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  1. The Ascendicate's debut album was fantastic.

  2. Just finished Monkey Island 2. Currently working my way through Machinarium.
  3. Thanks mate! It was awesome!

  4. Happy birthday! :D

  5. Do I know you?

  6. Happy birthday old man. :D

  7. Check your Last.Fm page.

  8. I stole it from King of the Hill and added the LA part. :D

  9. Hah, yeah. I love that quote. xD

  10. Ha love the sig man!

  11. M@RS

    Ah...yeah, I was talking about shirt.woot. Alright then, thanks for the info.

  12. IG-64

    I got my Game & Watch shirt done at CafePress. The other site you might be referring to is shirt.woot, which is more of a design contest than anything. I'm sure there are other custom clothing sites around. Just keep looking, and good luck.

  13. M@RS

    Hey, just a quick question. I recently completed a design I'd like to see on a shirt. I went to CafePress and it wouldn't let me do everything I wanted (cover more space on the shirt). I remember you talking about doing a shirt design on another website. What website was it again? I can't seem to remember the url. Thanks.

  14. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing. :D I have the originals sitting around here somewhere. I'm gonna have to find it and listen through it.

  15. Hey, you posted on my Vivaldi blog and I told you I was going to send you Winter on a kickass remix. So there you go, assuming you enjoy some electronic music :) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZvBUGwfhiA

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