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  1. I have found a tutorial on this site that is giving me a 100% step by step guide to the creation of a new level. I am presently working on it and at this point in time all I have to do to start building it is finding the coordinates of the NPCs and load them into the Module File. I'm on my way if you want help.
  2. I am trying to learn how to do Module Editing myself, if you can tell me anything I would certainly appreciate it. I just can't change the option in KOTOR Tool saying that the .MAP are Supported rather than Unsupportable or failed, or something to that effect. But once I can start to proficiently edit the Modules, I would be more than happy to help you with this project. I'm trying to do something very similar to what you're doing anyway.
  3. I have all of the available maps from Fred Tetra in KOTOR I and the KOTOR Tool. I placed the .MAP files into the map folder in the program file. There is an option to see which maps are available under the Tools drop down menu. Even though I have all the .MAP files in the maps folder, they still say that they are either Unsupported or Failed. If I extract the 3 map files from a preticular area, I have the .MAP and the .GIT file, but I keepkeep getting an error. What is going on. Thank you for any help.
  4. I am trying to open a map in my KOTOR Tool: Module Editor to figure out how it works but I can’t import it. I’ve downloaded a few .MAP files from Fred Tetra and they won’t open without a .GIT file. I’ve exported files from the KOTOR Tool and they won’t open without a .MAP file. By going to Tools > Show maps supported by Module Editor, they are all either unsupported or file missing and I can’t do anything such as right click or any dropdown menus to alter these options. So as you can see I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. How can I get my modules opened in the Module Editor? I will appreciate any help.
  5. I am trying to change all of the beginning players such as the Male and Female Soldier, Scout, and Scoundrel to look like Darth Revan. My problem is that when the Bioware team made KOTOR, Revan didn’t have a standard head like Bastila. It varied throughout every single game played. If I don’t assign a “normalhead” in the appearance.2da file in KOTOR Tool, when I start a New Game I can see the appearance of Darth Revan but the face streaches out beyond the mask. This gives you glimpses of the face behind completely ruining the appearance. I was able to do what I want before but I changed a few properties and ended up deleting the file in the Override folder so I know it’s possible and now can’t remember how I did it. Help please and thank you.
  6. I want to change the beginning classes for a bigger mod in progress. Right now I have the standard Soldier, Scout, and Scoundrel. This is all part KOTOR I and this is what I want. Name: KOTOR My Mod Soldier = Jedi Guardian Scout = Jedi Sentinel Scoundrel = Jedi Consular Jedi Guardian = Jedi Master Jedi Consular = Sith Lord Jedi Sentinel = Dark Jedi * Is this possible? * If it isn’t then is it possible to make the Soldier, Scout, and Scoundrel classes obtain the Force and Force Powers like the Jedi classes? * Can I add new classes for instance: Trooper Class: Soldier Scout Scoundrel Jedi Class: Jedi Guardian Jedi Consular Jedi Sentinel Great Force Class: Jedi Watchman Jedi Weapon Master Jedi Master Sith Assassin Sith Marauder Sith Lord Also by going to (BIFs > templates.bif > Blueprint, Character) anywhere in this folder you can change the properties of almost every character and creature in the game. Can I indevidually change what the possible models have, the models when you start a new game and select what class and portrait you want. You can change the other character such as Bastila and Carth but I can’t find the main player models. Any help will be appreciated as always.
  7. I am very new to modding and have downloaded KOTOR Tool. My questions are how to use the programs in it. Main Program I can extract the files and change a few of the properties. Project Manager Is this where you put all the files that relate to a single mod? 2DA File Editor I'm not sure what this is and how to work with it. Conversation Editor From what I gather this is where you can create dialog conversations in the game. I can create new conversations but not with the equivelent properties of the original game. Module Editor This is where I can change what worlds look like from what I can tell or change the looks of characters and items. Dialog.tlk Editor I'm not sure on what the purpose of this is yet but I think I allows me to import my conversation files into the KOTOR I and II game. Global Variable Editor I'm not sure on how to work with this program Text Editor I'm not sure on how to work with this program PWK/DWK Editor I'm not sure on how to work with this program SSF Editor I'm not sure on how to work with this program ERF/MOD Builder I'm not sure on how to work with this program I just need somebody to give details steps on how to use these programs. Also when you want to put a mod into the game, do you put the file into the "Override" file in the game file. How do you tell the game to use this file to replace another file?
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