha V: Pinnacle Base *Da Soocha V: Space *Datooine: Space *Dantooine: Plains *Death Star I: Detention Block *Death Star I: Space *Death Star II: Emperor’s Quarters *Death Star II: Reactor Core *Death Star II: Space *Deneba: Mount Meru *Droid Control Ship: Interior *Duro: Space *Duro: Jyvus City *Ebaq 9: Space *Ebaq 9: Tunnels *Endor: Bunker *Endor: Space *Eos: Droid Foundry *Eos: Space *Eredeen: Weapons Production Facility *Esfandia: Barrens *Esfandia: Space *Executor: Interior *Foerost: Space *Fondor: Space *Fondor: Shipyards *Gall: Imperial Enclave *Geonosis: Arena *Geonosis: Dust Plains *Geonosis: Space *Geonosis: Spires (Geonosis: Droid Foundry) *Helska: Space *Helska: Tundra *Honoghr: Space *Honoghr: Temple *Hosk Station: Interior *Hoth: Echo Base *Hoth: Ice Plains *Hoth: Space *Hypori: Droid Foundry *Hypori: Fallen Spaceships *Hypori: Space *Ilum: Outpost *Ilum: Temple *Invisible Hand: Interior *Jabiim: Mud Field *Kamino: Cloning Facility *Karbala: Karbala City *Karbala: Space *Kashyyyk: Beachhead *Kashyyyk: Rwookrrorro *Kashyyyk: Space *Kemplex IV: Space *Kemplex IV: Station *Kessel: Strip Mines *Kessel: Prison *Koros Major: Cinnagar *Koros Major: Space *Krant: CIS Fortress *Kuar: Plains of Harkul *Lok: Nym's Stronghold *Lok: Space *Lok: Wasteland *Mandalore: Kedalbe *Mandalore: Space *Maramere: Mt. Meraken *Maramere: Space *Maramere: Spaceport *Maw: Space *Mon Calamari: City *Mon Calamari: Oceans *Mon Calamari: Space *Mustafar: Bunker *Mustafar: Refinery *Mustafar: Space *Muunilist: Harnaidan *Muunilist: Space *Mygeeto: War-Torn City *Mykyr: Hyllyard City *Mykyr: Jungle *Myrkr: Space *Naboo: Core *Naboo: Swamp (Naboo: Otoh Gunga) *Naboo: Theed (Naboo: Palace) *Naboo: Space *Nod Katha: Bio-Weapon Factory *Nod Katha: Space *Onderon: Iziz *Ossus: Jedi Temple *Ossus: Space *Raxus Prime: CIS Fortress *Raxus Prime: Wasteland *Rhen Var: Citadel *Rhen Var: Harbor *Sivvi: Shield Generator *Saleucami: Clone Facility *Saleucami: Space *Sarapin: Mt. Corvast *Sarapin: Power Facility *Sarapin: Space *Sluis Van: Maintenance Station *Sluis Van: Space *Sulon: Barons Hed *Talay: Space *Talay: Tak Base *Tantive IV: Interior *Tatooine: Dune Sea *Tatooine: Jabba’s Palace *Tatooine: Mos Eisley *Tatooine: Mos Espa (Tatooine: Boonta Eve) *Tatooine: Mos Osnoe *Tatooine: Space *Thule: Kessia *Thule: Sith Temple *Troiken: Forest *Troiken: Pirate Base *Troiken: Space *Utapau: Sinkhole *Vento: Space *Yavin IV: Arena *Yavin IV: Jungle *Yavin IV: Space *Yavin IV: Temple Possible Concepts *Campaigns for each side *Sides made more different *A.I. better *Intense the forward fire power! (make capital ships' turrents better *Make maps better *Bring back flying ships on ground-based maps *Increase the interior size of capital ships *Put more ships into space battles *Realistic Damage/Destrucible Buildings *Campaign Editor *Speed varied by map *Transport Vehicles *Space Heroes/Hero Vehicles *Capital Ship Systems have a purpose, ships move *Special Fighters *Magnaguard's Electrostaff *Map Design *Classes Based Off Map *Possible Jedi Class? *Command Vehicles *Artillery? *Other Eras possibly?
  3. - Blood effects (not on CIS) - 3D hologram map witch shows your position (X-axes and Y-axes) - Change color on your teams commandpost, and the enemies commandpost (in options)
  4. Choose "Star Wars" background music on instant action. (Music composed by John Williams)
  5. Bring back the cool loading screen from BF1
  6. I've read a lot of places that the third STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT is only comming on XBOX 360 and PLAYSATION 3 console. Have some of you any opinion?
  7. Please post some ideas of things that should be on Battlefront 3.....
  8. Someone who will support my idea: What about a own cheat menu at START/options, instead off press up, down, right, left at the options menu.
  9. I just thought: would it not be awsome if you could "upgrade" your team/character (team you play as) with: energy, health and other things like that, or would that look like jedi academy?
  10. I voted for "Follow Me with 6 or more guys following you". LOL, say "Follow me" to all persons you meet.
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