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  1. sorry i posted this a long time ago never thought anyone would reply but yes just in full screen mode up to this day i have this problem but ive gotten used to it
  2. as long as you enjoyed the game who cares about critics personally the story was very poor and lacking but i still play it and enjoyed it
  3. so im running this on vista the only problem i seem to have is that when ever a cutscene starts and one of the real actors is on screen some areas are black and until the actor starts to move the black areas star to disappear anyone knows hoe to fix this sorry i cant give a more accurate description
  4. does this game has a 3rd person view if so how do i activate it also during the cutscenes there is a large black area it fades in seconds but sometimes is there around the characters and it fades until one of them moves how can i stop this? thanks
  5. if anyone can help me in lego city the new town i cant get the right amount of studs i only get 999,120 does anyone knows where is the rest of the stud i will appreciate any help thx.
  6. hi i dont have a team can i get in? i would really like to participate
  7. u will really enjoy this game even if u havnt played the other but there nothing as good as playing the complete saga of df/jk good luck
  8. hello i just bought df2 and i would love to play it online because i have been told is really fun so if anyone is interested please tell me thanks
  9. hello i want to know if anyone still plays df 2 jedi knight online because i would like to join in a game if interested please answer to this post or if u are interested and would like to create a game please tell me yhx and good luck
  10. hello gamers i want to buy the star wars dark forces 2 jedi knight but i want to know if anybody knows if it would run on windows vista or if anyone has it installed in this system and can tell me how you did it i will appreciate any help u can give me thx
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