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  1. Take a quick look at the PSX port of Quake 2, very smooth and much more work put into in order to create a fun gameplay experience for the system. Though the PSX port of Dark Forces is still very very playable however it just didn't feel as smooth as on a PC.
  2. Just like many other DOS games. Though I wonder if LucasArts is planning on releasing more classic games.
  3. Aw silly rapidshare got rid of the file. Mind reuploading it again swaaye?
  4. The classic FPS is now available for just 4.99 on Steam. I do want to ask if anyone bought and tested this yet? http://store.steampowered.com/app/32400/
  5. Will we be expecting a new release coming in the near future DarkStarMojo? The screenshots look very well done
  6. Which videos? I know there is a few videos one by ChrisRedfield1991 (who happens to be me) and The Verdugo who has a couple videos on youtube as well
  7. Holy crap those weapons look really nice
  8. Thanks for the info Fafnir I'll take a look at that
  9. I'm a level designer and I'm starting to expand from Doom and get into more modern games. I started to think on creating the arc hammer level but it has been on the back of my mind since some areas I couldn't recreate easily in Doom format. I'm starting to use GtkRadient so hopefully I can make a decent Arc Hammer level from what I remember (I will reference to the original level in dark forces just in case I get lost on mapping it).
  10. All righty then We will wait patiently
  11. well I fixed my other problem but I'm now having this problem that Cougar has .
  12. Darth_Linux the original release of the 6 level demo worked very well for me in 640x480 with everything in High Quality and on Windows Vista. But when I start up JA by the instructions you mentioned in the readme it starts up giving me The original Jedi Knight Jedi Acedemy startup screen then it crashes giving me the bad mode error.
  13. Ok there's a problem when trying to load it I get a bad mode error from JA's console and this has stooped my mind
  14. well I'm new but I do have JK installed and I'm ready to play online Aim: starwarslover91 MSN: starwarslover91@gmail.com (also my email) YIM: chrisredfield91
  15. I've played it on Vista and the only problem i had was with the menu at times whic didnt show till i went into another menu
  16. Has anyone tried getting Timidity to work for DosBox. I would like to know because I use Vista and it breaks midi support (except for ablib which sucks)
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