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  1. (Since Cylax's character sheet is going to take up so much room, I'll repost the second character here)


    NAME: Kal Jordo

    SPECIES: Mandalorian

    GENDER: Male

    AFFILIATION: Bounty Hunter Triad

    MASTER: While he has no masters, he does look to Slate and Cylax as guides

    WEAPON: A vibrosword, and twin blaster pistols. He loves to face his enemies at pure close range, complimenting his other two comrades nicely.

    APPEARANCE: Short black hair, dark brown eyes, and a very well fit body.


    Mini Bio Until I am less Lazy: Kal is in perfect shape for a mandalorian warrior...well former warrior. He lost his father and sought to avenge him, forgetting his honorable ways as he let anger take over. Rather than be killed due to his father's status as well as his own, he simply was exiled. He then took to bounty hunting to make a living, but he's still adjusting to his old warrior ways.

  2. Name: Cylax Noxus

    Eyes: Dark Brown

    Hair: Dark Brown

    Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human/Cyborg

    Personality: One of the most ruthless individuals to exist to date, Cylax makes the word brutal look tame. Cunning and incredibly sadistic, Cylax enjoys fighting his targets almost as much as the fear he can inflict. He's a technical genius, often making changes to his armor as well as repairing any damages he or his comrades might get. There are still traces of the man Cylax once was, but only his comrades get to see those features.

    Characteristics: Ruthless, Determined, Stubborn,Smart

    Weapon(s): The most infamous part of Cylax is his left arm. Rather than building a completely new cybernetic arm, Cylax chose to make it a weapon. His favorite feature is the Disruptor Rifle. He can fire it a somewhat short shots or charge it for a much deadlier shot. It houses a few missiles, remote mines, and twin blaster rifles. His right arm is equipped with a heavy grappling line.

    Affiliation: Bounty Hunter 'Triad'

    Appearance: Without Helmet

    In Armor - Armor

    Backstory: Cylax did not become one of the most ruthless individuals over night. His crippling encounter did not justify the actions he took.. Cylax had always been a privileged individual, even from early childhood. His humble beginnings began as the son of a wealthy family. With his parents being hard workers, Cylax was often left alone. He often got what he wanted as a result of his parents working, and this certainly helped shape Cylax's selfish ways.


    All was not a complete loss for Cylax at this early age. Despite that he could come off as spoiled, he showed impressive intelligence for his age. His skills with technology were just as impressive as well. He did well in the private schools he went to, and despite his bests efforts his parents were rarely around for his accomplishments. This unfortunate negligence gave Cylax his second sour trait...The need for more. Seeing that he could never impress his parents with one feat, he would try to out do himself with another. This carried over into his studies, future relationships, and way of life.


    During his teen years Cylax would develop his knack for technology further. He was a borderline genius and skillful inventor. His work helped fill the gap that was left by family issues. He got so skilled with his craft that he was able to quickly get a job. Unfortunately it was for a weapons manufacturing group, but at the time a job was a job to him.


    He helped develop several weapons over the years, including a modified disruptor rifle. He found away to give the weapon a dual firing system. This gave him his first promotion, and last promotion as a civilian. He was working on a new type of ion canon to implement into starships when a thief snuck into his home to take the schematics. His father was wounded during a scuffle between Cylax and the thief and later died of injuries. The thief managed to escape and Cylax was left to mourn with his mother.


    Rather than wait for justice to find the thief, he chose to do so himself. Armed with his modified disruptor rifle, Cylax managed to track the thief down to an abandoned factory. Cylax executed the thief without any sort of mercy, and almost got away had he not been stopped by a jedi. Despite claming to act in avenging his father the jedi wanted to bring Cylax in. Outraged by being labled as bad as the thief, Cylax refused. The clash that followed was brief...but changed everything about Cylax.


    Cylax lost his left arm, and fell down a significant drop. He was presumed dead by the rookie jedi and left there. Cylax awoke from a near death like state, and was greeted with incredible pain. He fought through the pain with every ounce of anger he could contain. He fled the scene and rather than get medical attention took matter into his own hands. He created a cybernetic arm for himself and this would begin his reign as one of the most ruthless killers out there.


    The jedi that did this to him was his new target of revenge. He knew what kind of man he was up against, so he needed to prepare. He crafted a guantlet for his right arm, and equipped it with a special electric coil. He sought the jedi out and battled him once more. When it seemed the jedi would win, Cylax activated the gadget on his right arm. With a final blaster shot, the jedi was no more. The thrill of the second kill was all too much fun for the soon to be hunter. He started taking various jobs, each one more dangerous than the next. He continued to modify himself until he was essentially a walking suit of armor.

