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  1. Hey, thank you for commenting in the puppet scripting question yesterday. However I am not exactly understanding what I am to do with syntax you gave me. It sounds like it is supposed to be equipped to the heartbeat but how to spawn it so that it naturally appears when you warp to a new module.

  2. Something like that...

  3. That's the old version, I'm making a state of the art version now...

  4. It's going well, I'm still working on Korriban but it's coming along. This week though will be rough because I'm doing something pretty much every waking minute until Saturday. But it's moving right along.

  5. just want to make sure that you are the same alex denby that i'm friending on skype...

  6. fort frances canada?

  7. do you have an email or preferably skype

  8. Hi, I took notice that you helped write about 9 different stories for the Sith Resurrection. I'm currently working on a story conversion mod for The Sith Lords known as Shadows of the Empire. Since it appears you have excellent story telling capabilities, would you have a problem if I got your help getting the fine details of the plots I'm working with?

  9. Hey chiefy, out of curiosity, did you ever get the Crazy Night modules working?

  10. Let me know when you have arsenal of democracy on your computer

  11. Sorry I haven't been as reliable as I typically am, I've just been having to make a few surprise trips out of town the last two week. I should be around and available for the next few days

  12. I'm sorry I missed you but I was unexpectedly held up in my trip out of town and didn't get back until yesterday. Let me know of a new day and time you are available.

  13. That's great, what exactly did you do to make them functional in game?

  14. i normally would be but i can't since i'm going out of town. but i should be back on by saturday evening at least by 7 eastern standard time

  15. Hey can you come by skype real quick? This concerns your model for the sith armor

  16. Beloved, we've been using skype lately. If you don't mind giving me your skype name I can invite you to the group. Just give me a little bit because I'm going to shower and get something to eat.

  17. Oh cool, is this going to be a new planet or an expansion on one of the original?

  18. I'm sorry but I'm not going to be able to give them to you due to porting issues, unless you just want it for yourself. What you're looking at is a reskinned version of the Trayus Academy, that's why I was asking about Malachor. Anyways they are simply textures taken from Korriban and used to replace the Malachor textures. You should have them, or something that looks very similar in KOTOR.

  19. Do you want to use them Malachor? If so I'll ask LDR for permission for you so you don't have to do any work by converting them over.

  20. Hey, thanks for doing this but just so you know can you make them for TSL?

  21. "A method I used when I modded with areas involved decompiling all of the binary models for the module and importing them into 3dsmax, then use the module's room positioning data with the room base nodes to build the entire module, which gives you much more control at designing the module."




    I'm trying to do the same thing and I'm having trouble. I imported all the areas of the Trayus Academy entrance and in the process of setting it up I discovered that my scale is kind of off. According to a set of coordinates I took from the game the center of the second room that takes you to the core of the temple sits in the center of the t intersection of the main entrance. What do you change the scale to? I set mine to meters and it's close but still not right.

  22. come on to skype

  23. Hey ss, would you mind coming on the Lucasforums skype page? I have a question for you about modeling

  24. No problem, just swing by skype and you'll find me there, that's where I've been hanging around of late.

  25. yo you able to skype?

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