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  1. The smallest grin made its way to Vakarr's face as Maera shrieked in fear. For a few seconds he thought about how easy it would be to strike her down. However he sheathed his weapon and began rowing once more to help keep the ferry moving. He did give a quick glance to Per'dra. "I'll play by your rules for now," he told her. He wouldn't call it respect, nor would he call it trust. Per'dra did have some special quality about her though. She certainly seemed different from the other humans he had seen. She actually was going to respect his request at the bar, had defended Emi, then ran with Emi and the tall being instead of taking two of her own kind.
  2. Vakarr continued to row only half paying attention to the others. What did bring him back to reality so to speak was what Oleg has said. Vakarr glanced over at the dwarf that was with them and only shook his head at the man's ignorance. What struck his never was the thing the barmaid has said. Half-breed echoed in his head, over and over again. The word was an insult used by the other children to taunt Vakarr, one he didn't like. The humans made fun of him for not fitting in...not being like him. They teased him for being part dark-elf, and how wrong such a thing was. Why would he want to be like them? Why would he want to be a race so full of flaws yet too proud to admit it? Vakarr stopped rowing, dropping the pole altogether. He turned and in one swift motion drew his long sword with his right hand. He ignored Tegan's words and looked to the barmaid. Despite no one being able to see his eyes, they were giving the barmaid a most threatening death glare. "You will retract your statement human...or I'll have the personal pleasure of bathing this floor in your blood," Vakarr said.
  3. "Come now Vel, playing footsie is no way to attract girls! I thought I taught you that when you were a teenager!" Every muscle in Velox’s body seemed to tense at once. He was lucky he had his mask on still, or else they would have seen his cheeks redden a little. He looked to see his old Master, and he was already embarrassing him. He looked to Kyara for a few seconds before quickly looking away. He was being playful, he wasn’t doing what Morbus said…no he was being playful and that was his story. “Quiet Old Man,” was the response Velox gave him. Despite his rather bitter response, Velox was indeed glad to see Morbus. He may not be giving this vibe on the outside, but he was on the inside…even if he wouldn’t admit it. It really was like some type of a reunion for the three of them. He soon found himself chuckling as he glanced back at Kyara. “Still kissing up to Morby I see,” Velox teased.
  4. I totally forgot to say this but Archon is away, and he should hopefully be back tomorrow. So is it safe to say that his Dwarf character is with the group since she'd most likely follow his other character?

  5. =( I'm sorry to hear that. Lucky my classes are pretty easy...so far at least.

  6. Sounds good to me. I'm sure you'll make Archon's day when he finds out you waited for him =)

  7. Vakarr was quick to put his helmet back on. Once more his face was hidden by the helmet, as it should be. He heard more noise as more people got on the ferry. There was a higher chance someone could have seen him, and he wouldn't take that risk. He walked back towards the others after hearing the ferryman. Vakarr looked around at the traveling group once the ferryman mentioned they needed two more rowers. Most of the others seemed exhausted and those that weren't seemed to frail. Vakarr shook his head as it seemed he would have to do this degrading task. First however he walked over to the side of the ship. With one arm he took hold of the human's arm and started to pull. The human was certainly heavy with his armor, making Vakarr reach out with his second arm. He pulled the human on out of the water and onto the ferry. He then walked over to one of the steering poles and began rowing. Vakarr was a warrior with great strength. He was stronger than most people he encountered and could lift a two handed sword with ease. His physical strength wasn't his only strength though. Vakarr had a very high endurance and could exert himself further than most. He could also take a few hits that would slow down others. His endurance allowed him to row without getting tired as the others had. Vakarr noticed Emi had taken the human's spot after he fell down. He said nothing though as he focused on the task at hand. Soon he began to whistle, and then the whistle turned into a hum. The tune he was humming to himself without realizing it was one his mother sang when he was a child.
  8. Don't worry, it won't come to that! I love when teachers have tests on the same day making for a super long study day.

