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  1. Try doint this (it fixed my'n: Setting Processor Affiinity Manually: Launch Star Wars Battlefront 2, and as soon as the game appears to begin loading, or after it has loaded up, press CTRL+ALT+DEL to bring up the Task Manager. Under the Processes tab, find the BattlefrontII.exe process, right-click on it, select 'Set Affinity' and in the box which appears, untick 'CPU 1'. Setting Processor Affinity Automatically: If you want to force the game to only use one of your CPUs automatically each and every time you run the game, see the instructions here for using the Imagecfg utility, a small Windows NT file you can safely copy into your \Windows\System32 directory and then use to permanently set the affinity for particular programs. I recommend you backup your BattlefrontII.exe file before applying this tweak, as the only way to undo it is to restore the original .exe file. Furthermore, note that you may have to redo this tweak each time you patch the game, since the executable will change.
  2. m@ars i have tried reinstalling a few times but it doesnt crash for like 2 days and then starts crashing again.
  3. just forget about this thread if i have to give out specs and ive read that tweak guide its useless
  4. every time i launch star wars battlefront 2 the loading screen comes up at the start for 1 second the the whole game just crashes and returns to the desktop. i played swbf2 a few years ago and it worked perfectly well and the i gave it up and now i want to play it again but i cant because it keeps crashing please help me!!
  5. athieboy

    2 Problems

    I'll try what you said, but heres on thing i'm not paying another £100 for another video card LOL Thanks.
  6. athieboy

    2 Problems

    I tried that like ten times but it doesn't work. Thanks anyway.
  7. athieboy

    2 Problems

    I have 2 problems in SWBF2: 1: Most of the time when its loading up a new map it just crashes and in other times too . 2: My game is really slow when i'm playing it and this is my video card info: NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405. Please help me!!!
  8. New discovery's have been found for BF2, on your map list there are these mode's: 1 Flag CTF, 2 Flag CTF, hunt, conquest, assault, XL (only some people have XL). But they are not the only ones! To do campain type this if your logged into Admin: /admin /addmap cor1c_c And if you type that you'll do "campaign online!" But thats not all! Some people have found new mode's that are'nt on the list. the mode "uber". So why do'nt you try to find new one's. And if you do make it PUBLIC! The maker's of SWBF2, did they put them there for us to find? Or is it a "MYSTERY", wierd ha?
  9. srz i dont have battlefront 1 i have battlefront 2
  10. Type this: /admin /addmap cor1c_c For more camapaign codes click here
  11. A new discovery has been found for SWBF2 Admin commands. There is a way to play "campaign online!" First you have to log into Admin, and type this: /admin /addmap cor1c_c And if you type that you can do campaign online! For more Admin command's for campaign go to: CLICH HERE! Bye!
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