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  1. I don't think even the JK games had one-hit kills.
  2. I don't have all the achievements yet, but I'm wondering if anyone knows ways I can use grip to kill people and have it count towards those achievements? I have the first achievements for all of the powers but grip. If I throw a lightsaber at someone while holding them in the air with grip does it count?
  3. Hopefully 360 and PS3 users at least get the characters for free, since we didn't get multiplayer or the 5 extra levels.
  4. If you don't like the idea of a black lightsaber...don't use it.
  5. I'm more excited about Call of Duty: World at War than TFU, mainly because CoD will have MP, and no "evening out" between consoles.
  6. I've never played a Soul Calibur game but thought I'd give this a try. I love both Yoda and Vader, but wasn't sure it was worth it without both. I think I may get this now.
  7. If they won't have it on TFU, they NEED to make BF3.
  8. I don't get it. Why should Microsoft and Sony be punished for having a more powerful system, and why should 360 and PS3 owners be punished for buying that system? So far 360 and PS3 owners have had 5 levels and MP taken due to having a powerful system.
  9. There was multiplayer for the JK series, and this is pretty much the same style as JK, except JK was a cross between FPS and...third-person lightsaber game...could that be referred to as hack and slash? TFU cuts out the FPS and replaces it with high-powered Force.
  10. They're taking 5 levels from us. Can't we at least have some multiplayer?
  11. If dismemberment would cause it to be M, then the ESRB needs to be fixed. I mean, it's not Grand Theft Auto, it's STAR WARS. But, the game should still contain an immeasurable amount of awesome.
  12. My parents only let me get the Orange Box. But I'd be allowed to get TFU because it's Star Wars, and Star Wars is not Grand Theft Auto.
  13. I would prefer M-rated with dismemberment over a T-rating without it. I doubt it would get much worse than the movies.
  14. I would like to see some sort of a deathmatch or team deathmatch, as long as the environment can be used as a weapon. Maybe Capture the Flag?
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