  9. The path Per’dra was taking was unfamiliar to Vakarr which meant he had to rely on her to guide them to wherever they were heading. He was already depending on the speed boost of hers, now he had to trust her sense of direction. While she seemed to know where she was going, he still didn’t like the concept of trusting a human. He’d have to suck up his pride though and just do it. He wouldn’t have made it this far without her, even if he didn’t want to admit it. He could see a few ferries in the distance and couldn’t help but smile a little. The bard had pulled through for him after-all. He was ready for Per’dra to slow down this time and wouldn’t have to awkwardly stop. He slowly got on the boat after the others did. He turned to see the human who had caused some chaos at the bar currently on the floor. He too seemed tired being forced to run in armor. What surprised Vakarr the most though was the woman he had carried. He had managed to run this entire way with the bard’s friend. Had he done this simply because it was a good deed? Vakarr looked to Per’dra, then back to the human male. Perhaps there was another reason, perhaps to gain the bard’s favor. The two seemed somewhat close in age from what he could tell, so it made sense to him. Thinking of the bard made him remember he somewhat owed her for getting him here. “Here,” Vakarr said handing the ferryman a small sack of coin. “This should cover the small group of us and a few more,” he added. Despite what the ferryman said, he was certain he’d want pay once they were safe. Who didn’t want money in this world? He considered himself somewhat even now with Per’dra, but not quite. She had safely brought Emi aboard this ship. Vakarr looked to Emi for a few seconds. He reached his hand out slowly and gently patted her arm. He wasn’t sure why he had done so, but felt a bit of a need to. Perhaps it was to indicate that he had made it, or some sort of joy that she had made it. He was careful on which arm to pat before doing so. When she offered him a hand she hesitated with one arm and instead offered him the other. He chose the arm she offered him over the one she hesitated with earlier. With that Vakarr stepped away from the others. He made his way to the edge of the ferry and looked down at the water below. Slowly he removed the helmet that covered his face and held it at his side. He needed the fresh air as all that running had made him somewhat tired. His reflection now looked back to him. It was someone who was supposed to be half elf…and half human. His skin was gray, but everything else was human. His ears weren’t pointy, and his facial features were much more human. He could actually be considered somewhat handsome if someone were to look at him. He hated the way he looked though…how human he was. The very reminder that he was half of them made him angry. He didn’t want any of the others to see how he looked. He let out a sigh and ran his hand through his black hair. It felt somewhat good, and was helping him relax. He continued to watch his reflection, unaware if anyone else was looking at him or not.
  10. Thank you for the confidence =) I'll defeat this studying...maybe. If I don't make it, you're in charge of my characters.

  11. Same here. Enjoying my kind of sort of day off. I got a bunch of college work tomorrow to do...oh joy.

  12. Hey Hey Shana, what's up?

  13. Hey Chev. Archon is away and won't be back until Thursday. I figured I should tell you now so that you don't think he's ignoring you or something =)

