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  1. If you want to do it without the save game editor you could just go to the 2da file in KOTOR Tool that grants force powers as specific levels and set it to say give you 10 powers upon level up. However, you would also have to go to spells.2da file I believe to change the level required to access Force powers since due to you being level one, you won't have the ability to select 10 different force powers.

  2. Some say that when times get so clouded with confusion the best thing to do is to do nothing. I think these people are full of ****. There is a book that you need to check out which can explain a lot. It's called "I am Bonhoeffer." He's a pretty alright dude in my book. He was actually part of Operation Valkyrie, the most famous assassination attempt against Hitler towards the end of WWII. He was a minister who was struggling trying to find the right path to take. Anyways, here's a link, check it out.



  3. I don't want to sound like a dick but I have a feeling I am going to sound like a dick. This is precisely why I loath my generation (the millennial generation, I'm 22). So many people in this day and age have a fantasy world dream that is unattainable (this is a general statement and should not be directed at you urluckyday, just an overarching theme), they have no clue how to get there, and they expect to simply be handed everything on a silver platter.


    I'll use a friend of mind as an example, his dream is to become part of the ruling class elite, become president, and be a man of the people. Well this sounds all find and dandy but the problem is that he gets too wrapped up in helping out little kids on the school bus by buying them shoes and what not that he fails to remember that he has to take care of himself. He's bringing in $500 a month for that job which means it would probably be in his self interest not to even work there for that wage plus he's spending a good chunk on it for these kids. His issue regardless of helping kids is that he fails to understand that he can't help others so long as he can't help himself.


    Now let's take a look in the world of reality. Let's look at George Soros, a pretty popular name in the media. Regardless of what you may think of the man this much is fact. He is a native of Hungry and survived the Holocaust. Those who did survive started literally from nothing. Within 10 years of 1945, he got his phd in economics from London University. From there he went on to take part in the stock market and eventually started his own business, Soros Fund Management. His business tore off like a bat out of hell and due to his brilliant analysis of companies and his mathematical genius, he is now one of the richest men in the world. Only until recent years was he able to start his philanthropy work and taking care of those who have less.


    The point is that this dude came from nothing and now has everything.


    Let's look at another friend of mine. Graduated top of his class in high school, literally, valor victorian (note it was the best high school in the county). Did it again from a very good private college. Did both with a 4.0. Not only did he get a free ride going to college but the college actually paid him to go to their school. While most people come off the stage with debt and a few come out debt free, he's the only one I know who actually came out with a profit. Now he's going for his masters from one of the best schools in Virginia and also is working a job which will become a stepping stone along his career in government administration. What is he making you might ask? 60, 80, 100 Ks maybe? Let's put it this way, he's sitting at 25. He can be making 80 in five years but he has to work up to that point.


    Point it, nobody is going to just give you the ****. The philosophy so many of my generation follow. They want to the nice car, the big house, and the hot wife and they think a knock at the door is going to bring it all into their lives.


    Now let's be fair, we'll take myself for example. I'm working on completing my degree in business management right now. Believe me I have big dreams too. If I could I'd Emperor of the world, be the savior of the common man, and become the richest dude in history by mining asteroids. We'll I have my doubts that'll happen, but it's fun to think about. Well let's be realistic. I want a cute wife, couple of kids, and a nice little house. Not too demanding if you ask me. I have a path laid out to get there. I'm working at a company where my future is bright and I'm scheduled to climb to the ranks. I'm also doing a small business on the side, I'm dealing shrooms, not the kind you're thinking of but shiitakes. Anyways, I have a dream and a path to get there. Will I get there? Inevitably so. Why? Because I sweat self-esteem. Another issue that many kids fail to have.


    The point is that your issues are not unusual, in fact they are common. I've just been trained over the last 3 years to get over them and develop a campaign strategy. Am I missing out on other things I can be doing? Of course. I would like to teach students and be a pastor and fly a fighter jet. What am I doing now? Shipping food out to grocery stores and dealing shrooms. Nothing in common with those areas. However I'll always be able to go back and do the others later in live, well most of them anyways.