    (More to come later, sleep now)

  3. North Eastern Amerika

    Exact Coordinates Unknown


    It was often difficult to go back to sleep when suddenly awakening from a dreadful nightmare...if only the people in this forest were dreaming. These people had been dragged from their homes, and all lined up like the good little sheep that they were. Many soldiers stood ever so silently, making the wind the loudest thing in the area when it passed by. It was careful though, as if it too did not wish to come across such a horrible thing.


    A woman suddenly spoke up among the mute crowd, pleading with the soldiers to let them go. Her cries went answered...but not by the soldier. The man of the hour himself approached the woman. The Red Skull was certainly someone to be feared, and these people did just that. He was the shepard, and they were now his sheep.


    A few feet from him stood another being who was just as quiet as the soldiers. A large purple cape was draped over the figure, covering almost the entire body. Only the domed helmet stuck out, which the being didn't mind in the slightest. A small smile curved on the figure's face. The reason for it was the thought of what these people would see if they were to gaze in that general direction. They would be greeted with their own reflection, and there were high hopes they would do so in their final moments. The second reason was simply due to the fact that no one would see the smile in the first place.


    Mysterio watched the next series of events quite intently. The fire that soon smothered these fine folks came as both a welcoming sight and yet another headache. Fire was a beautiful creature when danced with properly. She was elegant and her movements could only be matched with an equal amount of grace. Such a fast movement like this could hardly be enjoyed let alone savored. It was brutal, and quite horrific...a classic mark of the Red Skull. The masked marvel moved towards Red Skull with a calm stride.


    "Subtle as usual, aren't we?" Mysterio said with every bit of wit he could fit into that sentence.


    No man or woman would dare speak to the Red Skull in such a way. Mysterio was no man or woman though, a soon to be god. With such a title and power to back those words up meant Mysterio feared no back lash from the man. Mysterio had brought down the X-Men, and in turn made a real name for "Mysterio" that day. The domed genius was also aware of this Red Skull's accomplishments. As such his words were not of arrogance or disapproval in his choice. He was simply speaking to the Red Skull as an equal unlike the rest of his soldiers. Mysterio knew how Red Skull viewed people like that, and Mysterio would be no puppet like these soldiers.


    "Though I did enjoy the bit with the family reunions, it was a very nice touch" Mysterio added before letting out a light chuckle.

  4. Name: Unknown

    Villain Name: Mysterio

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Possibly Male

    Appearance: Mysterio wears a green body suit, padded for extra protection. His boots and gloves are a yellow color, with some decal work on the gauntlets. His two most iconic features are the purple cape he wears, which can cover his entire body minus the most important part. Referred to as a "fish bowl" by many a long time ago. The domed visor is no longer a laughing joke.

    Personality: The most noticeable feature of Mysterio is the tranquility. Mysterio is a being who can keep composure better than almost every other villain out there. Not even in the face of failure does the masked master lose any sort of cool. This calmness is accompanied with quite a large ego given Mysterio's past. A near godlike complex makes getting under Mysterio's skin a very difficult feat. All are beneath Mysterio with team-ups with other villains being nothing more than a temporary necessity. Despite this new found ego, Mysterio can respect other villains...and even some of these heroes. One of the most interesting things to come from this ego is his lack of vengeance. No need to get back at those who might have mocked Mysterio in the past, or to bask in the news of Spiderman's death. Mysterio has no need for vengeance, as Mysterio is above such petty things.

    Powers: Those who heard Mysterio's name in the past look to the parlor tricks and other uses of illusion. Such "magic" is for a mere mortal perhaps, but to this Mysterio? Only true power can be wielded by this Mysterio. Only true power could topple the X-Men themselves. Mysterio's use of magic is something to truly be feared.

    Skills: Mysterio possesses a superior intellect and is a tactician in battle.

    History: Mysterio is truly one of the most mysterious villains to walk this planet. The arrival of the domed villain came as a shock to almost everyone. Mysterio was sent to deal with Wolverine and the other X-Men. It was most likely a suicide mission, yet what happened on that mission would cause of the most significant victories for villains. Mysterio not only managed to trick Wolverine himself, but have the clawed brute take down the X-Men in the process.


    That was the day Mysterio was no longer mocked by fellow villains. There was talk about Mysterio though. Rumors quickly spread that the Mysterio that defeated the X-Men was not the Mysterio who battled Spiderman many times. This Mysterio was met with both praise and fear...both were very much welcomed. This was a long time ago, and many years have passed.


    Mysterio is now one of the key figures, standing along side such menacing villains as the Red Skull. Despite the many years, Mysterio doesn't seem to have taken effect to age. This is difficult due to no one seeing what hides behind that costume, but the voice sounds very similar. How is such a feat possible though? Is Mysterio's magic powerful enough to keep the master in peak condition? Is this another version of Mysterio, perhaps a new one? Is this Mysterio even human? The answer to those questions...is a mystery.

