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  1. Nihilus...because he's cool!

  2. I could get behind that idea :p

  3. Since T3-M4 doesn't have much to say in the way of dialogue, I'm also going to replace him with a friendly protocol droid who's not quite so annoying as C-3PO.

  4. One of my new characters is going to be Kory (I haven't decided whether Kory is male or female), a legitimate, run-of-the-mill miner on Peragus who is the last remaining survivor of the purge by HK-50. Kory only lived because she was locked in a Force cage while our favorite assassin droid was running rampant. Sound good?

  5. I can appreciate someone going back to make sure they get the right details...but yeah, if you've played the game you know what people will say.

  6. What I absolutely don't want to do in my story is quote from the game verbatim, like with Kreia's dialogue. There's a story on FanFiction.net, "Alison Wonderland," which pretty much does this, and it's awful even though there are few errors in the story. It's just boring to read, because I know what happens.

  7. He definitely came off as too immature to me as well.

  8. You know what my problem with Atton was? He sounded way too immature and selfish to have committed all the atrocities he did. Also, he was too much of a Han Solo clone, who I never really liked anyway because I preferred Luke.

  9. I'd say Atton was on my list. The others I didn't have too much of a problem with.

  10. Which characters annoyed the crud out of you? Atton, Mira and G0-T0 were tops for me.

  11. I always liked Nihilus. Canderous and HK-47 don't count I suppose being in the first game. Kreia was pretty cool too, as well as the Handmaiden.

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