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  1. i guess i would like to see a tiny Palpatine training , then Kyle Katarn story are quite interesting enough to get a movie. But honestly a Yoda movie would be awesome there are so little info of Yoda's life story.
  2. Thank you. I would frenzy on this dude.
  3. lol, prove me wrong that all of this can be done with only the sdk. Oh make it SP and MP compatible, since you seem to be almighty in this knowledge. also "whiny"? really? is that all you came out with? All you did point out was absolutely nothing. have you done all that? because for the past 9 ~10 years that i play this game i've haven't seen most of that in mods. wonder if you did go to wikipedia to check what Pandora's box is.
  4. [sarcasm]oh thank you, our world would come to an end without your statement. [/sarcasm] yeah most of it could be made, not all. "has been done"? show me because i can't find it all on the web or maybe you have a secret pandora box with all of that has been suggested in this topic.
  5. i would suggest you to go on the jkhub forums there is an ongoing project for mapping and etc. I'm having a hard time to fully understand what you want, at first you ask for how to make a new SP story mod, np we kinda helped. then you ask about making a map which has a start and an end, we kinda did answer, now you ask for animation tutorials? it's very confussing. you know how to map, right? then my suggestion "map" make a map that goes with your story (if you have any) make the map playable with puzzles to solve if that require animation make notes of where those animations have to be and then once the map is complete come back here post some screenshots of the areas that need those animation and i'm sure that some animator will help you out. multitasking at the same time isn't good at all, trust me on this.
  6. this topic was necromanced but no big deal the most active topic about this mod you can find it here http://jkhub.org/topic/2004-dark-forces-mod/
  7. are you sure that is for Jk/JA? damn thins is looking amazing!! at first i thought it was taken from Doom 3 but after having a good look, i got confused if you are making those maps to look so good what went wrong at LA to make something this good?
  8. nope that wouldn't require a new engine it would require new animations and code related stuff to implement it on OpenJK. It is totally possible to do it since the JA and Jo source code are Open Sourced, OpenJK that is the main project has been busy to bug fix and adding new stuff to the games' source code. JK2 and JA can be run from a single *.exe, check the 1st post of this topic, which was updated today.
  9. How long have you been working on this project? JA MP sdk is what you guys used? this is astonishing indeed.
  10. oh alright, kinda nice thinking that one will be a pain, i meaning JA has the most complex gameplay that i know of. to implement that i would have to think about remaking the combos, and etc to be less complex. kinda like "Brink" but i don't want a SMART key that does every thing in game.
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