    Equipment: A god needs no equipment.


    Corny ending to the history...but needed. A special note is that Mysterio isn't obviously a god and neither are his abilities. He's powerful but no where close to godly...he just thinks he's that good :p

  5. Velox's head turned towards Varik when the jedi spoke up. It certainly seemed this jedi was comfortable with him being on the same ship. Then again Velox had taken note of Varik's behavior over someone like Per'dra. He recalled the last words she spoke before going unconscious. He couldn't wait to taunt her for not making a move against anyone on this ship. He glanced to Avriela briefly before looking back to the jedi, chuckling once more. It felt good to be able to laugh again without the pain.


    "I would have look forward to that fight, Varik" Velox answered, speaking the jedi's name.


    It seemed he at least had some allies on this ship, and the more he spoke to them...the better his chances of going free went up. It was good to have one of the jedi on speaking terms with him. Then again Varik was a unique jedi, and he a unique sith. Perhaps Varik picked up on Velox's lack of hatred for the jedi. It was true, he didn't actually hate them. Hate was a great weapon to a sith, but a completely conscious Velox never used it. Pride was his weapon of choice when fighting. When he slipped into that primal state though...that was a different story.


    He turned his head towards Avriela once more as she spoke of choices. He didn't entirely understand what the issue with the sith was. He understood why she wanted to be free of them, but he was not in the same ship with her. When he defeated this higher power, he would be highly praised for this accomplishment. He chose to ignore this statement, instead choosing to answer her question.


    "Per'dra," Velox answered. "You'd think the other Per'dra and I would get along," he added, chuckling at his own joke.


    Jokes wouldn't do much for the sith other than show that he was indeed different than the average power seeking sith. The only problem with Avriela's question was he didn't have an answer to it. Velox had always been his name since it was given to him. Perhaps he did have a name before, but he couldn't remember much of anything besides being found by the sith. He looked to Varik, and then to Avriela.


    "Velox is the only name I can recall. As I said before, things before my time with the sith are a blur."

  6. As he waited, Velox was lost in the words of that man. What he said was both highly accurate yet also incorrect. He only chuckled at the eye comment and decided it was best not to mention the facemask that covered the entirety of his face. He would most likely be met with abuse that he could not defend himself against at the moment. He would have killed Avriela, Per'dra, and the others if he had been given the chance during the fight.


    Every word about what he said about him fighting was correct. He would have loved every second of that fight. He had killed many before and would continue to do so. The innocent though? That was a different story, and was something he was punished for never actually doing. There was no sport in the lives of the innocent, no fun nor challenge either.


    "Everyone has something that they regret. A path not taken, a choice not made...a life not lived. Everyone has regrets Velox. Even the jedi."


    Velox tilted his head at this, almost believing the statement she spoke. He was certain that such a statement could be applied to most beings, but he was above such a thing. Regret? He was a skilled sith warrior, and basically got whatever he wanted. Why would he regret such a life? The life he had before failed in comparison. Only briefly did his mind flash back to the day he was discovered. Only briefly did he see the dense rainfall that wash away the blood on his flesh.


    "I was actually going to ask you who you were before you joined the Sith. Were you a Jedi? A loner with force abilities? Or were you simply raised in the Sith Empire?"


    Velox let out his signature chuckle at this request. So she wanted to get to know her enemy did she?


    "I guess there's no harm in that answer. I suppose the last two questions are correct, my dear Avriela. It was a stormy night when some sith scouts discovered me. Before then I had been a loner. I barely knew what the force was or how it worked. Back then it was simply instinct to me. I had been in the deep woods for sometime...but I do not recall why. I came across one of the most incredible spectacles I had ever seen. It was a duel between two jedi and two sith. The way their sabers clashed was both terrifying yet spectacular at the same time. There was something about the red sabers that I didn't like and when one of them drew near that instinct kicked in...I attacked and killed the sith with a blade I had made on my own."


    Velox shifted slightly as he took a break in his recollection of his time before being a sith. He gazed at Avriela, wondering what she thought of his little tale so far.


    "The fight with the other three was highly difficult, but I did no go without injury. To be honest I still don't know how I survived that night. The scouts found me and took me back. I thought for sure I was done for, but my body had nothing left in me and I blacked out. When I awoke, I was put on some sort of trial by sith lords. While angered I had killed two warriors, they were just as impressed with the entire outcome. They decided I would make a powerful sith...and you know the rest."


    One key thing about Velox's story was something he knew nothing about. How had he survived that encounter? Why was he in the woods in the first place? Why had he been surprised about Avriela's description of him when he attacked their group?


    All of these questions have one thing in common that Velox could not see for he was simply unaware of what happened before all of this. His unique fighting style was not so much a style at all...but the desperation of a survivor. He tapped into a state of desperation and as a result became a brutal and vicious assailant. Whatever Avriela had seen of him was not a conscious version of himself, but that pure instinct taking over.


