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  1. Vakarr stared Per'dra down as she began to speak. The two were toe to toe and practically nose to nose...helmet in this case. He listened to her words, and how she simply wanted to survive the Purge. An understandable goal, but not one strong enough to continue to lead on. This connection she spoke of, whoever was guiding her had gotten them away from danger and tried to set them on the path to the Dwarves. The sudden cry of an archer hadn't startled him. The sound of him firing an arrow hadn't started him either. His armor was tough, a mere arrow wouldn't do anything to harm him. Per'dra catching the arrow? That did managed to startle him. He watched as she held the arrow, her eyes glaring at him. She wanted to attack him with that arrow. Vakarr did nothing as she stared at him, arrow still in her hands. If she wanted to fight, he would certainly give her one. He never took his eyes off Per'dra's own, just waiting. He currently had mixed emotions. He wanted her to do it, attack him. He wanted her to stand up to him, to break free from fear. Perhaps he also wanted a reason to attack her as well. His eyes darted to the arrow in her hands for a second, then they were locked back with her own. Did he in turn fear her? No, he couldn't fear anyone else. Earlier he had thought of her as different from her kind, something he still believed. Why did he want her to attack then? He stood his ground, but did not reach for a weapon or raise his fists to combat her. He watched as she split the arrow in half and tossed it aside. He stayed silent, breathing slowly as she spoke. Why was she asking for his opinion on what to do? Vakarr was taken by surprise from this as well. Despite what had just happened she still asked him. She seemed angry and perhaps a little upset when speaking that he was suppose to be her ally. She saw him as an ally? Instead of silencing him, she wanted his opinion...did she really value it? The question of why he wanted to attack her popped back up. Did he want her to attack because he was looking for a fight...or did he want her to because he was afraid. Not of her, not of anyone else. He feared he might actually be a part of this group, a valued member. "Right now? There is nothing you can do. Staying silent was the best option for now," he said as he began calming down. Vakarr continued to stare at Per'dra. She was close enough that she could see his eyes through his helmet. He knew this as he was certain she was choosing which eye to take out. His eyes had been fierce, menacing, threatening...just like him. "Archer. Thei...our leader is still injured from the trap. She will require some treatment. We can wait until our allies prove that we are not a threat. However, your leader might find out about the attempted murder that went on here, and how an order to guard this group was blatantly disobeyed. You're a strong warrior though, and I know it won't need to come to that. Its a simple request, and this treatment could be preformed right here if need be." Vakarr kept a respectful tone, not wanting to ruin Akierra and Tegan's chances to speak with the Dark Elves. As Vakarr spoke these words to the archer, his gaze never met the dark elf. They stayed with Per'dra most of the time, and only to Emi for a few passing seconds before going back to Per'dra. For a mere second or two, his eyes softened ever so slightly. He took a step back from Per'dra to further ease the tension in the group. "You asked me what you should do next? I would try to contact this...connection you speak of, rather than keep waiting to be contacted. A more open line might be beneficial to the group." Vakarr suggested. "Oh, and keep your dog in line. If it speaks up again, I will smash its skull in." The threat towards Meara was necessary in his head. All he did was fix the mistakes he made minutes ago, he wasn't getting soft with this group. He couldn't possibly, this was temporary. He was still a powerful warrior and would not be threatened by a common barmaid.
  2. That would be neat if he got back on here.

