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  1. THx.. I do think this was what i had before, way back. Ok...1 more. I can't find a working link to tk102's DLGEditor. Edit: NM... GOT IT! https://web.archive.org/web/20150315020007/http://starwarsknights.com/mtools/dlgeditor_232.zip
  2. Does anyone recall a mod that added a unique version of Handmaiden's Tunic, similar to Atton's ribbed jacket, or Mira's ballistic jacket? (Or is it already in game, and just not showing up on gamebanshee?) I mean the white hooded outfit specifically, rather than her mother's jedi robe.
  3. I find the lack of a 'like' button disappointing.
  4. Hiya! I'm looking for (thanks to Filefront suddenly going kaput when i need it): Viridian Echo (Not on Gamefront) And someone to explain the difference between "90SK's Super Content Mod" and "TSL Loot and Immersion Upgrade".. Cause frankly, I want my multi-textured Bindo robes (for females). I also remember someone made a pack of shortsaber hilts...1 hilt per color...that were really nice...as were their double bladed. You can see the robed and hilts here: Just the hilts..
  5. Sorry! ANOTHER ONE! Now, assuming I am not completely mis-remembering... If I want to level up the companions in TSL the way I want, or hold levels for jedi-hood, I need to hold my own levels as well, correct? until I get the companion? Like for instance: I maintain level 4 until I get Handmaiden, then she will be level 4 when I get her. (If I'm 7, she's 7) Is there a mod that has new companions join at level 1? I suppose I could KSE it, but all the feats and skill ups would remain, correct? Unless I removed every last one from levels...eek.
  6. Agh! I've been looking at mods for too long I think. Now a mod I saw no more than 6 hours ago is proving impossible to find again. It's the party reskin mod that converts Mira's head into the Female Caucasian PC head (the blonde one with the medium length hair..only its been changed to red.) I went through skins/mods for KOTOR 2 on filefront twice.... my head hurts. Edit: GOT IT! Dak's Big skin pack...how did i keep missing this?
  7. Veridian Echo! That's IT! I saw final touch, too, and remembered that one as well. But I kept think that the mod i was looking for had something to do with the color "Green". Was driving me nuts, since there's no green in handmaidens robe. But veridian echo sounds 100% spot on. No trouble finding it after a quick google. Thank you! Now I remember I have to go through and pull out all the parts i like from each mod. Actualy...its just very similar...VE uses a grey stripe...the blue stripe turned out to be a part of Stoffe's "Different Handmaiden Appearance" v1.1. interestingly, I managed to dig it out of an internet archive! (though now i realize that his actual site still functions)
  8. I decided to create one of these threads (so I don't end up posting 50,000 new thread). Basically, post details about a mod you don't remember where to find. Maybe, with luck, someone else will know. So, for me: I remember an amazing NPC visual enhancement mod for TSL. The quality of the textures, were amazing! But I can't seem to re-find the mod. The biggest detail I can remember was handmaiden's all-white robes were altered to have a Pale Blue Stripe down the middle segment, and Visas's robes were modified to look a little darker. (I think the chest portion was made black). if I could even remember the author, I might be able to find the mod. Oddly, it is easy to find the mod in THIS screenshot: http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/68/files2/41143_1.jpg (found on "Handmaiden Choice for Females") Comments in the bottom suggest that it used to be found on lucasfiles...but no mod name, or authors (as I can tell). I do remember the guy made a lot of other mods that were amazing.
  9. Nah. The idea was to use force jump earlier in game without feeling like I was cheating by adding a lightsaber too soon. Oh well..
  10. A highly annoying thing I've noticed with Jedi Guardians is that their "Force Jump" only works when a lightsaber is equipped. Combine this with not getting a lightsaber until after Telos, and your main character will already be a Master Force Jump-er by the time you build your lightsaber. This means you'll be a master at it before you even use it. I propose a mod that lets you use Force Jump with melee weapons as well.
  11. K, I'll remove and start again. Thx. (AGGGG Will I ever make it past Telos!?!)
  12. Yes. I have a save where I'm on the Ebon Hawk (leaving Peragus). And I can talk to Atton normally. Of course all he says is "Use the navicomputer to get to Telos" or whatever it is. Continue through the file and reach house arrest. Atton no longer clickable for conversation. Mod save on ebon hawk (change appearance), Atton still is fine. Continue to House arrest. Can't click. Other potential interference could be from the "Skip Peragus Mod" Edit: Well I doubt it's anything in the override. I removed anything that wasn't UTC, MDL, MDX, or TGA (assuming that they aren't the cause, can't load the save without them either). No change. So it's either a wrong global (maybe from skipping Peragus), or a bad install. I hope its not a bad install cause I've restarted the damn game 4 times already. I want to fricken get past Telos! Edit2: Not a problem with the install. Loaded up a downloaded generic save in same location, Atton talks just fine. (Also noticed that in my save, Atton won't sit down)
  13. It's been a problem since arriving on Telos, while under house arrest. And now I'm on the Ebon Hawk after Atris. I think it began when I tried to alter my appearance with KSE to female, but never clicked him with the original appearance before I made the change. Changed it back later. Have TSLRCM. He will comment, and when the game initiates the conversation I can choose options. However, whether he's a party member, or just sitting around the Ebon Hawk, I click him and nothing happens. Makes it difficult to boost his influence and potentially impossible train him as a jedi. Any ideas to fix? Or even a workaround? Like some sort of console command to force start a conversation with an NPC?
  14. it's perfect! Just what I pictured, thx a ton. now I can play a male, get handmaiden, change mira's head to one of my favorite heads (thx to your other mod). And all will be right with the world. Edit: Figured I'd run through Peragus while I wait for the other mod to upload. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Uploaded with ImageShack.us Yep, That'll do quite nicely. Having a bit of trouble with the portrait though, for some reason its stretching out on my computer.
  15. Hope you like the skin :)

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