    "You know that man is right about me...I would have tried to kill you all," he said to Avriela. His tone wasn't threatening though despite the words he spoke.

  7. Velox felt Avriela move him towards a bench after his little slip up. People did indeed do things that they regretted later in life. Could Velox be considered one of those people? He was a sith, and quite a skilled one. He enjoyed fighting jedi, and the power he had. He had no problem with killing, and liked the presence he gave off. He certainly wasn't regretful of being a sith, that much he knew.


    He began to feel the healing effects of the medkit as Avriela tended to his wounds. This was her chance to completely be rid of him if she really wanted to. For this thought, Velox had what little guard he could keep up ready. A small noise escaped his masked lips as she worked.


    "You wanted to speak with me on something?" he asked a bit cautiously. "...and what makes you think I have something to regret?" he added.

  8. The sith rolled his head slightly and let out a minor groan. Whatever this talk was going to be about was probably something he wasn't going to look forward to. Its not like he could really do anything about it in his current condition, so he might as well sit back and try to enjoy the ride for now. They weren't showing any true hostility towards him, simply caution and uneasiness. Avriela suddenly spoke to him about getting on their ship and aiding them or walking to his ship which was quite far away. Basically the choice was face possible imprisonment or bleed out trying to get to his own ship...such wonderful choices.


    He looked back, almost considering the second option. He had survived in the past with overwhelming odds, he should be able to do it again. He turned around ready to tell them to fight on their own...then the pain came. He clutched his chest once more and stumbled back once more. He wouldn't make it walking to his ship and he couldn't even attempt to run. He moved into their ship, looking around at the interior. He only got a small glance before the interior began to spin around in his head. The dizziness combined with the pain dropped him to his knees as he coughed. He felt some blood hit the inside of his mask, and he tired to spit it out the side of his mask. He simply looked up to Avriela.


    "...I am at your mercy," came his reply. If she wanted to take him on the ship, it was their call now. Leave him? Also their call. Give him the necessary medical attention he needed? Also their call.

  9. As if all these little adjustments weren't strange enough to Velox, Avriela added more confusion to the pile. Now she didn't want to see him hurt? Hadn't they just had a small duel a short while ago? Hadn't he told her he had to kill her? Now he had said it wasn't anything personal, and wouldn't have enjoyed fighting her unless the fight would have turned out to be good. Still to speak that way about a would have been attacker was...very strange. The next comment directed at him was both practical, yet also strange.


    Velox turned his head towards Per'dra, watching the jedi look to him. He would have rolled his eyes...err eye, but he didn't really see the point in doing so. Hadn't she thanked him a little bit ago? Perhaps it had been directed at someone else. As far as he recalled the fight though, he had been the next one in combat after recovering and stopped Voleran from hitting her with lightning. At least she was taking a bit more of an expected approach, especially after he had attacked her too. Besides, he had already been hurt enough in his life time. This pain, while not pleasant wasn't too fatal.


    "A chat?" Velox asked, snapping out of some minor daydreams. "What about exactly?" he added as he started to walk...well tried.

  10. Velox looked down at the ground. This moment of weakness was not something he enjoyed in the slightest. He was completely helpless, at the mercy of the jedi. Maybe he could fight? It was highly doubtful he could take any of them on at this state. Maybe Per'dra and the other jedi, but that was only due to them being in bad states as well. He felt a force get him to his feet, making him tilt his head as another jedi looked to him. He simply chuckled when the jedi asked if he needed to be carried. His ribs hurt, as well as his face but he wasn't about to let someone carry him. He was a powerful sith warrior, not a small child any longer...


    Why help him? This was their chance to eliminate him as well, yet no one seemed to show signs of attacking. He could certainly sense some uncertainty, but no desire to make the first move. Even if he wanted to make the first move, he wouldn't last a minute. His gaze turned to Avriela, certainly not used to being defended either.


    "How sweet," he replied, followed by a small chuckle as it caused him pain to laugh.


    Not being accustomed to such odd treatment as this, the response itself was simply a defense mechanism. The thoughts of saying Thank You might have crossed his mind, but he honestly didn't know how to say them. Being so kind wasn't exactly something he was known for. He showed honor to jedi, but certainly not sheer kindness.


    "I don't need an escort, I can walk just fine" Velox said.


    He wasn't about to let anyone help him, even if Varik was a much preferred jedi here. He certainly seemed better, but he didn't know any of them very well. He'd rather just go back to his ship, but sadly his was quite far away. Maybe their ship was closer and he could get some sort of treatment. After that he wasn't sure what they'd do. Would they just let him walk away? Would they take him captive? For now it was best to play by their rules for now. He didn't want to do anything drastic. He started to walk towards Avriela, the mask hiding any pain he was physically showing. Once he got close enough to the former sith he held out both of his lightsabers to her.