    Whenever you find a door that's open, chances are there are 10 others unlocked as well. As you walk through one and the other nine close, well twenty more open. You are constantly making choices that will inevitably effect the rest of your life, there's no getting around it.


    Urluckyday, this is targeted at you but a series of principles embedded within the text. I don't want to sound mean but this is reality.


    Anyways, that's my story and I'm sticking to it...

  4. Just go to the music sections of the modules that you want to have the music become and copy the reference numbers to their appropriate fields. Then just throw them into the override. Fortunately since these are .are files you dont have to worry about recompiling the module afterwords and have to go through the hassel of extensive testing to ensure they are working properly

  5. I'm trying to use the Visas clothed body model for a particular group of people in my project Shadows of the Empire however I'm coming across a rather annoying issue, hence the title. Has anyone ever fixed her collar?


    If I put a random female head on, there is a gap between the collar of the clothing and the neck so you can literally see through it and it appears to be detached.


    If someone has already addressed this would they be willing to let me use it or if someone wouldn't mind fixing it would you? I be very appreciative and you would be given credit for your work.

  6. Hence the title, I'm in search of someone who knows the ins and outs of modeling for KOTOR. I am working on a project that requires some head modeling from the ingame models; don't worry, you don't have to remodel anything. I need some help removing the bodies from a few heads and compiling them for use. Also if you know how to mesh pieces of different models together, that would be a plus. I have an idea for a character that needs some meshing done. If you know how to model and have some free time to help me out, I would be most appreciative.

  7. I can't tell you right off the bat what it is but you can easily find it. You will want to open up the .are file for whatever module you're working with and then scroll down to the OnEnter Script field. The name of the script you want is right there.

  8. It really shouldn't be hard. Just do what fastmaniac said and you'll be fine. You will have to decompile the onenter script for the cantina and the one for the tatooine streets. Then take the segment of coding from the cantina and put it in the streets script. From there you may have to add a waypoint depending on how she is spawned. Your last step would be to finally compile the scripts and test it out. Since I have never used the decompile tools I have no idea how they work. But I think you should be able to get this done in 30 minutes to an hour.

  9. Hey, this is the first time I've been in these forums, but I'm the guy working on the Total Conversation of KOTOR: TSL. Sith Holocron and myself are looking for any more information anyone can give us concerning the Secret Order of the Dark Side, I want one of the characters in my game to be in cahoots with these guys.

  10. Bloatware, haha. Actually I already did a wipe on my computer on day one because it was running vista and I wanted Windows 7.


    Anyways reinstalling TSL will have to wait about 2 weeks because I'm going on a nice vacation and my disks are at the house.

  11. I just got a new computer a week or two ago and finally sat down to get back into modding. However I have TSL installed and unmodified but when I run it, the game crashes on me.


    I can start it up like I normally do, click new game, create my character, load the first module, and boom; after the loading process and I'm just about to enter the module, my game crashes.


    I have updated my graphics driver and these are my specs:

    Windows 7 Ultimate - 32 bit version

    4 Gigs of Ram

    Intel Pentium CPU - P6200 @ 2.13 GHz

    Intel HD Graphics (whatever that means, can't get any more specific than that)


    Any ideas?

  12. To make models you don't go to a tab and click the gun model button because methods like that case don't exist. You have to take something such as a box and sculpt it into something you like. You have to keep adding vertexes and adjust them until you get the desired product.


    Another example is the Ebon Hawk, BioWare didn't just click a ship button and that's what they got. They started out probably with a box and kept sculpting it until they got their desired product.

  13. Making recruitment mods is a pretty easy thing to do. The hard part is trying to make the dialog behind the character, in this case Revan. I personally can have the Exile recruit Revan in 10 - 15 minutes but it will take much, much longer to construct the dialog behind Revan, give him history, and side quests.

