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  1. That sounds good to me

  2. How long did you want to make the sparring match?

  3. She didn't plan it out with me, so I'm just as clueless as you are

  4. I've been good, how about you?

  5. I've been busy, but good. How about you?


    PS: we gotta play some Reach again soon

  6. I was planning on having him meet the group back at Akagi's village.

  7. Yep, alive and still being awesome. How have you been?

  8. ...what did I do this time? =P

  9. *hugs back* Yay! Welcome back!

  10. Possibly Wrath...definitely not Kurt, and maybe to Xan since I've been using his personality type quite frequently.

  11. I really liked your newest Mass Effect video =)

  12. I'm not ignoring your messages, I've just been insanely busy with job hunting, and real life dilemmas. I'll work on a character sometime tomorrow, if not then Friday.

  13. Its been a bit since we've talked. How have things been?

  14. alright, so I'll have Takai try to takeover. Do you want him to interrupt Karela's fight with Zarela?

  15. That depends, what type of reaction were you looking for? Did you want Takai to be freighted she was alive? Excited that he might get the opportunity to kill her again, and try to take over Takeda's body?

  16. So would you like to be the Children of Light again?

  17. I'm good. I hope you don't mind Xan going after the Ysanna tribe in order to find Lyna, I just didn't want him magically guessing exactly where she is.

  18. Happy Birthday MA! =)

  19. Very interested, I just put Takeda's character sheet up.


    By the way, we never got a chance to have Karela and Takai fight. Do you want to try it again?

  20. Hey Skywalker, what's new?


  22. Well I posted Xan just entering the hospital, but I won't make a move until you've done everything you wanted to do.

  23. I dont know what you have planned for Tandra in Fighting for Peace, but I'd be more than happy to have Xan come "keep her company" if you want.

  24. hey Skywalker, how are you?

  25. was there a specific time you wanted Xan to attack or a specific group?

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