    "I'm sure one of you was going to ask me to remove them anyway," he said.

  11. Velox snarled slightly as Voleran jumped back from his swing. The rocks were never intended to hurt Voleran, but to simply let Velox get closer to the former jedi. He was starting to get very annoyed with the way Voleran was fighting. He was one who used his powers over his lightsaber, which was never any real fun for the sith. He got ready to attack Voleran once more, with the intentions on ending this fight. He was already growing tired with Voleran's fighting tactics. He twirled his saber for a moment, getting ready to join one of the jedi in combat...


    Thank? Thank you? Velox looked around for a moment as Per'dra spoke those words. She couldn't possibly be talking to him, could she? He had been the next one to attack Voleran after he attacked Per'dra. It seemed he had actually helped her as well. This made him feel a little uncomfortable, as thanks was rarely something he was given. On top of that was the subject of teamwork. He didn't do much of that either, so his cooperation skills were poor. He was obviously taken by surprise by the thanks, and as a result almost missed the rest of the fight. As if things weren't odd enough for Velox, he watched as the mysterious shadow seemed to fly into the air, leaving Voleran's body forever. So he hadn't gotten to Voleran, nor had he killed Avriela. Now he was with about four jedi, and his ribs were still hurting from Voleran's attack.


    "So...go team?" Velox asked, turning to Avriela. He chuckled before dropping to one knee, his ribs still hurting him. He was not in a good position right now.

  12. Every now and then in a fight, Velox would get injured. It was to be expected when fighting a powerful foe, and shouldn't slow a warrior down. Getting hit with large rocks wasn't exactly something one got up from without some degree of pain. Velox could feel it in his chest the second the jedi let him go. He'd still be able to fight, but there was a very strong chance that he'd have to get his ribs looked at. Of course one of these jedi would be more than glad to heal him when the fight was over...he chuckled at the thought, knowing that wasn't going to happen.


    For some reason it felt a little nice to lie on the ground as he did. Maybe that's because his facemask had fallen off...Velox looked around, quickly clinging onto it once he found it. He suddenly found it was much easier to breath, taking note of the lack of weight on his body now. Only briefly did he look to see Varik standing over him. For a few seconds Varik would have caught a cybernetic eye staring at him before being covered by his facemask. Now the visor glowed red as he got to his feet on his own.


    He simply gave Varik a nod to indicate his agreement in this little scuffle. A smirk was hidden on his face as he knew this fight was going to be a good one. He was beginning to like this jedi as he spoke about how Voleran was fighting with force powers over lightsaber combat. Once they could get Voleran to do that, it would be game over for him. He glanced to the rocks behind him, then towards Voleran. His left hand reached out to lift them up with the force.


    "Or we make him, jedi" Velox said to Varik. With that he threw the rocks at Voleran while running towards him. He flipped over Voleran and swung horizontally at him. If Varik caught on to what he was doing, then he left the other side for him open. Then the two of them could attack from either side.

  13. Velox launched himself forward at incredible speeds, keeping up with Avriela with a good amount of ease. The temporary alliance would obviously go well between the two sith...well sith and former sith. Still, he wondered if she was expecting him to cut them all down in the blink of an eye. The jedi that was currently with them seemed to understand him better than she did. He had actually deactivated his blades and would have allowed the fight to continue. Perhaps he wouldn't have to worry about this group once this mystery was solved after all.


    He soon arrived on the scene as Avriela did, watching the events of a battle unfold in front of him. He watched as a jedi plunged his lightsaber into... Former Jedi Master Voleran's stomach. The man he was supposed to bring back was now currently suffering a very fatal wound. Velox stepped forward, ready to intervene in the fight. What stopped him was the sudden tingling sensation he got. He felt something powerful through the force, looking around for the source.


    The sudden screaming of Voleran caught the sith off guard. Something was definitely off in this situation, so much so that he couldn't even pretend it was all a clever act. What really threw the whole thing together was the change in his eyes...or the lack of his eyes now. They were a pure ebony black and made for a very eerie look. Even the man's voice was off as he spoke. He glanced to Avriela for a few seconds, taking all this information in.


    Without another moment of hesitation he leaped into the fray. He did this for two reasons. The first was the obvious one of wanting to look good for the group. By helping them now at least he wouldn't have to worry about all of them. The second was the excitement of a good fight. Whatever this thing was had some serious power. He activated a lightsaber and looked to Per'dra now.


    "Miss me?" he asked, chuckling lightly before looking towards "Valoran". "Sorry pal, but I've got dibs on that already. Looks like you'll have to fight me too, but don't be scared in fact you should be honored to fight someone like me."