  3. At first Vakarr drew his mighty sword. Despite being surrounded, he was preparing to place a protection spell over himself and attack these archers. Then he saw more and more and quickly realized they would soon lose that fight. He put his weapon away as he slowly looked around, and to his joy soon found out who they were. Dark Elves. Finally, some class amongst this mostly human group. He didn't blame the elves for keeping them like this. The group was mostly human afterall, they couldn't be trusted at the moment. He felt confident when Tegan spoke in the native tongue. He didn't know what she was saying, he just knew it was the language. What came next was dream crushing for Vakarr. The Dark Elves were letting Tegan and Akierra into the city...but the others had to stay here, him included. Vakarr's head darted to Tegan, and now was tempted to remove his helmet. His hidden eyes pleaded for him to come as well. He didn't want to have to stay here, he shouldn't have to. Soon the three were gone and Vakarr was stuck with the others. Vakarr couldn't believe what had just happened. They...they rejected him, just as the humans did. All these years he respected their race and finally he got a chance to meet his mother's people...and they saw him as nothing more than a threat, something different. The humans saw him as different, as a threat...even from childhood. He refused to believe that his mother's race could do the same...they just couldn't. The armored tank looked around at the archers with a new hatred. He didn't need the Dark Elves. They wanted to judge him, well then he could do the same. He looked back to his own group, silently judging them. They were the same, everyone was the same. They feared him, they felt threatened by him, they hated him...everyone did. "A real leader would have gotten us out of this," Vakarr said to Per'dra. "A real leader would have had two or three people take care of the ferry while the others slept. A real leader would have had the strength to carry her cowardly friend out of a bar. You have done none of these things. You are weak, pathetic! Following you will do nothing but get this group killed!" Vakarr's hidden pain, and anger over what happened was not something he could simply ignore. Sadly it seemed he was going to take this pain out on poor Per'dra.
  4. Phantom Knight, CommanderQ, and SkywalkerRules to name a few

  5. Aww, thank you very much =) Its a shame a few people left though.

  6. No problem. You're an absolutely talented writer and a lot of fun to rp with. Its easy to see why you got it. =)

  7. Things are getting a little busy at college for me, so I may or may not be able to join your new rp. I'll still be posting in Purge though. Now I'm off to debate what to do with Vakarr in my next post.

  8. Yo dawg I heard you like badges =P, so I wanted to stop by and say congrats on the badge =)

  9. I'm gonna be swamped for a bit with college work, so you don't have to wait on me. If it dies down I'll join, if not I'll sadly have to pass for the time being.

  10. Vakarr had a hidden smirk on his face as he too felt nothing but her bare hand against his own. Then he felt a tingling feeling in his palm. The feeling moved from his palm, down to his fingers and up the rest of his arm. Images began flashing in Vakarr's mind. He didn't know what he was seeing at first, but soon heard Akeirra's name. Something about the Network, and the dwarves. The most important bit he saw was the warning of the Purge, and to avoid them. She couldn't be working with them. Vakarr took a step back when she let go of his hand and held her head. He quickly put his gauntlet back on, wanting to move out as well. He had gotten images from her, and knew she had gotten some from him. He knew exactly what she got too. Images of his mother and a younger version of him were the first things she would see. The death of his mother and him crying would come next. His hatred of the Purge, proving his loyalty, came next. His desire for power was thrown in as well. Lastly came this little group, and what he thought of them. Some were put up...much much higher than the others...and now Akierra probably knew that. Vakarr stayed silent as they walked. His footsteps were much louder than the others. Given his height and armor, it made sense. He followed Per'dra, still recognizing her as the group's leader. He never spoke to her about the growl from earlier, and was certain she let it pass...or she feared bringing it up. He glanced over at Emi for a few seconds before looking away. Did she fear him as well? Vakarr sighed quietly as they continued walking.
  11. The Geth make me happyface

  12. *claps* You guessed what race my Mage character was. Archon, are you sure you're that hard to figure out?Eeeee
  13. Vakarr smiled a hidden smile as he looked around at the others. He was glad to see that people agreed with them. What he was most appreciative of was Tael's claim at him being a potential leader. He would make an expectational leader, one they needed. Not that he didn't have faith in Per'dra. She was proving to be competent enough. Suddenly Vakarr found himself somewhat irritated with Per'dra. The slightest growl suddenly emitted from his throat when she spoke to Emi. His annoyance grew when she welcomed Akeirra. Vakarr still didn't trust this woman, and a few others didn't either. He shook his head in disapproval. "I'm still not convinced, and don't think we should welcome her just yet." Vakarr said. He looked to Akeirra before slowly taking off one his his gauntlets, revealing a gray hand. He slowly walked over to Akeirra, only needing to move a short distance as he was on the other side of Emi. He held his hand out to Akeirra. He soon however took it away. "Forgive me Miss Akeirra, but if your trust though touch truly works I wish to see this for myself. " Vakarr said as he stuck his hand back out.
  14. I do believe this friend request is long over due.

