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  1. Thanks a lot for the help guys
  2. sorry if it seem noobish but i am a noob in this game.....so much to learn in this game.... but just to ask...is there any way to know what or were in the planet are the available lots? example i have a large generic house but it keeps saying that 5 lots needed to build the hose.... how do i know where can i build it or how i make available lots?
  3. Plz i need some help!!!!!! getting frustrated ..... i was told to make a macro to move things around a lil faster.... did as i was told but the things wont move.... also i'm stuck in lvl 54 and cant get anymore points higher than 700 +/ - any ideas? thanks
  4. is there an easy and quicker way to decorate ur hose without having to bring out the recticle and move them click by click?
  5. Is part 13 the last part on the legacy???? If so how can i gain more experiance points to level up?
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