  14. Velox tilted his head to the side as Avriela spoke. Darth Sevaris was dead? The only problem Velox was having was remembering just who exactly that was. He pondered for a moment, soon matching the name to a face. To be perfectly honest, he wasn't phased by this news. A sith mourning the death of another was fairly unheard of. He only recalled being informed of the death moments before heading to retrieve the former jedi. They could have easily killed Sevaris in an attempt to trick him.


    It was the Rakghouls that had more worth in her argument. He had observed the creatures fighting the group and had noticed their odd behavior. They were still stupid beasts, but they had fought much better than one of them usually would have. What brought him back from his train of thought was her threat towards him. The threat caused him to chuckle, but made him shiver slightly.


    "You know what? I believe you would, and then you'd give me a real good fight," Velox answered.


    His answer seemed to show he was stubborn as he arrogantly welcomed her threat. Velox wasn't a stupid man though, Avriela had to have known that if she was taking this much time to speak to him rather than fight him. The truth of the matter was that Velox was actually processing the information as he stood there. Even if they had killed Servaris, they couldn't have known he would be here. So why would they plan to trick him, when they hadn't expected him? Her theory was...plausible. He glanced towards the man known as Varik, taking note of how he had deactivated his blades. He looked back towards Avriela as she spoke about him and what he could do. His first response would be the deactivation of his lightsaber.


    "Come, let's go see this mystery warrior of yours then" Velox said. He looked towards Varik once more. Without a fear of her blade, Velox walked towards her. "Don't be so quick to judge...I figured you of all people would know that," he whispered. "You lead, I'll follow. If you fear a stab in the back...don't. I'm much more interested in seeing just what this force can do."

  15. Velox couldn't help but laugh as she spoke to him. It seemed almost childish, the first response she gave him. A willingness to die for someone else? The very concept was incredibly outrageous to him. He was way too skilled to die in combat, let alone willingly do such a thing. Now she was beginning to talk about some sort of force that was giving her little group trouble. Was he really going to believe that those words were true?


    "As much as I'd enjoy fighting this thing, I'm pretty sure you're just trying to save your skin here. Sadly though, that's not gonna happen" Velox answered. "Unless I see this with my very own eyes, I'm not gonna be changing my opinion."


    He broke off the clash once he heard someone else speak. It seemed another one of these people was a jedi as well. He nearly spat as Avriela offered to let him join in on their fight. That simply was not going to happen on Velox's watch. Velox believed strongly in a one on one fight. While Velox was a highly skilled duelist, this was not the reason behind his belief. The sith maurder did have a good amount of honor to him. This was also a weakness to him, as this meant he would be allowing


    "No, this is a fight between two sith warriors" Velox said as he looked to the jedi. He did not think to correct himself on stating Avriela as a former sith, nor did he plan to. Perhaps this was simply due to not caring, or that he did view her as a warrior still. "He joins, and I will hunt down your friend Per'dra. Don't think for a second that I won't kill her. I felt her anger, Avriela. I can play her with absolute ease."

  16. Velox watched as she too took a defensive stance. Though it would go unnoticed, he raised an eyebrow as she spoke to him. Had she really called that jedi her friend? Was she trying to imply the last part was directed at him? He wasn't entirely certain on that part, but why would he care anyway? It seemed he would have to make the first move. He lunged forward with his saber, locking it up against her own blade.


    "Friend? You mean the coward you left you here alone? Some friend," he said.


    He loved the sound the sabers made when they clashed up like that. The intensity that came with it added to that effect. While she wasn't his main target, at least he was getting a fight he wanted. Still something bugged him about this. What exactly was she talking about? Did she think she knew him to make a statement like that? That he would act a certain way in a given situation?


    "What are you talking about, and what makes you so sure of that?" Velox asked, keeping his calm yet arrogant composure about him.

  17. NAME: None, Vaclava may call it whatever she pleases

    GENDER: Unknown, though it has a masculine physique

    AGE: Unknown

    RACE: Golem



    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Can communicate with Valclava telepathically .

    WEAKNESSES: While it is a large hulking mass with seemingly no drawbacks,

    BACKSTORY: Created by Ostren and soon put to sleep after a short "birth" The golem would not awaken from its slumber until a teenage girl went exploring...

    APPEARANCE: A large walking suit of armor


    I'm not sure what kind you wanted so I went with metal/steel. I'll edit to earthy/stone if that's what you were looking for :)

  18. Darth Velox continued to sprint at the jedi woman, the thrill of fresh fight beginning to sink in. The sound of another lightsaber hummed, not too far from his current position. A purple saber came into view, the blade of Avriela no doubt. Velox leaped into the air, spinning twice as he dodged her attack. The confident sith knew he wouldn't have the female jedi for long, which meant he'd have to finish her off fast now. The thought was temporarily cut short as something shot up under him. It seemed these two worked well and managed to catch him off guard. This little sneak attack wouldn't work a second time on him though.


