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  1. I have a quick question for you Shana. Did our characters actually have a relationship for a bit, or do they only have feelings for one another and didn't act upon them?

  2. Sweet, this should be fun =)

  3. I might have a bit of a backstory for them. I've been talking to Archon and he's making a sith character as well. His character was the mentor to mine, and two still respect one another and all that. If you want your character could have been an apprentice of his as well and that's where the rivalry/romance of our characters began.

  4. Romantically connected sith rivalry thing = very cool idea. It should make for some very interesting conversations in the rp.

  5. I was thinking something along the lines of them being rivals of some sort. Which would you prefer them to be, competitive friends or rivals that disliked one another? Let me know if you've got a better idea.

  6. Hey Shana, I was wondering if you would be interested in having your Sith character have some sort of history with the Sith character I'm working on for Chev's rp.

  7. Vakarr had to lean in slightly as he tried to hear her response. Though she couldn’t see it, a grin had found its way onto his face. He couldn’t help but be slightly amused as she tried to speak to him. He believed it had something to do with his armor, as it did add to the intimidation factor. If this were a battle he’d be enjoying every second of this. He loved to strike fear in the heart of his enemies. He then heard another answer his question for him. He gave a slight nod in approval at the drink choice and held in a sigh he wanted to let out. Right away he guessed this newcomer was simply a nosy human with nothing better to do. Humans were known for that sort of thing…being annoying to Vakarr at least. To his surprise he found a dark elf joining them. At least they were a bit more interesting than humans. "I'm Tegan, by the way." Vakarr soon pouted which was luckily hidden by his helmet. Emi gave Tegan a quiet like response, similar to what she tried to say to him earlier. So maybe he wasn’t as scary as he thought, as she was just as shy with Tegan. “You may call me Vakarr,” he said as if she should be privileged to get a name from him. He looked back to Emi who was currently looking down at her lap. The grin appeared on his face once more as he was amused by her once more. As of now she was the most interesting person to talk to, simply because she seemed very anti-social. Not that he had a problem with that. “Now now my dear, no need to be so quiet. I assure you I don’t bite…that hard,” Vakarr said before chuckling.
  8. The night was as calm as it ever was. The occasional cool winds blew ever so softly, enough to make one shiver a bit no doubt. A large figure shook off these minor basic urges. He was clad in mainly black armor which almost made him hid to see at this time. The few red parts which were clearly an aesthetic choice helped make the armor a bit more visible. The armor covered him from head to toe, giving no indication of who was inside of it. Not even the helmet gave him away. Someone who got close enough to him would think he was a walking set of armor. Vakarr, this walking armor, was heading towards the local tavern. There weren't many people this time of night, which was a good time for him to get a drink. He assumed there would be a few at this tavern, but they unlike the rest of the common folk might be interesting. If there was one thing Vakarr couldn't stand, it was the inhabitants of this world. Vakarr like most people had a dream he was trying to pursue. His dream was quite different from most people though. While some dreamed of honor or glory, Vakarr dreamed of power. He wanted to rule this world and shape it in an image he wish existed. He had been planning this for some time, but hadn't done anything too drastic. Only a fool would do something like that, and Vakarr was no fool. He needed to takeover when the time was right, when the current power was weak enough...but one thing stood in his way. This "Purge" was a threat to everyone, Vakarr included. They saw everyone as evil and that evil needed to be destroyed. If they saw the average person as evil...well then that went triple for Vakarr in their eyes. He wanted to to get rid of the Purge so that he could continue to pursue his dream. No one seemed brave enough to want to do this however, and he certainly wasn't going to go by himself. A small sigh escaped him as he stepped into the small building. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a woman taking care of a few individuals who were clearly far too drunk. Vakarr rolled his eyes in disgust at their need to get to such a state in the first place. Vakarr took a few more steps before stopping to eye the people up. Most of the people seemed to be drunk already, only making Vakarr regret his decision to come here. As he turned his head to the left however, one individual caught his eye. A cloaked figure stood out from the others. Vakarr eyed the figure and guessed the figure was a woman based on the hair he could see and figure in general. That's not what caught his eye though, it was what she was holding. It was a cup...but she was blowing into it. This mystery drink she had was far different from the average drink a local drunkard would order. Different was a welcoming gift to Vakarr. He slowly made his way over to her and sat down. "Pardon me madam, but could I inquire as to what exactly you have there?" Vakarr's deep voice asked in a polite tone.
  9. would you like to get on skype good sir?