  15. Onyx actually found himself laughing a little. He wasn't trying to make fun of her. For one thing, he found it very odd being called a sir. He was used to calling others sir, or ma'am. He also had laughed because of what she said about FUBAR. "That's close enough, and you don't need to call me sir. My name is Michael Winston, but you can call me Onyx," he said as he held his hand out. Oddly enough he found himself a little less nervous than before. It seemed that she was just as nervous as he was, if not more. That actually calmed him down a little.
  16. Onyx gave a salute to the Shade before he walked off. He needed to find the sergeant and speak with her about a few things. For one thing he wanted to inform her that he had a private comm line all set up for them. He also had almost everyone's vitals on his wrist device. He was missing the Shade's vitals as he obviously didn't have access to it. He wanted to ask her what he should do about that, or if he would just have to go without it. He also wanted to see if that scientist was going to be joining them or not. That way he could get her vitals and set her up on the comm as well. As he rounded the corner he nearly bumped into the scientist and jumped back. He shut off his computer and slowly looked at her. Lucky for him those shades hid any sort of nervousness he was feeling at the moment. "S-sorry about that. I uh just was in a hurry. Say uh, are you...are you coming with us?" he asked Cadice.
  17. Vakarr never took his gaze away from this mysterious woman. He found it quite odd that she was out here, all alone. Her eye color was one thing that made him raise a brow. She was human, wasn't she? That wasn't what bugged him though. What bugged him was that she had found this group in no time. Things seemed a little too... convenient for his tastes. For the time being though, he followed the group to the fire she had. His gaze met hers for a few seconds as she looked around at the group. Was she silently judging him, like he was judging her. The others began to speak about a few things that didn't interest him...mainly the ferryman. What caught his interest was the mentioning of the dwarves. Per'dra didn't bring them up, this mysterious woman did. This only made Vakarr even more suspicious of this woman. What he saw next took his completely off guard. The woman removed her glove, claiming this group could trust her simply by touching another's hand. The very thought of it was so silly that Vakarr almost broke into laughter. What did take him over the edge so to speak was that Per'dra actually went for it as she clasped hands with the woman. He let out a deep laugh which was just a bit eerie to listen to. "You can't be serious about this? Am I the only one who finds it odd that we found this woman so quickly after being attacked? That perhaps she's a spy working with the Purge? That we're really suppose to believe she is trustworthy because she can touch hands? I'm sorry, but I find that very hard to believe," Vakarr said.
  18. Why thank you, I'm glad you liked my portrayal. Quick Question first. How will the characters meet up?