    Soon he was back on solid ground, but the jedi woman had gotten away. He got more than he needed though...her name. Per'dra, and someone named Zarev had just been added to his kill list. He knew chasing after Per'dra would only end with Avriela chasing after him. It seemed he'd have to deal with her first after all. He chuckled lightly as he looked to her, remembering the academy days. His different style was odd for anyone to watch, even fellow sith in Avriela's case.


    "Avriela...You still look as lovely as ever," Velox said.


    He was back to a relaxed stance as he waited for her to make the first move. He knew her to be quick, but speed was also his ally. He had no need for sheer strength with speed and agility on his side. He cracked his neck once more as he got into a relaxed stance.


    "You know there's no hard feelings, right? I'm just doing what I have to do. If you want to throw your life away to save that jedi, then so be it."

  19. The sith warrior kept on course with his jedi target, the urge to fight growing with each step he took. He couldn't wait to clash sabers with her, to look at her facial expressions as they fought. He wanted to see if she'd be a worthy challenge, or nothing more than another dull kill. The jedi turned, and he guessed this was the part where she would turn around to face him. A silver blur dashed towards him at incredible speeds, forcing the sith warrior to duck and slide. The warrior listened as the blur came back, this time making him roll to the right. The jedi had not only initiated the first move, but halted his advance at the same time.


    The sith got to a standing position as the jedi woman now turned to face him. Maybe she wasn't as cowardly as he thought. He gazed into her eyes, seeing not a keeper of peace but fierce determination. Not only that but he definitely anger and frustration in her eyes as well. He could hear that in the way she spoke to him. This only caused him to tilt his head as he eyed her up. On the outside he looked completely calm, but inside there was some concern along with excitement.


    "Such hostile words for such a pretty face," came his reply.


    Despite the woman's anger, she was indeed attractive. The flirtation on his end wasn't genuine though, more to infuriate her further. His hand casually moved towards his belt, pulling out a single lightsaber from it. He activated the blade as he watched the jedi woman. He was going to play off her anger and give himself a good fight from it.


    "Don't worry, I'll make your death quick and painless" he said before lunging towards the jedi, swinging his blade diagonally at her.

  20. Rakghouls, such dreadful creatures. Maybe if these beasts had a bit more intelligence they'd be almost considered useful. Instead they served as nothing more than fodder to this group. One by one they fell, each more useless than the last The cloaked figure watched this, shaking his head slightly. This group was currently in his way, which meant he'd have the pleasure of dealing with them. The figure watched as one of them suddenly started to sprint away from the group. A smirk appeared on his masked face, shaking his head once more as they made this way too easy for him. The others were finishing off the last of the Rakghoul with another jedi stabbing the last one.


    The figure tilted his head to the right as he observed the second jedi. The face of hers...it was familiar. The smirk turned into a smile as he watched his secondary objective turn to look at the other members of the group. He would deal with her after he dealt with this other jedi. His armored fingers tapped on a rock lightly as he turned his head back towards the fleeing jedi. Where was she running to exactly? To be honest he didn't care as the thought briefly entered his mind. What concerned him more was how good of an entrance could he make. He was certain that more Rakghoul would show up soon, so he wouldn't have to worry about the group for some time.


    It would be quite rude though is he didn't at least show his masked face to these "guests" of his. The terrain he stood on had done its job of hiding him for long enough now. He turned his head left and right slightly to crack his neck before making his way towards the edge. He turned and leaped down towards the ground below him, doing a few flips as he neared the targeted area. His feet hit the ground as his body was in a crouched position. His right hand was curled up into a fist as it too touched the ground. Slowly he stood up turning to look directly at Avriela.


    He gazed at her for several seconds, but if felt like a much longer period of time. Everything about his appearance screamed sith warrior, even if his sabers were not out yet. The black robes, and the armor that accompanied them just weren't jedi material. The one thing that differentiated him from a normal looking sith warrior was his mask. A small red visor went across his mask giving it a slightly eerie glow when his hood was up. He broke his masked gaze from Avriela for only a few moments to look to the others in the group. Soon his head turned back to stare at the former sith.


    "You're next," came his slightly distorted voice due to the mask.


    He wasn't here to fight all of them just yet. Oh no, their time would come soon after he killed the lone jedi. He had picked her first simply because she was away from the group and he could fight her one on one. Had he tried to get Avriela first the others would more than likely come to her aid. That in itself was surprising. Were they not aware of her former alliance to the Sith Empire? He certainly hoped not as he would get the privilege of telling her little "friends" just who she was. Such joy it would bring him to watch the look of horror on her face. That would wait until he had killed the first jedi though. He brought two fingers towards his forehead and gave Avriela a mock salute before turning around and sprinting towards Per'dra. As he ran he concentrated on the force, wanting to get some extra speed to catch up to her. He wouldn't be denied his fight, and he was looking forward to every second of that.

