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  1. the team has stated that emotes are not likely to make an appearance for quite some time, if at all. there are more pressing matters to the mod then cheesy emotes.
  2. the site looks awesome. great work.
  3. whats wrong with RP 1) its boring 2) its slow 3) someone tells you what to do 4) i rather be me and kick your ass then some no name padawan to a jedi whose ass i can kick 5) stupid ass rules
  4. why are there so many damn rp servers but like 1 ffa server. totally sucks. OJP is going to get pigeonholed as a rp mod.
  5. wonder what kind of saber system they are using. hopefully more like ojp and less mb2 or base.
  6. i can see the point of having limits. some people abuse model scale go down to 0 so you cant hit them and just take advantage. it should be limited it to 40 (i think thats ewok/yoda/jawa height) and a limit of 200(thats huge). we are all worried about admin abusing, what about clients abusing?
  7. i was gonna say i suggested this months ago for Niman. doesnt really fit ataru tho. btw hows the progress of 1.3 going? havent been around much lately.
  8. sad to say im not capable of being a beta tester anymore. my job has rediculous hours then i have to take of stuff when i get home. sorry guys.
  9. when i try to start the game(via the ojp.bat) i get an error that will not allow the game to run. the error is "VM_create on UI failed" can anyone give me a hand?
  10. can anyone update the ojp enhanced unlimited so it works with 1.2?
  11. yea but he wanted to unlock all the saber stances, hence why i said 70.
  12. set your server starting skill points to 70
  13. well the busiest game days on JKA are friday night and all day saturday. people, at least most of my friends, tend to just be with family on sundays.
  14. for sure man, sundays are bad days, try a saturday or friday night
  15. after having some time to think it over and search into wookieepedia and jk3files i came up with an idea about niman. Since it blends all the other forms into it it would be difficult for the team to make it seem unique in combat. To make it a little more different why dont we make it a backhanded fighting type "Another unique lightsaber style was that of Adi Gallia who held her saber with a one-handed reverse grip resulting in wide, long swings." from wookieepedia. it would give it a little bit more style and variation, plus it could look better with the use of staff animations.
  16. max i know your on vacay, but heres one for when you get back... Spanki. S/He is the maker of the jedi customization and sith customization packs. maybe?
  17. is there any way to set up a bot file so certain bots use certain stances, like obi-wan uses soresu, mace using juyo, qui-gon and yoda to use ataru? if so how?
  18. sorry guys i never seen you on the servers before...
  19. revan's saber are better but this pack as quite a few more which could add to the mod, perhaps we should get permission and mix the two packs, what revan has and whatever she doesnt include that can be found in this pack. http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Star_Wars_Saber_pack;38699 also, Kahn, you make sabers, perhaps you could cook up a few to include, like the better known faces of OJP, DD, Maxstate, Omega, Xarthes, myself, you, and the rest
  20. anyone from the team have a general idea of when 1.3 is going to be out?
  21. revan... a she... WHAAAAAAAT!?!?!
  22. hey just a thought here, how about asking revandark if he'd let us add his hilt pack to the the mod, also i found cool crystal hilts. and it'd be nice if we could also include some models/skins of well known star wars characters, the jedi council & sith, han solo, mara jade, and some others.
  23. did you get permission from the authors of the mods you took from in the first place, or are you just plagerizing(Sp?)? and really man its getting annoying that you keep posting about how great your mod is in just about every topic. really no one cares. if you really want to help the mod out, talk to the team about what you can do instead of going around thinking you know whats best.
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