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  1. I was actually hoping to see a glimpse of Luke, but all we got was dialogue from Return of the Jedi...
  2. Will you make a tutorial once you are able to fix the reflections?
  3. I can see that, but how did you fix it? Was it a change of a config value? Hex editing?
  4. TFU2 is one of those rare cases of multiplatform games where the PC version is not the best one. Lack of certain effects in it were the main reason for why I bought the 360 version.
  5. I've only bought X-Wing Alliance from GOG.com yet (as far as the X-Wing series go). This forum is pretty much abandoned, perhaps you'll have more luck asking here.
  6. I always thought the mercenaries were hired by Darth Sidious for the simple reason that the Sith were the only ones who knew that the Queen had escaped from Tatooine. Your theory about the change of 'orders' by the mercenaries makes sense though.
  7. Even though it's from KotOR, the orchestral music from the previous version works better.
  8. Same here. Although I never knew it was an work in progress...
  9. They were still in contact with them, right until Disney bought the company. Of course they are the ones who still say 'yes' or 'no' (and that credit I'm willing to give them, even though I think the pre-Disney LucasArts would have done the same), but I believe the presence of Sony is what allowed the remake to happen in the first place. Double Fine, on its own, didn't hold much weight (unfortunately).
  10. I wouldn't say that. The only good thing Disney did with LucasArts, from my perspective, was to make its catalogue available DRM-free. Can't exactly give them credit for letting Double Fine remaster Grim Fandango. Sony seems to have played a big part in that, and I don't see the indie-LucasArts saying "no" to them.
  11. Here's the full LucasArts catalogue up until now.
  12. On a different note, what games have you been working on (if any) after Big Ape's demise? Do you still keep contact with people who used to work there?
  13. Unfortunately you can't, the game has a 16-bit installer. You have to install the game on a 32-bit machine and then move the game folder.
  14. Do the hex changes you make get saved or does it reset when you close/restart the game?
  15. No, I'm on a 64-bit laptop. Haven't got the chance to install the game on my home desktop (32-bit) yet in order to move the game's folder. Still, I'm looking forward to try hex editing.
  16. Please, take your time. While we're all excited due to the possibilities, we don't want to rush you.
  17. Indeed. Once I was about to make a full translation.
  18. Thank you. How the heck did you got the red glow on Maul's lightsaber?
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