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  1. yeah but in all honesty who would try to play h1 spartans against rc's??? I'd put the H2 Spartans and weapons against rc's. both games came out around the same time...
  2. except i'm not talking about spartans from 300...i'm talking about the ones from Halo...
  3. honestly i think it would really depend on the situation...both are really good at what they do...the only difference between Spartans and Clones is that Clones age faster cause of what the Kaminoans did with their genes...
  4. saw a thread that mentioned spartans vs rc's and was gonna comment on it but some1 closed the thread anyway I think ppl missed the fact that originally the spartans were supposed to be deployed in squads when the spartan II project first came to be. a four man spartan squad vs a four man rc squad would definitely be an interesting fight and I think that whoever won would have have to be extremely dependent on luck and looking for one mistake that the others might make. if u wanna talk about a 1o1 fight then think about master chief vs null before you think about the rc's. nulls have a lot more independence and initiative [sorry, small darkred text on a gray background is really hard on the eyes!]
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