  10. I have a quick question. Are the travelers already together, or will we have our characters all meet up later?

  11. The response Onyx got from the Shade wasn't one he was expecting to hear. Its not that he was expecting some sort of comfort, he wouldn't have asked the Shade otherwise as he knew of their honesty. Still to hear that this was essentially a suicide mission wasn't something he was ready for. For once he decided not to speak, but simply stare at the Shade until he left. Onyx let out a quiet sigh to himself as he watched the Shade for a few more seconds. He was afraid of death, but who wasn't? He knew of his responsibilities as a soldier and he was well aware of the risks...but to go on a mission where their chances were already stacked against them still took some getting used to. Would he run away? No, he wouldn't let fear overcome him like that. "You're always screwed in war. Especially if you fight with no purpose." Onyx snapped his head in Jacob's direction upon hearing that. His tone seemed to be like the Shade's, but at least there seemed to be some humanity in his statement. He knew simply having a reason to fight wouldn't win a war, but it did boost moral. "Right...well I'll see you at the hangar bay," Onyx said before walking away. Onyx decided just to walk there now, and wait for the others. This would give him the time he needed to set up for the mission anyway. He checked the small device that was on his left arm to make sure it was up and running. This was his hacking device for the most part. He also powered up his special shades to make sure they were ready as well. He equipped them with the standard HUD, as well as a few different visions. He could also check on the team's vitals, something he set up as soon as he found out he was going on this mission. He wasn't a talented medic, but he could at least monitor his squad still. A smile found its way back to Onyx's hidden face, and it wasn't just because toying with his gear again. To fight without a purpose is nothing to be proud of. Luckily he had his purpose in this war. He was here to keep the others safe from the Brieders, just like the other soldiers. Now he was also determined to prove his worth to the others in his squad. As of now they probably saw him as the babbling geeky guy. Well that might be true, but he was a good soldier. He'd show Sergeant Kobayakawa that he was put on her squad for a reason, and make up for his previous "talks" with her. He also had a desire to hopefully impress the Shade. With his gear all set up, weapons picked out, and confidence back, he was ready to go.
  12. Hey, let me know if you need any help with writing my character or if you have questions.

  13. I do too, that's why I came back.

  14. Make me wait!?!...yeah that's fine with me. Whichever chapter you see working the best.

  15. I hope I didn't come off as rude in my last post in Purge's casting call, because that wasn't my intention at all if it did. I only made the suggestion in an attempt to be helpful, and nothing more. =)

  16. Maybe we should do without the two groups and just let them all travel together. Maybe someone could make another character to act as this spy. I only bring this up as we have a lot of people joining the travelers. This would mean to balance it a little, Archon and myself would be joining the spies. My character is pretty much evil, and to put him near the dragon blood would not end well. Plus I don't think he could be a spy in the first place. I've talked to Archon and his characters don't fit the description for the spy. That would add three more characters to the travelers. I'm only suggesting here, not demanding.
  17. Onyx stayed silent, a bit in disbelief on everything that had happened. He looked around at everyone else for a few seconds while he gathered his thoughts. Perhaps he would check up on her...later though...he feared she might kill him for speaking up. She was still right, even if he was certain he hadn't done too much to contribute. Sure he gave a civilian with zero combat experience a weapon, but at least he didn't bicker with anyone yet. Drew seemed to be confrontational, but Onyx truly didn't mind his cocky nature. In fact he somewhat found his attitude welcoming. His sister seemed nice too, but he had done enough damage talking to two females already. There was no need for him to butcher his sentences in an attempt at a conversation with her. The other large armored guy didn't seem too bad. He was just a bit on the quiet side, not that there was anything wrong with that. Onyx stopped going through each and every squad member that was on this team. Hopefully they could all get their act together before they actually left, him included. He turned to the Shade once more, a look of worry slowly forming on his hidden face. "Sir? We're screwed...aren't we?" Onyx asked.
  18. I'll take a look and see what I can come up with :)

  19. I didn't plan on him actually siding with the Purge. He's still just as evil as they are, but he too is threatened by them. He wants to become an absolute ruler and the Purge poses a threat to that. So he goes with the enemy of my enemy philosophy and joins the rag tag group. Of course if he's given the chance to get that near invincibility...well bad things might happen =P

  20. Let me know if my character needs to be changed at all. I thought it would be interesting to have an evil character who is only helping because the Purge poses a threat to him as well. I can change the backstory if needed though.

