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  1. Oh well where do you downlaod 1.1 or 1.10 for ps2?
  2. How do you put annoucements on server 1.10/1.1
  3. Join us TODAY! We are recuritng for swbf2(ps2) Cod4(ps3) Skate(ps3) Warhawk(ps3) Join today ajo.forumarena.com
  4. I have been trying to find it. Anyone know and can give me a link
  5. How do you get more than 15 score thats max my server can do?
  6. Does anyone know. Please help me
  7. Is there any cheats for pc dedicated servers in star wars battlefront 2 for ps2?
  8. He gave me that already. He gave me ip, port and gave me a user and pass. Its for ps2 And it says the connection party did not respond or something like that
  9. I have been trying to get admin from my friends server. How do i do it?
  10. Oh well by the way this was one of the biggest clans with a lot of members but than the members start leaving
  11. The clan {LOE} has recently died. No one knew how this could happen. But it did. It was one of the biggest clans ever falling like this. Just wanted to let you all know this.
  12. Me and my friends have been trying to do assault(Mos Eisley) In my server and it will only go up to 15?
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