  14. Vakarr was close enough for the speed boost thingy (Yes that's what I'm calling it now), right?

  15. Vakarr nodded a second time to Emi after she nodded at him. He would have said something but then Per’da sprung into action. He watched as she tried to move her unconscious friend and even cursed herself for not being stronger. With that she took off with Emi and the tall being that had provided intelligent information. Vakarr let out a sigh as he would have to follow them…which meant running. He glanced down at the unconscious woman and completed if he should simply kill her on the spot. It was probably a better fate than whatever the Purge could do to her. The thought of a mercy killing? Offering to fight with humans? Was he starting to get soft? Vakarr shivered at the very thought and immediately followed Per’da out the back door. Though speed was not his strong point, he was lucky that she had stopped to tell Emi and the tall one something. Vakarr however did not hear what exactly Per’da told the two. He wasn’t aware of what she had planned. All he would hear was her countdown. Upon hearing three Vakarr prepared to take his first step towards running. As soon as he took that step though, he found himself moving at a pace that was incredibly quick. He wobbled for a few seconds as he attempted to keep his balance. Per’da moved through these alleys with such grace…Vakarr bumped into walls and looked like a drunk. The scene would have been comical if everyone wasn’t so busy running for their lives. Vakarr was finally able to adapt to this sudden increase in speed. He had to admit it was quite enjoyable, despite the awful job he did just minutes ago. He heard a gasp escape someone up ahead, but he couldn’t make out who had let out the gasp. He was far more focused on not slamming into the trio as Per’da had stopped. He took this time to catch his breath, rather than view the flames in the Gold District. It wasn’t because he was overweight; it was because speed wasn’t a strength of his. His armor was quite heavy, and he was made for taking damage and dealing damage…not doing flips and running for long periods of time. Per’da then spoke up about heading to the river and started running again. Vakarr rolled his eyes, despite no one being able to see it, and started running as well so that he could be in range for that much needed speed boost.
  16. Velox couldn't help but grin himself as Kyara nudged him back. The small grin was enough for him to know she hadn't forgotten about him. Now he was able to focus on the task at hand. He stretched his legs out a bit, getting into a much more comfortable position. He kept himself from chuckling as Kyara messed with her bracelet. Right away he knew she was getting annoyed. He focused his attention on the commander.
  17. Velox didn't say anything when she didn't return his nod. Why didn't she say anything though? Had she forgotten about him and simply thought he was some other sith warrior? The fact that she didn't do anything bothered him quite a bit. He tried to look back at the captain, but his gaze went back to Kyara. He let out a small sigh and looked to the captain. Velox tried to mentally tell himself to pay attention to whatever the captain would say, but it was a difficult battle. He couldn't just turn to Kyara and say something to her, he'd look like he had no interest in this matter what so ever. At this point he had to do something though. Something that told him this was the same Kyara, and she hadn't forgotten him. A small idea popped into his head. Perhaps he'd just have to remind her that he simply couldn't be forgotten. He slowly moved his foot towards hers and tapped it. Velox took his foot away only to playfully do it a second time. He was sure the captain couldn't see, so he wouldn't come off as rude. At the same time he could be a little more playful. Again he nudged her foot, and waited to see what reaction he would get.
  18. Vakarr shook his head as the ignorant human came to apologize for his previous actions. He wanted nothing more than to tell this human off. This however would take too long, and the Purge would have made it to the bar by then. Oddly enough the human looked older than him, by quite a few years actually. It was sad that he was older, yet still making the actions one in their early youth would make. The only thing he did do was snort in disapproval; it was short and showed how he felt. Soon the outside world got much louder as shouts were heard. It seemed the Purge was already making their attack on the city. They were going to need a plan to evacuate, and quickly. It seemed this plan would come quicker than he expected as a tall being approached the group. Vakarr was initially surprised to see someone taller than him, but quickly got over it given the situation. The tall being gave his opinion on what should be done to escape, quite an intelligent plan actually. This was a bit of a blessing for Vakarr for he only really had Emi that he considered some type of worthy ally. Another intelligent being was wonderful, especially amongst these reckless humans. “What he says makes sense. My skills in the magical arts are not the greatest, but I do know a few protection spells that could help,” Vakarr said, stating his opinion and giving an offer. He also had his strength and defense, but he felt he didn’t really need to state that. He would use the spell on anyone in the group…even one of these humans. He’d need as many people with him as he could find if they wanted a chance of getting out of the city. That way if they did get caught, they’d be able to fight back. Still he was already forming a hierarchy of people he’d assist first to who he’d assist only after being sure those first few weren’t in any trouble. Vakarr looked over at Emi. “Stay close to me,” Vakarr said with a nod. “I’ll need someone to protect me from them,” he added jokingly. Usually his humor was dark, this one was much more innocent. It was in no way an insult to her skills, which at this point he was certain she had. This was simply based on their appearances. That he a large heavily armored being would need protection from someone who was smaller than he was. It was an attempt to make her feel better after what had happened to her.
