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  1. anyone tell me how to install all those mods? i mean never got them working together!
  2. nicely done, although Kyle Katarn's face is quite bizarre, can't really describe it why though.
  3. hmmm man which mods are you installing in your base directory? anyway the menu file seems to be broken...
  4. sorry for asking is there any update on this mod? I would to see it finished, i've played it earlier today and it has so MUCH potential. small comment: If any of you are interested there is opensource game called Xreal that uses idTech 3 (JKA game engine) as base but much more"evolved" version so to speak. You could try to make this mod to become a stand-alone game... My self i could help with compiling it for windows and linux if you are interested. Cheers
  5. i think that maybe Proxy having access to the imperial computing network has "hacked" into the IMP network and used a medical drone as the one that Vader used to rescue Malek just before resurrecting him. So i a way this is very plausible that Malek was rescued by his robot after Vader and Palpatine disposed his corpse as a garbage. That would make sense.
  6. have you considerate to use another game engine instead of full conversion? There is a FOSS game engine called Xreal which is based on idTech 3 (quake 3 engine), you can use the src code and yet compile for many platforms (linux, Mac OSx, OpenSolaris and others). I hope that you guys could make a sand-alone game for at least win, linux and mac os x. Oh yeah just in case all devtools are provided also its respective source code.
  7. Yes i was trying to play in SP my bad... for the MP i had to install the update 1.01 from the lucasarts.com then the OJP started run nicely... sorry for troubling you guys
  8. ok, so those are the symptom in the SP normal missions i've some graphics bugs like the cinematics are some skipped but their audio is running but graphically i'm in the mission while in the mission i can't complete the objectives.... Maybe if i had any software that could record the ingame screen and sound i could post it to you.... i'm noob programmer (just started learning C++) if i could help some how let me know...
  9. Hi i've reinstalled today JKA and i saw that your Mod is highly promissing... so i've wanted to try it... i've installed your enhaced one but it seems that he mess up with the normal game compaign (maybe i shouldn't play the normal with the mod loaded)... so any advice about how to use or install it? should i use the JKA update first? sorry to make borring questions... cheers PS: why don't you grab the q3 source code or the ioquake source code and make a StarWars like JK enhaced game instead of making mod?
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