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  1. Dak! Great to hear from you! It wasn't quite a year by my mark...


    Anyways, you should come join the fun on DeadlyStream! I wasn't a big fan at first, but it's really a great place.

  2. Good to see you around. Thanks for all the work you did gathering info about cut content, especially Sleheyron. The Q/A sessions you had with David Gaider are invaluable.

  3. Hey man, just remembering all the awesome stuff you made. I wish you were around more!!

  4. I don't have any experience with Maya, though I've heard it's more geared toward film.

  5. It was a post you reported a while back.

  6. "778 ami keno dibo ai post kenoiba kala"


    Best thread title ever!! :lol:


    I'm tempted to include that as an undecipherable alien dialog in Sleheyron.

  7. I finally came to realize that my issue with 3dsmax 2012 was that I had installed the export script in the wrong folder. :xp:


    Silly me. :D

  8. Good read so far. Very immersing account of a corporate Czerka with a lot of attention to detail.

  9. I do not. I'm not really in the loop about the Starwarsknights domain. I hope it's only down temporarily, especially for the sake of the modding tools.

  10. First Officer/Mechanic on a King Air unfortunately isn't exactly distinguished.

  11. I'm busy, but well. I recently graduated college, and I'm getting ready to move to start a new job flying the King Air U-21 at Dynamic Aviation.

  12. Haha, thanks! Not sure that I quite appreciate all the British humor due to the fact that I'm an uncultured Yank.

  13. Yes, just like that. And the forums are in decline. That's pretty much to be expected with decades old games and no new titles.

  14. I just saw that there were less and less moderators around and in Holowan, so I sent Stoffe a message asking if I could be of any help. And the next day, I'm a moderator.

  15. Yes I do! I got roped into being a moderator, haha. Well, actually, I sort of volunteered.

  16. I don't Skype. Send me a PM.

  17. Send me a PM with some specifics.

  18. I haven't worked a whole lot on that project lately, but you are certainly welcome, and I'll try and do some stuff over the summer.

  19. Cool, I'll try to drop in and help some this summer if that's alright.

  20. I'm all for it.

  21. Oh, I remember that now. I don't think there's an issue there. The textures are barely different, so I wouldn't worry about that.

  22. That's odd. I can't add him since I'm not in control anymore. Maybe try editing some of the privacy settings, add him, and then change the privacy back?

  23. You've got it.

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