  19. Onyx whistled quietly to himself as he waited for the sergeant to give the word that they were leaving. He soon felt someone sitting next to him and turned when that person placed a hand on his arm. He looked to see the Shade and was going to say something when the Shade suddenly gripped his arm. The Shade was breathing heavy as if he was panicking for some reason. Onyx stared at the Shade in silence, looking calm on the outside... Oh no, oh no! Is he dying? What's going on!?!? Much more panicking thoughts followed this one until the heavy breathing stopped. The Shade seemed to be alright, which was a good thing. Onyx was still a little shocked over everything that had just happened, but soon his breathing returned to normal as well. He sat with the Shade in silence for a few moments, taking in what had just happened. "So...are you all set for the mission sir?" Onyx asked, making an attempt at some small talk.
  20. Imperial battlecruiser Shavoel A small fighter ship had just docked in the Shavoel’s hangar bay just moments ago. Darth Velox soon stepped out of the ship, and started walking towards the Captain’s quarters. Despite being only of average height, and a slightly muscular build, Velox still had an intimidating look about him. He wore a set of light armor colored silver and a dusty red, with black robes. He wore a hooded black cloak over this that was more for show than anything. Under the hood was a mask that followed the same color pattern as his armor. Velox had an interesting stride about him. He wanted to get to the captain’s quarters, but he also wanted to be noticed. He wanted the crew aboard this ship to look at him in both fear and awe. They should too, after-all he was a sith warrior. These common crew members should be honored to have someone like him on this ship. He actually contemplated activating his lightsaber, just to show off that he had one. He decided against it, wanting to hear exactly what this captain had to say. He was certain he had arrived at his designated location upon seeing three figures standing outside. He figured they were the captain’s bodyguards and nothing more. A smirk found its way to his face as he walked inside, ready to impress whoever was in the room with his presence. He saw the captain sitting his chair, and across from him a bounty hunter. He then looked to see a woman in black clothing…sith. He pouted for a few seconds until he got a better look at this woman. Velox stared at the woman in complete disbelief. The last time he had seen her was right before she left for Coruscant. It could always be someone else…no. It couldn’t be someone else, it was her. She looked almost like she had back then, just older now. He couldn’t believe this was actually Kyara, after all of these years. He could say something to her…no, he wasn’t here to talk to her. Besides he’d look unprofessional if he did that, and that was a big no no for him. She probably wouldn’t have anything to say to him anyway. “Well I’m here now, this little meeting can officially get started now,” Velox said in his usual cocky tone. He took a single step, deciding where he should sit. He could sit next to her, the more preferred seat in his head…or he could sit next to the bounty hunter he didn’t know at all. He took another step towards the bounty hunter, not making eye contact with Kyara. What if she noticed he was trying to ignore her though? Then another question popped into his head, and then another…and then another. Velox snorted and took a seat next to Kyara, not bothering to let the captain offer him a seat just as Kyara did before despite him not knowing that. He simply looked over to Kyara and nodded his head at her, trying to act completely cool about everything.
  21. Vakarr could barely stand to watch as the human killed the purge spy. He wasn’t sickened by the kill, that couldn’t have bothered him slightly. It was the fact that despite what he had asked, the human didn’t seem to care and butchered the spy in front of everyone. He felt a little uneasy in his stomach, and was almost afraid to turn around to see Emi’s reaction. The poor woman was probably trying to convince herself it hadn’t happened. What came next though was something not even he was prepared to witness. The very spy that had just been slaughtered was now a spirit. He watched as the spirit was suddenly pulled towards something and he could do nothing to get himself out of it. The spirit phased through Vakarr as he made his way towards Emi. Vakarr watched Emi, completely caught off guard now. She wasn’t afraid to watch the man die…she was a reaver, one bar patron had pointed out. He glanced to the woman who had spoke up, and how they should all flee before the Purge came. He found himself in agreement with her, but to travel with humans? The very idea made him almost sick to his stomach. He would have given his opinion, but instead heard the trembling words of Emi. He turned his gaze back on the now revealed reaver. The sight he witnessed was actually unnerving , somewhat sad too. Vakarr actually looked to the poor woman with pity. Vakarr’s eyes saw a younger version of himself in her place for just a moment. The feeling of being different, and being judged for it. Then he watched another sight he was not ready for…the human woman came to Emi’s aid. This woman was actually trying to protect her, even though she was a reaver. Vakarr slowly began to advance towards the two, his hands held up to show he meant no danger to them. “Despite my feelings, I shall follow you miss…fight with you if need be,” Vakarr said to Per’da. He looked to Emi and held his hand out to her to help her back to her feet. “She’s right, we must go,” Vakarr said to Emi in a softer tone.
