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  1. (Since Cylax's character sheet is going to take up so much room, I'll repost the second character here) NAME: Kal Jordo SPECIES: Mandalorian GENDER: Male AFFILIATION: Bounty Hunter Triad MASTER: While he has no masters, he does look to Slate and Cylax as guides WEAPON: A vibrosword, and twin blaster pistols. He loves to face his enemies at pure close range, complimenting his other two comrades nicely. APPEARANCE: Short black hair, dark brown eyes, and a very well fit body. Mini Bio Until I am less Lazy: Kal is in perfect shape for a mandalorian warrior...well former warrior. He lost his father and sought to avenge him, forgetting his honorable ways as he let anger take over. Rather than be killed due to his father's status as well as his own, he simply was exiled. He then took to bounty hunting to make a living, but he's still adjusting to his old warrior ways.
  2. ((Yes, you two are not alone. Archon and I are just a bit busy at the moment, but we do plan on getting our bounty hunters into the rp shortly. We're just planning out the details of our posts.))
  3. Name: Cylax Noxus Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Dark Brown Age: 30 Gender: Male Species: Human/Cyborg Personality: One of the most ruthless individuals to exist to date, Cylax makes the word brutal look tame. Cunning and incredibly sadistic, Cylax enjoys fighting his targets almost as much as the fear he can inflict. He's a technical genius, often making changes to his armor as well as repairing any damages he or his comrades might get. There are still traces of the man Cylax once was, but only his comrades get to see those features. Characteristics: Ruthless, Determined, Stubborn,Smart Weapon(s): The most infamous part of Cylax is his left arm. Rather than building a completely new cybernetic arm, Cylax chose to make it a weapon. His favorite feature is the Disruptor Rifle. He can fire it a somewhat short shots or charge it for a much deadlier shot. It houses a few missiles, remote mines, and twin blaster rifles. His right arm is equipped with a heavy grappling line. Affiliation: Bounty Hunter 'Triad' Appearance: Without Helmet In Armor - Armor Backstory: Cylax did not become one of the most ruthless individuals over night. His crippling encounter did not justify the actions he took.. Cylax had always been a privileged individual, even from early childhood. His humble beginnings began as the son of a wealthy family. With his parents being hard workers, Cylax was often left alone. He often got what he wanted as a result of his parents working, and this certainly helped shape Cylax's selfish ways. All was not a complete loss for Cylax at this early age. Despite that he could come off as spoiled, he showed impressive intelligence for his age. His skills with technology were just as impressive as well. He did well in the private schools he went to, and despite his bests efforts his parents were rarely around for his accomplishments. This unfortunate negligence gave Cylax his second sour trait...The need for more. Seeing that he could never impress his parents with one feat, he would try to out do himself with another. This carried over into his studies, future relationships, and way of life. During his teen years Cylax would develop his knack for technology further. He was a borderline genius and skillful inventor. His work helped fill the gap that was left by family issues. He got so skilled with his craft that he was able to quickly get a job. Unfortunately it was for a weapons manufacturing group, but at the time a job was a job to him. He helped develop several weapons over the years, including a modified disruptor rifle. He found away to give the weapon a dual firing system. This gave him his first promotion, and last promotion as a civilian. He was working on a new type of ion canon to implement into starships when a thief snuck into his home to take the schematics. His father was wounded during a scuffle between Cylax and the thief and later died of injuries. The thief managed to escape and Cylax was left to mourn with his mother. Rather than wait for justice to find the thief, he chose to do so himself. Armed with his modified disruptor rifle, Cylax managed to track the thief down to an abandoned factory. Cylax executed the thief without any sort of mercy, and almost got away had he not been stopped by a jedi. Despite claming to act in avenging his father the jedi wanted to bring Cylax in. Outraged by being labled as bad as the thief, Cylax refused. The clash that followed was brief...but changed everything about Cylax. Cylax lost his left arm, and fell down a significant drop. He was presumed dead by the rookie jedi and left there. Cylax awoke from a near death like state, and was greeted with incredible pain. He fought through the pain with every ounce of anger he could contain. He fled the scene and rather than get medical attention took matter into his own hands. He created a cybernetic arm for himself and this would begin his reign as one of the most ruthless killers out there. The jedi that did this to him was his new target of revenge. He knew what kind of man he was up against, so he needed to prepare. He crafted a guantlet for his right arm, and equipped it with a special electric coil. He sought the jedi out and battled him once more. When it seemed the jedi would win, Cylax activated the gadget on his right arm. With a final blaster shot, the jedi was no more. The thrill of the second kill was all too much fun for the soon to be hunter. He started taking various jobs, each one more dangerous than the next. He continued to modify himself until he was essentially a walking suit of armor. (More to come later, sleep now)
  4. Nihilus...because he's cool!

  5. I could get behind that idea :p

  6. Since T3-M4 doesn't have much to say in the way of dialogue, I'm also going to replace him with a friendly protocol droid who's not quite so annoying as C-3PO.

  7. One of my new characters is going to be Kory (I haven't decided whether Kory is male or female), a legitimate, run-of-the-mill miner on Peragus who is the last remaining survivor of the purge by HK-50. Kory only lived because she was locked in a Force cage while our favorite assassin droid was running rampant. Sound good?

  8. I can appreciate someone going back to make sure they get the right details...but yeah, if you've played the game you know what people will say.

  9. What I absolutely don't want to do in my story is quote from the game verbatim, like with Kreia's dialogue. There's a story on FanFiction.net, "Alison Wonderland," which pretty much does this, and it's awful even though there are few errors in the story. It's just boring to read, because I know what happens.

  10. He definitely came off as too immature to me as well.

  11. You know what my problem with Atton was? He sounded way too immature and selfish to have committed all the atrocities he did. Also, he was too much of a Han Solo clone, who I never really liked anyway because I preferred Luke.

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