  21. NAME: Darth Velox

    AFFILIATION: Sith Empire

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 29

    SPECIES: Human/Cyborg


    WEAPONS: Two red lightsabers

    EQUIPMENT: Hooded armored robes and facemask

    OCCUPATION: Sith Marauder

    HISTORY: Darth Velox is far from a traditional sith warrior. Yes, he fights for what the sith believe in, but he never actually went through proper trials. Upon discovering Velox, the lords of the time deemed what he had been through sufficient enough. Why was he allowed to pass the trials? As stated, Velox is not a traditional sith. When he was found, the bodies of two sith warriors and one jedi were found with him. Velox was not without injury though. Rather than be executed, Velox was taken in and given cybernetics for his injuries, mainly his left eye was replaced and a few features on his face. Velox was force sensitive, and had already proven himself to be a very capable warrior.


    He was trained by a sith lord, who tried his best to teach Velox. He had been without training for so long, that proper ways didn't seem to work with him. The sith was about to give up until he considered a dual saber approach to Velox. It seemed to be a bit too natural the way Velox handled two blades, but was much more successful. His connection to the force was still different, but in time he was able to learn some force abilities.


    Velox is a very arrogant individual, who believes himself to be one of the best sith out there. His cockiness exceeds any other quality in him, due to the "treatment" he got while training. His odd relationship with the force is what truly makes him a deadly opponent. His fighting style is difficult to read and combined with his gifted speed and agility makes him a tough assailant. He loves a good fight, often going out of his way to make a fight last. This desire to fight can be traced back to when he was first discovered by the sith. What came with that though was something less desirable...some nobility. He has a sense of honor for those who put up a good fight, which is frowned upon. He shows loyalty to the Empire so its often looked past.


    With the death of a recent sith, Velox has been assigned to finish the job. He's tasked with getting the information, and taking care of anyone who gets in his way. His secondary task is to deal with the traitor Arivela, if he comes into contact with her. He only knows her a little bit, but is aware that she has been on the run for some time.


    NAME: Paron Nauss

    AFFILIATION: Republic

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 16

    SPECIES: Human

    APPEARANCE: Dark chocolate brown hair sat on top of Paron's head. It was so dark one would just assume his hair was black. Crisp green eyes filled with the heart of a thrill seeker were often accompanied by a cheery smile. Due to his time spent in the sun, his skin was tan but no where near close to sun-kissed. With no need to train, his body was simply average in terms of physique.

    WEAPONS: None


    OCCUPATION: Student

    HISTORY: Paron was a fairly easy going individual, with no real problems in his childhood. He got along well with other kids and rarely complained when his parents asked him to do something. Despite his average sort of lifestyle, Paron would not be considered average if he was aware of his uniqueness. Paron was gifted with natural force abilities, and this gift would soon prove to be a curse. During a raid on his hometown by the Sith Empire, his parents were killed in the skirmish. The warriors present were looking for those gifted individuals to either eliminate or recruit. With Paron, they would do neither of these things. In a moment of rage Paron killed one of the attackers, using the element of surprise and the force as his ally. Paron died soon after that encounter.

  22. Hank looked over at Hizuni and let out a laugh. He wasn't trying to insult the girl, it was more a laugh of approval.


    "I like her Kai, she knows who to good ones on the team are. Mr. lightshow over here would have done nothing but blind the poor girl," Hank said teasing Ming in the process.


    He hoped they'd get called into action soon, as he was anxious to use his abilities. Perhaps this little sparring session might not be so bad after all. Maybe he'd even get to see Shana fuse with that very creepy Pandora...creepy to him at least.


    "I guess I'm up for whatever you had in mind Hizuni," he told her.

  23. Hank listened to the conversation, snickering every now and then. He found it amusing the soldiers were annoyed with the mages getting this "special treatment". To him it sounded like a bunch of kids being upset because it's the other's birthday and he gets to wear a little crown. At the same time he was a bit excited by this news. He chuckled this time before looking to Juno.


    "Well I say who needs them. The way I see it is we get a nice little challenge now," he said rather amused.


    Hank turned and glanced at Ming.


    "As much as I'd love to hit someone...I mean pay a visit, I think we need some proof before we can."

  24. Vakarr stared back at Emi taking in her brief yet strong words in. She was willing to protect him, even if the thought of him getting caught was still in his head. No one had gone to lengths of that for someone like him, and that meant a lot...the fact that it meant something to him was significant in itself. He continued to stare at her until he found himself smiling which caused him to turn his head away. After a few seconds he remembered she couldn't see that and turned his head back to her.


    "Very well," he said. "Just don't blame me if we get caught," he said a lighter joking tone.

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