  14. Well using an item, if I understand you correctly, wouldn't be too user friendly. It would work but you would have to reset what additional party members you want with you every time you enter a new module. KOTOR doesn't have the functions to make puppets like Bao-Dur's remote.


    But there are ways of getting around this. Juhani is definately the easiest person to kick out of the team because the game is made so that she can be recruited or killed. T3 would be the next easiest person because all you have to do it redo the Taris plot slightly so that you can get inside the Sith Base. The reason why some of the other party members won't work too well is because a lot of them have roles to play on the Leviathan, the Unknown Planet, and the Star Forge.


    But there are scripts to make a new companion and a nice tutorial located in the general tutorial section of Holowan labs.

  15. You do realize the 40s were the burgeoning of the progressive menace you so despise?


    We have to start viewing political parties not on the left and right but up and down and look at forms of government as left and right. The up and down are what we in America call the Republicans and Democrats while the left and right is Big Government and Small Government (respectfully). The farther left you go the more Communist a country is, the farther right the country turns to Anarchy. There is a middle ground where enough political intervention that keeps the people in order yet allows them to enjoy their freedom.


    The political parties really don't matter in the short term but over time if one particular part dominates, they can push the country into a particular direction whether it be communism or anarchy. For the most part they are suppose to bounce back and forth.


    If the government didn't allow the people to have particular rights in their companies, the companies would just go on and use us more as slave labor rather than paid employees. Like I said there is a middle ground between what is right and what is wrong.


    There are no unalterable laws of economics. We started as hunters and gatherer and now we have a global economy.


    You're right, we did make the laws, but these laws were slowly generated over time as economies because more and more interconnected and more dependent on each other. I should correct myself that these laws can be changed but that is not something that we can see within our lifetime, it takes many, many years for something like this to happen. What I am saying is that you just can't wake up and expect that printing more money won't create inflation or not paying a debt will not make it lower.

  16. To solve one question the golden age or best years would be the 1920's. The problem with saying that it is the U.S. golden age is that you do not know the future of what will happen to the U.S. later on. That is the problem for all countries that still around today because they could end up having there actual golden age later on. There were no wars during this time unemployment and inflation were extremely low. The country was doing really good. This was the early period. If you say that there was a depression right at the end well in U.S. history there has always been downturn in the economy it use to come about every 10 or so years. Today it would be about every 6-10 years. The goal is to get out of the reccession not to prevent it from happening. You can predict about when a recession will occur within a economy. Not sure how it is for other countries though.


    You're exactly right. For some reason politicians believe that if they enact a bill what just happened can never happen again. But the laws of economics are like the laws of nature, they cannot be altered, added, or removed; they are permanent. What happens to an an economy is that it rises, falls, and rises again. There's no way to prevent it from happening but what we can do is decide on how devastating it will be. That's when Capitalist and Communist split. We have the Depression of 1920 which lasted for about 3 years while the Great Depression lasted much longer because in my opinion of the policies that were used. 1920 had Capitalist while the Great Depression had, let's use a nice term, Progressives.

  17. I would run with all of your arguments but that would take far to long to do so I'll just do one and I feel that this one is the most important because it brings more of what I think out into open.


    I hate to go into a downward spiral of 'News outlets are evil', but, noticing your avatar, is it not at all possible that this sense of being attacked is exacerbated by talking heads (From what I've seen, on both sides, I might add) that trade on fear and misinformation?


    The avatar is kind of an inside joke between me and another forum member but either way Glenn Beck is my boy, I want to have it babies!!! I will admit media organizations on both sides get it wrong but to me I feel that Fox News is the one to have a better track record as far as being right. I can't verify this with others on Fox News but I know for a fact that if Glenn Beck said something false about a particular topic he'll come out and take back what he said once he realizes it's wrong while the New York Times will bury the subject in the back pages if they even acknowledge that they are wrong.

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