  19. Well I do like Mass Effect, and I see that you have Geth as a maybe race...this makes me happy.

  20. "A human such as yourself might actually stand a chance," Vakarr told Per'dra. Vakarr went back to using the oar to row again. He still felt this task was beneath him, but he was capable at it none the less. Vakarr turned to listen to Emi once she spoke up and nodded his head in agreement with her suggestion. The second time he spoke, he quickened the speed at which he was rowing. He didn't do this because he feared the attacker. No, he wanted to be sure that if they were being followed then he would be ready for a fight. They were all stuck on this boat however and pretty much made easy targets. "I have no problem speaking with the Dark Elves and asking for them for directions. If this V'toryv has gotten us this far, than it only makes sense to continue on the selected path." Vakarr was not one to believe in fate. He wasn't a man who felt he had no control over his life. He believed he could do as he wanted, because he wanted to...not because a higher power told him to. In this case though it seemed he had to trust this V'toryv...for now at least. Vakarr sighed at this and looked over at Emi. "If you wish to break, I have no problem taking another oar" he offered.
  21. Nah that's stoopid! Skyrim's stoopid! *looks at Vakarr's armor and sword*...oh. I kid, I'd join. Well I can't go evil overlord again. Hmm to pick my stealthy ninja guy, or my mage who loves killing....difficult choices.
  22. Vakarr watched Per'dra give her little speech to Oleg. It was clear she didn't seem to to hear what he had just said...or she feared challenging him on the matter. After giving her speech, he watched as she checked the lantern. He slowly took in the information that they were on a different path. Cherna...the Dark Elves. Vakarr perked up at this realization. Dark Elves were certainly better than dwarves in his mind. That wasn't to say he hated dwarves though. He had no quarrel with dwarves, but no real concern for them either. Since his mother was a dark elf, he had more of an appreciation for elven kind. Vakarr got a little insulted by Per'dra's accusations. However he wasn't too hotheaded to act upon them. He only knew his mother, who was kind to him. So what she was saying might be true...might be. Besides there was nothing wrong with being a conqueror. He turned to look at Per'dra. "Then we are fortunate to have a dark elf amongst our group. I believe we should stay on the path of the dark elves...unless you wish to turn back and attempt to navigate back on the path of the dwarves," Vakarr said to her.
  23. "Mind you, he was only nine, and you were eleven, and he was as naive and gullible as they come." "Oh come on, I wasn't that bad...okay so I did it for a year or two...three tops. I stopped though, and I got a few nicknames for her from it," Velox said as he attempted to defend himself. "Besides, there was much 'kissing' before you were even considering what being a man even meant!" "Remind me to stab you later," Velox replied, though he obviously wouldn't do it. Velox watched as the commander walked away to take care of something. It was then he noticed the other sith in the room. He was confused why so many sith were contacted for this. In his head it made sense that the three of them had been called. Velox knew how Morbus and Kyara fought, and could work well with them. The three of them were a force to be reckoned with. This crisis seemed quite important, and their ability to work together as sith was most likely the reason they were here. So why another sith? Velox mentally shrugged and looked back to the commander. "You will be traveling with Zassos aboard his ship as soon as his contact reaches us. It is a heavily modified D5-Mantis with plenty of space aboard for all of you." Velox seemed alright with going on Zassos's ship. His was much to small for him anyway. Plus he'd get a chance to catch up with Kyara...and Morbus. He got up, ready to get a move on. "Hopefully his ship is worthy enough of your stature," Velox said to Kyara, teasingly again. Velox turned to look at Morbus. "Try not to get lost," he teased.
  24. Vakarr said nothing as he found a place to rest. He went far away from the others as he needed to remove his armor, and for certain trusting issues. He had not forgotten Per'dra's response to him. He could almost taste the fear coming off her. It made sense though, as he did threaten to butcher her friend there on the spot. He might have actually done it too. He shook his head and soon fell asleep. Vakarr found himself looking over a city. They city was filled with chaos and destruction. Bodies filled the streets, and fire covered the homes. He marched through the city, proud of the chaos caused. He was one step closer to taking over this land. As he moved he heard this crying sound, a woman's voice. He slowly walked into the room and saw a woman on the verge of death. Vakarr slowly walked over to her only to stop a few feet from her. She turned and looked at him...it was his mother... The sound of someone screaming woke Vakarr up from his confusing dream. He put his armor on and made his way towards the others. When he arrived he noticed Oleg, motionless on the floor. It seemed the others were crushed...but what about him? He barely knew the man, and couldn't really be bothered to care about this event. It wasn't entirely because Oleg was human. It was because they had only known him for a short while. Had it been some of the others in Oleg's place his reaction would have been the same. He made a small note to get his coin back, making sure he'd do that when the others weren't looking. His main concern was getting them back on the right track. "The ferryman's dead, and his journey is over. Ours is still going...unless we keep wasting our time with this. We need to figure out where we are, and then get moving again," Vakarr said, not really caring if he didn't sound respectful or not.
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