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  1. can some one make a mod for kotor 2 where you can chose taepale (i think i spelled her name right) from dantoine as a head i dont care aabout transitions relay and thanks in advance
  2. can some one make a mod where you can convince bao dur in k2 to make you a remote like his controld by an arm band or implant (if implant make it also give you poision imune pleas)
  3. i had to disable sound for some reason to get battlefront to work is there a way to keep it working but get sound back
  4. i just bought the game yes i use radon ati but its fully up dated and i can get through peragus (the astriod) but the lag starts at telos (i think its the giant space station that orbits a planet)
  5. ok so i got tsl and can't play due to extreme lag one second i will be on one side of the map the next the other i dont think its my hard ware 1 gig of ram 124 megs video ram 1.8 duel core prosscer can some one please help
  6. thank you very much but could you do a couple things 1. make it for kotor 1 i don't have tsl:( 2. make it inflict strong posion condition on people (the one where there health bar turns green and they take massive damage over time) 3 make the description " This dart gun shoots darts covered in the Xeno virus it as a nano-engineered cybernetic bacterium that replicates quickly and destroys living tissue
  7. could some one make a weapon thats the same as the barwigian disruptor x but posions an opponent caled barwigian dart gun with a discription relating to it shooting poison darts covered in a virus please
  8. sunova


    is there any way at all to ket kotor 1 to work on vista it stops working before it even works
  9. is there any way to get kotor 1 to work in vista
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