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  1. source: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTM0MzA sorry but F**K YEAH!
  2. i wish i had my CDs with me but i've downloaded it anyway.
  3. Patience is a necessity, i'm pretty sure someone will answer you soon.
  4. thank you Kurgan i'll be using them in my next reinstall
  5. 64bit info is not really useful. Have you allowed your firewall (windows or any 3rd party firewall like modem or router) to allow connection for JA?
  6. and i thought it was my internet connection being screwed...
  7. Bioware fans? aren't they supposed to be weak? i mean their allegiance are almost meaning less compared to the JK fan base...
  8. i was thinking that as Doom 3 src code was released it wouldn't hurt someone to use the code and make a stand alone game using the dark force mod... i would give it a try if i had some free time...
  9. @ GambitD4: lmfao! 128mb vcard as in AGP video card? couldn't you actually be more specific (brand, model, i.e.: ati radeon 9800 or intel pentium something... ) or is it that you don't know your pc hardware?
  10. but there are some mappers that have been making new maps and very good ones! Unfortunately they said that other things had priority and they would try to complete whatever they were mapping. iirc!
  11. weird, what gfx card do you use? are the drivers updated? if yes tried an older driver version.
  12. this is awesome! Man if only the game source code was opened damn this game would live forever!
  13. I wonder if the creator(s) of this mod would accept to release this mod so someone could "finish" the mod... I can't stop playing this mod.... it's damn hard and has a nice story!
  14. Razor those minority market are so untrue.... but i won't start a useless discussion, i'm already got bored of this BS crap. No offense intended! Anyway UE3 is crap as an game engine too much problems and bugs within the src code and cost quite to much for it's worth... ST: the old republic is using this game engine. I don't think that there will be a next JK at all.
  15. i'm talking about native linux clients...
  16. says who? ETQW has a linux version also Doom series, quake series... UT series for the exception of UT3... OilRush has too they are all high-end products...
  17. i would prefer that they would stick with id tech 4/5 instead of the Bulimia resource engine as UE3 is. And also i wish to see a native linux version of any future Star Wars game...
  18. stolen you say? are you serious? ohmygawd.... I didn't know of such thing...
  19. the easiest way to make a continuation is to use the expanded universe, so that will limit considerably input from 3rd party... Yuuzhan Vong War would be a nice setting...
  20. also update the game with the official patch some times it helps!
  21. i didn't know about that honestly! Sure this is a shame that they (LA) ignored us for good by making such miserables console games after JA... (i.e. SWTFU 1 & 2)
  22. we could make an open letter to LA and/or Raven Soft asking for the source code release.... just a thought...
  23. oh wow thank you i've been looking for ages now.... Many thanks
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