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  1. Shem you should know about an imposter that has appeared on team hssiss of late, he has even posed as you and may be appearing on other sites such as filefront or LF, just be on the lookout.

  2. ah, well thanks for clearing that up j7.

  3. Hey Loh get in touch when you get a chance.

  4. lol thanks wch but i dont pln on drinking even when i am legal, tasted it once threw up 10 seconds later....not funn the drink tasted bad anyways alchohol=ick

  5. not a problem right now, im still re-organizing things, might take a few days because my brother moved everything around on the computer even so let me know when you have some time so we can go over some things.

  6. heh no need to worry about working on your own loh im back now and the rest of this year i plan to spend working on tlo

  7. yeah ive got this month pretty much free so ill log on hssiss and we can discuss some things.

  8. never used to be but this is my senior year and things are picking up quite a bit ill get you in the next time i have free time k and if you're wondering i am still trying to work on tlo

  9. Castiel, a character from the TV show supernatural, hes an escapee from heaven nicknamed "nerd angel" by the main characters dean and sam

  10. cant give any updates till after finals havent been able to do anything lately anyways because ive been so busy

  11. its Tri-edge from the dot//hack G.U. games, awesome villain

  12. i know how ya feel logan happened to me the other day

  13. sadly im too busy with TLO to be involved with other projects at this time, perhaps when TLO is finished

  14. LoH please check your lord anaka email its important

  15. hey loh come to Th one last time

  16. hey JM glad you asked, i need you to record a few new lines we have for treyfus you dont mind do you?, details in the email i sent you

  17. well the voice actor is doing his lines and only loh has contact with him, and i cant talk to loh, thats the only dilemma i see however but otherwise hes not really a "clown" so to speak he's just insane

  18. hey juan you've no doubt heard about loh so im asking you now, would you like to take over his position for the lost ones, i asking because of how highly he spoke of you and because you already support the project so much let me know via Pm and we can discuss the specifics

  19. hey loh good to hear from ya well VP started on the forbidden powers since he had downtime from HK Factory, im still working on trilaras skin (impossible to get right btw) canderis's altar chamber looks fantastic and aside from that im waiting to get my hands on all the voice lines to make adjustments if necissary

  20. loh come to TH? im finally able to get on the comp again

  21. Hey mrcharlton, heard you are working on a TC mod, i wish you luck but i have to say you'd be wise to start with something easier, all of these people that have been posting on your page are correct, TC mods take forever, and eventually fail, with the exception of The jedi masters, revenge of revan, and a few others still in production, even partial expansions are tough, my advice is, listen to everyone elses advice and start with something easier, i know you may be anxious to get on with your project but if you jump without looking your most likely to fall.

  22. Canderis i cant im grounded and only way for me to get on is thru my phone i can talk to you next saturday tho

  23. yeah go ahead if that doesnt work we can always audacity it


    oh hop on TH for a bit i feel like talkin

  24. Hey loh got your message cant check it tho im on my phone on the way home ill check in a few

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