  21. "Corporal, she's not assigned to the squad yet, or at all for that matter; she needs no guns at the moment. Besides, civilians aren't allowed to wield military firearms," Onyx looked to the Shade, completely confused. Of course his mask and glasses hid this look, he was still quite confused. She wasn't part of their squad? He was under the impression that she was, that's why she was here...right? He suddenly got very nervous after taking the pistol. What if the Sergeant got angry with him? "Yes sir. Sorry sir, I thought she was with us....I guess I should have eavesdropped to have known that information, huh?" Onyx asked jokingly. On that joke he quickly turned to look at Sergeant Kobayakawa. He chuckled now even more nervous then he was before. "Not that I should have, I mean its rude...very very rude. I wouldn't want to hear the conversation anyway. I mean I would, I don't mean you two are boring...no I meant...sorry ma'am," Onyx said, cutting himself off before any more damage was done.
  22. NAME: Vakarr Choram GENDER: Male AGE: 25 SPECIES: Half Human/ Half Dark Elf CLASS/COMBAT ROLE: Warlord. A warrior/tank. APPEARANCE: Dark gray skin, black hair and red eyes. Strong build. Though he has the same skin color as his mother, he got his father's facial features and ears. WEAPONS: ARMOR: (without the shield) STRENGTHS: High endurance and strength. Very cunning WEAKNESSES: No speed, no agility, can't really trust others. Certain magic users BACKSTORY: Vakarr was born the son of a human father and a dark elf mother. He was gifted with great intelligence at a young age. As a child, Vakarr was different to say the least. The other children tended to avoid him, while others would mock him. Vakarr began to look down at the other children with disdain, even after he stopped the bullying. He would distance himself from the other children. His gifted intelligence soon became a curse as he began to question society. Despite his questioning he was trained by his father in hope to become a knight. Vakarr proved to be a skilled warrior...but his heart wasn't in the right place. He dreamed of new order under his rule. The Problem? The Purge is standing in his way of that dream which means he'll have to do the unthinkable...side with the ones he wishes to someday rule over. Vakarr is everything a knight shouldn't be. He's very arrogant and often talks down to others as a result. He sees no reason to be honorable in combat and simply wishes to destroy his enemies. He's very selfish and wouldn't even consider risking his own life on the average person. It would take someone that he would consider worthy of his presence for him to even considering aiding them in combat.
  23. "I presume that if we're going to try this out, it will not be here, in a room full of innocent bystanders." Onyx nodded his head. "That would be bad," he said. Onyx seemed to calm down a bit when she started talking about her family. Of course the seconds she mentioned the SecuroTech Advanced alarm system he perked up again. That one counter to him getting nervous...tech talk. "Yeah, our family had one as well. We never had any robbers, but better safe than sorry. Oh...I forgot to introduce myself. Corporal Winston, but I prefer Onyx." Onyx held his hand out to her. He would have gone into detail about his name, but decided against boring her...and the others as well.
  24. "You wouldn't know how..." Onyx frowned a bit at that. His frown quickly turned into a smile as that meant his suit was really advanced. He wasn't one for bragging but he was pretty good when it came to what he specialized in. He couldn't wait to see this Shade in action. Another thought popped into his head. They were all calling him Shade, but what was his name? Did he even have a name? "That goes for you too, Corporal." Onyx shook his head as he stopped day dreaming. He saluted again and made his way to the requisition's officer. He got himself a sniper rifle for long range, an assault rifle for medium to close, and a few grenades. He also requested a pistol, which wasn't for him. The corporal walked back after getting his weapons and slowly approached the scientist. You can do this Onyx...she's just a girl, she won't kill you...I hope. "H-Here...for when we go out there. I uh...I can show you how to...how to use it," Onyx said to the scientist as he held the pistol out to her.
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