  22. Vakarr watched Emi with interest. He wasn't amused by her actions as he had been previously, just studying her. He took note of her eyes being shut tightly. It couldn't have been the drunkards he saw as she was here before him and wasn't bother then. It might be his presence but he had been proven wrong on that once. The only other thing in his head had to be the little skirmish occurring on the other side of the room. She must not want to see the execution of this man. Vakarr looked to Emi, then to the small group of humans, then back to Emi. Vakarr was not someone who did things out of the goodness of his heart. He believed he shouldn't waste his time on most people. On the other hand he could get rid of the small group of humans for a short while, which would be both beneficial to the two of them. She wouldn't have to see the bloodshed, and he wouldn't have to deal with them being in the room. He silently cursed his polite mannerisms for a few moments. He then heard the woman speak up. Things were definitely beginning to heat up. What did interest him in this woman was her clear hatred of the Purge...and perhaps this man could provide some information. He glanced back to Emi and let out a sigh. "Pardon me, this should only take a moment," Vakarr said to the two. He slowly walked over to the small group of humans. He already didn't want to speak to them, they were hairless rats to him. He eyed up the group of humans. The one who had his sword pointed seemed to be almost the same height as he was. He looked to the man who had walked over earlier, then to the woman. He cleared his throat, wanting to get their attention. "I do hope I'm not interrupting anything too...important here. However, I would like to inform you that this is a public area...despite some of the more intoxicated individuals in here. They have come here for a drink, not to watch a beheading take place. Perhaps it would be wise to have this little session of yours outdoors?" Vakarr suggested in his usual deep yet polite tone.
  23. Vakarr stared at Tegan in silence. The elf was indeed bold, he'd give her that. He looked over to a skirmish he heard and saw a human pointing his sword at another. He watched as another human walked over to try to stop this from going on. Vakarr snorted as he looked at the three. Humans, they were such revolting creatures in his mind. They were selfish and greedy, and any nobility they showed was only to make them look better. He turned his attention back to Tegan and Emi, chuckling slightly. "Not so good with socializing? Don't worry my dear, you're not alone." Vakarr said. That was as close to nice as he'd get for now. Vakarr looked back to see how the skirmish was going. He heard one word that stuck out from the rest...Purge. Now that he was listening more intently, he picked up that the one man being held at sword-point might be a Purge spy. He watched as a human female walked over and began taunting this captured man. Vakarr looked to Emi and Tegan. "Its quite a bold claim they're making over there," Vakarr said.
  24. This took me longer than I expected it to...I blame trying to find a good appearance. NAME: Darth Velox AFFILIATION: Sith Empire GENDER: Male AGE: 30 SPECIES: Human APPEARANCE: Velox Just the face, not the attire. WEAPONS: Red Double-bladed Lightsaber EQUIPMENT: OCCUPATION: Sith Marauder HISTORY: Darth Velox had an interesting childhood for a future Sith Warrior to say the least. He lived with his mother and uncle. His father was a soldier in the Sith army and had to leave a year or so after Velox was born. Velox had a fairly normal childhood. He was home-schooled by his mother and uncle, and when he wasn’t learning he was seeking adventure. He saw his father as a hero and wanted to be just like him. One day Velox discovered that he was Force Sensitive after getting into a fight. For a time he decided to keep this to himself. Velox soon got visions of someone calling out to him and telling him to go the academy. One day Velox snuck out and decided to finally listen to the vision. Soon he’d meet the man behind the vision, and the man that would become his master…Darth Morbus. Velox learned how to wield a lightsaber, which he showed to be quite talented at. His skills with using the force were not the best however. Velox’s fascination with the lightsaber caused him to focus on force abilities that would help him in lightsaber combat. Though he showed great potential, he was also very arrogant. This arrogance would lead to a rivalry with another of Morbus’s apprentices; Kyara. Kyara was always very gifted, and Velox was always trying to outdo her. Despite his competitive attitude towards her, there was always something unique about her. Velox felt this weird desire not only to continue to try to impress his master, but to impress her as well. This desire seemed to grow stronger and stronger, until he realized he was attracted to her. He never acted upon his feelings as he feared what her reaction might be. This was odd for him, especially since he was usually so cocky. He came to regret his decision in not speaking up as she soon left for Coruscant. Velox is a bit different from most other Sith. For one thing he has yet to kill Darth Morbus, and has no plans to either. Despite most Sith killing their masters to take their place, Velox respects his too much to do that…even if Morbus can get on his nerves from time to time. He’s still a very arrogant individual, and can be a bit of a hot head at times.
  25. That sounds good to me.

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