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  1. Refresh the page and if that doesn't work, meet me on team hssiss

  2. Come on back to the sote chatbox, i'll be on for a while

  3. Come back to sote.

  4. Ok, I'll add an alarm on my phone to remind me but I'll definitely have a little bit of time to meet you. See you then. Also since you're on right now, I can talk with you now, I'm over at SOTE right now but I only have about 1.5 hours.

  5. Sorry dude, I had to meet with someone and I just got back. It's about an hour and a half after the original meeting. If you want and get this soon I'll keep sote open so that if you show up I'll be there for the rest of the night. Also if we don't see each other when is the next time you're free?

  6. Ok, I'll meet you Thursday about 9:15 pm eastern standard time.

  7. Sure I can do that. Do you have any ideas on what the video should be about?

  8. Let's set up a meeting soon so that I can get you set up. Tell me your schedule and I'll get it fixed.

  9. I know there is a male model for the Stormtrooper classes but I really need a female variation of it so that female players can use them. I have a Shadowtrooper skin done but I can't get the helmet to work correctly. If you can make me a helmet with a black mesh on it, that would be wonderful.

  10. Honestly I can't skin very well, though I'm trying to learn. I personally use gimp though simply because it's free.

  11. Calm down chief, I'm still working on it. I'm up to yavin so far so there's still a lot left and I've been mauled with college lately.

  12. Okay then, I will be able to catch up with you tomorrow after my concert which will end as late as 9.

  13. Sorry I missed you last night. I was in band from seven to nine and then after that I realized that I had to work on a paper that was due yesterday. So that's why I wasn't paying attention to my messages here or your instant message on gmail until it was too late. Anyways I can definitely meet you at sote tonight after nine, That's when I get out of class. Any other time today however will be hard because first oof all I have to write that paper, and then prepare for a midterm.

  14. I'm glad to see that you're well into your recovery from what it sounds like. Word has been spreading about you, so don't think this is happening without any of us knowing. We all want to see you beat this depression.

  15. I know there is a kick ass looking droid that I would love to use as the droid who joins you on Mygeeto. However there are some problems with the animations. Last time I checked it had a problem when you just stood still. Rather than just standing around, the droid would continue the running animation but not move any where and if you spawned the droid would spawn with the arms spread straight out. I'm going to talk to Dak or VP about this and see if there is anything that can be done before we cancel the idea using this droid. Just so you know I'm hoping to be able to use the Construction Droid that I believe was cut from the M4-78 planet.


    But as for any animation fixes, I'll more than likely only use them if I need them.

  16. I can add the crystals but I'd like to do it after the game is basically done so that I won't have to go back and add new sabers for all the new hilts i plan to add. Also what do you mean by animation fixes?

  17. Come on to the SOTE Chat Box about 9:15/9:30 tonight. I would make it sooner but I just have a radio program to do on Sundays from 6 - 9.

  18. I'll do it today. I've just been doing some work and I just got a chance to do it.

  19. I just got on, come on by within the hour because I have class at 7:15 eastern standard time

  20. Yo, to the sote chat box.

  21. Damn, I was on to. Next time just open up a second tab in your browser and go to the web site:



  22. Sorry, i just haven't had time off from work and on the weekend the computer lab is closed. However the world can now start rotating again because I'm on the chatbox right now...

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